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2015 Commits
Below is a list of the 2015 Commits. Looks like the mix of schools is improving with a majority of new and improving programs.

2015 Commits

Jackson Monnin : Charlotte Latin, Middie - Lehigh
Thomas Schmidt : Jordan , Middie / FO - BU.
Carson Song : Charlotte Latin, Attack - Brown
Hayden Lovett : Broughton, Defense/LSM - High Point
Austin Vogel : Lake Norman, Defense - Mercer
Christopher Lappin : Cardinal Gibbons, Defense - BU.
Jake Priester : Charlotte Catholic, Middie - Mercer
Brock Martin : Athens Drive, Middie - Navy
Clifton Mathis : Charlotte Latin, Defense/LSM - Holy Cross
Jamie Powers: Charlotte Catholic, Team Carolina – Furman
Drew Lukacs: McCallie School, Team Carolina, LSM - BU
Kevin McKendry: Cardinal Gibbons, Tar Heel , Goalie – Marist
Chris Lappin: Cardinal Gibbons, Tar Heel , Defense – BU
Tate Boyce: McCallie School (lives in Matthews), Goalie - Providence

13 :53 04/17/2014

NC Commits
Although there are no ACC commits you never know if there weren't offers. Remember, when making the decision as to which school to commit to there are numerous factors that influence the decision. Ex. Academics and money, possibility of playing as an underclassman, location, etc....
The decision needs to be the best fit for the player and family.
13 :47 04/17/2014

NC Commits
The D1 commit class is small, and the schools are not ACC (or even Ivy, Patriot or B1G) but I'd like to think that some of the NC Commits will have strong chance to contribute as freshman. Every program listed is either new and building or re-building.

Bryant is the strongest of the bunch ranked 18th in the polls and 24th in lp power ratings
10 :42 04/17/2014

Points Leaders
Some of the higher D1 prospects in the state are found in the defensive end with likes of Mitch Renfrow, Chandler, McDermott and Pryor. Points are in no way a tell of someone's complete effect on the games outcome.
06 :26 04/17/2014 - Charlotte Lax Dad

Gibbons vs LKN
As predicted Gibbons took care of business and beat LKN easily.
03 :11 04/17/2014

Best Looking lids
With all the rainouts we aren't getting nearly as much talk about actual games! So let's take a second and talk about who looks the best getting it done on the field!

I have only seen a dozen or so teams play this year, so would love to have people chime in. From what I've seen I like these lids the best:

1) Holly Springs - Matte Black and Gold chin/face with nice decals popping purple on the back

2) Cardinal Gibbons - White with green chin/facemask

3) Broughton: Gold shell/face, purple chin, mohawk and backpanel. Standard number/decal on sides

4) Riverside: Black helet, purple chin, pirate decals

5) AD All white helmet, full decal treatments are pretty crazy
20 :46 04/16/2014

The Crusaders avenge their last-second 2012 state championship loss as they roll to a comfortable 14-8 victory over the Wildcats. Multiple goal performances from Gibbons' Gannon Morrison and Hunter Van Horn and LKN's Dylan Gibson.
18 :55 04/16/2014 - Revenge at the Bowl

Sinking In.
Guess ths poster didn't didn't realize tonights CG:LKN game was the start of the playoffs.

By the way - CG by at least 7.
15 :46 04/16/2014

Dear Get a Clue
The poster was replying to a post below where a Lake Norman fan said "C U in the Playoffs." Genius.
14 :49 04/16/2014 - I can read

Point Leader talk correct
Point leaders are obviously good players, but I must also agree. Not necessarily the best players by any means. We, as a state only have 15 D1 senior commits. There are some senior point leaders who are not on this list straight from laxpower for NC D1 recruits for next season. 15 boys is not very many for the entire state.

Abrams, Marcus Salamanca NY Wakefield/Hill Academy NC Attack E Air Force

Renfrow, Mitch Charlotte NC Providence Day School NC Goalie E Air Force

Chandler, Jake Charlotte NC Providence Day NC Defense E

McDermott, Riley Waxhaw NC Marvin Ridge NC Goalie E Furman

Morrison, Gannon Cary NC Cardinal Gibbons NC Attack E Marist

Pryor, Mark Oshawa ON Christ School NC Defense E UMBC

Lalicker, Colby Apex NC Apex NC Midfield/FO E VMI

Moore, Jason Waxhaw NC Marvin Ridge NC Defense E Furman

Moore, Jonah Waxhaw NC Marvin Ridge NC Attack/Midfield E Furman

Kendall, Ryan Charlotte NC Cuthbertson NC Midfield E Mercer

Baird, Scott Raleigh NC Athens Drive NC Midfield E Mercer

Adams, Joshua Wilmington NC New Hanover NC Midfield/Attack E Mercer

Gibson, Bryan Mooresville NC Lake Norman NC Attack E Mercer

Meyer, David Summerfield NC Northern Guilford NC Goalie E Marist

Pashoian, Huston Charlotte NC Charlotte Christian NC Midfield/FO U VMI
14 :01 04/16/2014 - point leaders

Is Latin getting Better?
Not really, they have always been good.

It is a shame that the only chance Latin has of playing Cardinal Gibbons is in the Wounded warrior Classic next year set up both Desmond if they both win their respective state titles. Or would the 4A play 3A? Maybe he can bring in the GA State Champ? The good teams are spread out to thin.
13 :21 04/16/2014

re: When will it sink in?
In case you have not paid attention to the schedule, CG is playing LKN tonight. That is why people are commenting on the pending results. Genius.
12 :10 04/16/2014 - Get a clue

Can't Wait For Latin vs. CG in the title game!
OK, just kidding.

On a serious note, Latin seems to be playing better again after a little lull. Is that accurate? If so, is there any tangible reason?
09 :33 04/16/2014

When will it sink in?
LKN vs CG? See you in the playoffs? Really? Exactly how long is it going to take for people to realize that we are now separated into 4A and 3A/2A/1A. Gibbons, Marvin Ridge, and Northern Guilford are all in 3A/2A/1A, so they will NOT be playing Lake Norman, Northwest Guilford, Catholic, Apex, or any other 4A school in the playoffs. And for 3A/2A/1A The ONLY comparison that matters is how Gibbons stacks up against Marvin Ridge. At the end of the year we can all argue whether the 3A/2A/1A state champion is better than the 4A state champion, but they will never meet on the field to decide that (unless of course they met during the season).
08 :26 04/16/2014

Conf 1.
Will be a good week of lacrosse next week. #1 vs #2 Hoggard at ashely, then Hoggard hosts catholic on friday. I'm really excited to see this game, last year vikings almost won but let the game slip in the last 2 minutes. With a much better team, and as usually an amazing catholic team, should be a great game.
20 :59 04/15/2014

All of those that are writing the final score should remember a little team who rose the top to beat CG two years ago and went again last year. While CG no doubt has talent, LKN has heart. Win or lose, it will be a battle that LKN will learn from. As Coach B. has taught them, work harder, get better. C U in the playoffs.
18 :38 04/15/2014 - Play the Game

I wouldnt be too quick to put New Hanover in the #2 spot. They were beat by AShley both times this season. If Ashley cant beat Laney they will lock up the #2 spot and make it into the playoffs.
17 :45 04/15/2014 - beach lax

Conferene 1 |
1. Hoggard
2. Ashley
3. Laney
4. New Hanover

Hoggard is the best in Conf. 1, they are young but full of talent all over the field. Ashley is a solid team with two good wins over New Hanover and they played well against Hoggard. Laney has been up and down, their best win is a one goal victory over Ashley. New Hanover has had their moments, their best wins are against New Bern and Laney.
17 :15 04/15/2014

We play Hoggard every year and it is always a good game! They are the only team I see from that part of the state playing with the better teams.
15 :55 04/15/2014

Conf. 1
Hoggard still has to play Ashley and Laney so I wouldn't give them the conference yet. Conference 1 top four teams are getting better. The freshman class is the first group of kids that started playing in the rec.league/travel program as young players. Lacrosse is booming at the beach!
15 :47 04/15/2014

Crown City Teams and LN vs. CG |
…A bit more analysis on the Crown City Teams… then LN – Cardinal Gibbons.
Jimmy appears to be dead on in his rankings, however; I will change one thing.

1 – Latin
2 - Marvin Ridge/ Catholic
3 - Lake Norman

Marvin ridge defeated Catholic so this gives them a slight edge in the rankings. It is apparent to me these teams are fairly equal. If these teams play 6 times I would bet that each would have 3 wins. Not taking away from Marvin because I think they are the better "TEAM". Catholic may have better individual play but they do not have a "TEAM" philosophy. If they did or if they get that fixed, I would put them up there with Latin. But until then they will stay tied for second.
Lake Norman 8 – Cardinal Gibbons 11
As for the united group up North, Lake Norman, They are sitting in the best position they could possibly be in. Winning is the goal but with Lake Norman’s schedule at the end of the year, I think they are in training for a promising run in the playoffs. They can lose to Cardinal Gibbons, they can lose in Georgia and none of that will matter in the grand scheme of NCHSAA Lacrosse Playoffs. The experience and high level of competition will create "scrappiness" and a “desire” to win that may turn out to be just what the doctor ordered. If Lake Norman finds a bit more offense(5-6 players scoring on average and a couple having multiple goals) and the defense starts to apply a bit more pressure… then the Catholic and Marvin Ridge games get a little closer to even.
Don't count them out just from the scores you see on the Forum. They are getting better and the games left in the regular season will only help.
15 :03 04/15/2014 - Alexander Supertramp

Conference 1
Hoggard will have conf. 1 locked up again. Hanover is the next best team but they won't amount to anything come play-offs. Hoggard's young team could be a threat come play-off time if they play smart. They had a good win over PD and easily could have won against east if they weren't 2-man down the entire 4th quarter.
11 :39 04/15/2014

Point leader talk
Totally agree with the first and third posts concerning these point leader numbers. Second poster is way off track and doesn't realize your not comparing apples to apples. Second poster had to post to make him "feel better"
09 :35 04/15/2014

Gibbons will roll over LKN by 8 to 10. LKN has a weak defense and average midfield that Gibbons will exploit. After watching the Catholic vs Gibbons game it is obvious that LKN is not close to the talent level of CG. This will not be a game to watch this year.
04 :26 04/15/2014

No one can beat CG but CG.....and if they start believing all the hype written about them on this forum that's exactly who they'll lose too.
03 :44 04/15/2014 - Yogi Bare A

Congrats Sanderson
Congrats Sanderson, keep building your program!
21 :40 04/14/2014

Will Lkn make this a game or will CG roll through them like everyone else ?
19 :30 04/14/2014

Conf 4
Sanderson over Garner 9-8
19 :11 04/14/2014

Point Leaders
Agree --- there are huge differences on who teams play, how they play, and how they're coached

Strong or weak conference?

Strong or weak non-Conf games?

How are the score differentials?

Big differentials usually mean weak team defense by opponents --- or coaches leaving their first teams in well after the game is clearly decided against lower Conf opponents even though their reserves can beat the opponents on the field.

I've seen this as late as the 4th qtr by some top 10 teams

Some high scorers have big total #s, but few in the big games where they're guarded by the top long poles with a good team defense around them
09 :59 04/14/2014

Triad Lacrosse
It is interesting how many on this forum continue to be confused about the re-classification. The poster said "they (Northern) still has to beat NorthWest." Bottom line re: Northern and NW, other than for bragging rights in the Triad, this game has no meaning. Northern is 3A/2A/1A and NW is 4A, so they will not be competing on the way to the state championship. And they are in difference conferences, so it will not impact their conference championship or seeding for the state playoffs.
09 :55 04/14/2014

Conference 1
It looks like Hoggard is going to win conf 1 again. Are they any good ? They have a nice win over PD and have only one early loss against East CH. Are there any other decent teams from the coast?
09 :52 04/14/2014

Best in Charlotte - A few observations
Jimmy - Great job starting the discussion of the Best in Charlotte. Who is second best to Latin in the private schools will be flushed out in the next two weeks. Providence Day / Christian and Country Day all play each other.

A few observations on your list -

Fort Mill loses every time it steps over the border and plays a decent school. A loss is a loss even by 1. They also lost to Providence day. You were kind in including them.

Charlotte Christian's schedule is so weak it is a hard to tell if they are good or not. We will find out soon. Again, I think you were generous.

On the other hand, none of the other teams have stepped up to deserve a spot on your list. It is interesting that you are enamored by Marvin Ridge, but don't give Country Day any credit for beating them.

In Charlotte, there is Latin and a lot of parity below.

We love Jimmy because he gets the discussion going and backs it up with facts. He is not always right and has his favorites. Either way we should keep him.
09 :44 04/14/2014 - LI Lax Dad

Points Leader Talk
I think you may be somewhat confused. A team with multiple scoring threats would seem to mean more of an equal distribution of points, ey? But, if your thoughts make you feel better, well, ok!
07 :26 04/14/2014

Congrats to Kevin McKendry
Student Sports article on Kevin McKendry's commitment to Marist. Good goalie, good kid. Well deserved.
06 :36 04/14/2014 - .

Scoring leaders
Thank you, but Please don't speak for Gannon. The reason you don't see postings on here about Gibbons players is because that's the way the Coach and the team want it. Gibbons has MANY great players this year, and as it should be it's about team not individual player.
06 :22 04/14/2014 - DM

Point leader talk
Folks, comparing points to points is not weighed at par. A kid from a team with multiple scoring threats will obviously have more points than a kid who is equally as skilled or better , on a team that has no other scoring threats. Coaches know who the skilled players are, and coach to coach against them. Plain and simple. Scoring leaders are not by any means the best players.
06 :10 04/14/2014 - Focus on other than stats

northern vs nw
this game I think was rescheduled because of snow and they tried to do it this week but because of spring break sounds like they are rescheduling again. Northwest will win because they play a slightly harder schedule. compared to other teams in the top 10 both these teams play weak schedules.
05 :27 04/14/2014 - triad observer

Point Leaders
CGHS must be one of the schools that does not report information because Gannon Morrison has to be ranked near the top in points (and CGHS must have the toughest schedule)? Also, there are many games where Morssion does not even play 1 half. He has put up some huge numbers against very tough - out of conference foes. I am not taking anything away from Levin as I think he is clearly 1 of the best players in the triangle and state.
05 :19 04/14/2014

Triad lacrosse
A huge matchup is being postponed. Northwest vs Northern was going to happen Monday night but now is being moved. Any ideas as to why?

Also, Northern has developed incredibly well and quickly (a majority of their players were redistricted from NW). Correct me if I'm wrong, they have still tet to beat Northwest. This would be a huge shift of power if they can pull off the upset. I hope this game gets played.
00 :59 04/14/2014 - slippery

State some facts.
With all due respect, don’t diminish a young man’s accomplishment on baseless claims and gut feelings – both are misguided and incorrect. Whether you’re using the N&O’s or MaxPreps (the official and mandated reporting service of the NCHSAA), Ian Levin is – by a wide margin – the area’s point leader. [If you’re referring to teams not reporting their Box Scores then you’re citing irresponsibility as a means of justification which seems further misguided.]

Consider that the other candidates in the MaxPreps Top 5 scoring in the state have largely played against inferior opponents and have not produced when they played competitive teams. (The teams with the Top 3 scorers in the state have a combined record of 2-11 against teams that are .500 or better. Of those games, Williams’ Ellington is averaging 1.33 goals & 0.66 assists; Butler’s Hutchko is avg’n 4 goals & 1.43 assists; and Northwood’s Meyer is avg’n 1.33 goals & 1 assists; East’s Levin is avg’n 3.2 goals & 2.6 assists.)

And, since a poster below me mentioned SOS and other factors… Laxpower currently ranks East’s Strength-of-Schedule 8th in NC, their RPI is 5th in NC, and their Quality Win Factor 7th in NC. Probably worth noting, too, that 3 of MaxPrep’s Top 20 Point-Scorers in NC are on the Wildcat’s roster (#2, #7, #16) … a feat shared only by LNC (#6, #9, #13).

Give the kid and his teammates some credit – with all due respect.
21 :46 04/13/2014 - -DueTheDue-

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