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2015 ECYLL Shootout | |
Hello Fellow Lax Family,
My name is Rob McCarthy and I am the Founder/President of the Pitt County Youth Lacrosse. I am also the President of the East Carolina Youth Lacrosse League, the league in which we play. I am also honored to be serving for the past few years as the Vice President of the North Carolina Chapter of US Lacrosse. I am sending this email to tell you about some exciting news about lacrosse here in eastern North Carolina. On May 17th we will be hosting the ECYLL Shootout here in Greenville, NC at the world class North Campus Recreation Fields of East Carolina University. Proceeds from this Tournament will go towards the Tyler Fox Viscardi fund to provide lacrosse equipment for kids who otherwise could not afford to play this great game. Tyler started playing lacrosse 10 years ago when we first started Pitt County Youth Lacrosse. He was tragically taken from us last year at the young age of 20. I have helped his family set up this fund to honor Tyler and to help grow this great game that he so loved.
I would like to personally invite you and your teams to join us for a great day of lacrosse here in Greenville. The fields are outstanding, the facilities top notch, and we will honor Tyler and grow this great game. The cost is minimal compared to other tournaments and it’s a great way to get your teams ready for the travel season. Please join us!
Click the link below for more information/registration:

Feel free to contact me for any further information,

Rob McCarthy
(252) 717-6954
03 :58 03/30/2015 - desublux8

re: Summer Teams
as a parent with a son in the YLS program, one of the things I really appreciate is that the program is more than just a travel fact, the travel program seems to be secondary to camps and rec. leagues

they have a fall league with full-field 10 v 10 games on Sundays (to accomodate multi sport athletes), summer and winter 7 v 7 leagues and a great spring rec program for kindergarten through 8th grade - throw in a couple of chumash tournaments throughout the year, and there are lots of playing options

summer and winter camp opportunities are plentiful, with general camps and positional camps, as well

the travel teams have had some regional success, winning tournaments in martinsville and virginia beach this fall at every age level - travel teams seem reasonably priced, and i like that the tournaments are regional and that our life doesn't have to be planned around long-distance trips around the country

very stable leadership, as well

if you're looking for more than just a travel team, YLS could be a good fit...
21 :12 03/29/2015 - YLS parent

Jimmy the Geek
The Geek is a prognosticator with good intent not a regurgitator of past events so no post game analysis here. But the Geek will state that it was a great day of lacrosse Saturday and a wise investment of $5 and 6 hours, but no surprises were witnessed by Jimmy.

Despite being a "Latin Lover" the Geek predicted the Hawk's loss to the Crusaders back on February 9th and expected the Jake Preister-less Cougars of Charlotte Catholic and the Marvin Ridge Marvericks to win.

Jimmy has been busy building a new algorithm that will the foretell the remaining bigs games in the Queen City this season.

Look for that as well as Jimmy's mid season Best of Charlotte coming later this week.

Enjoy the games!!
21 :00 03/29/2015 - Jimmy the Geek

Youth Programs
Completely agree that there is a lot more geographic overlap in the club programs

For example, there are plenty of kids who play Hilltoppers from North Raleigh and other locations across the eastern half if the state
20 :27 03/29/2015

Jimmy the Geek
Ayyyye Jimmy can we get your analysis on Saturday's games?
18 :17 03/29/2015

Youth programs
There is a lot more geographic overlap than the original responder posted. The post is very misleading. Wherever you live you should look around and learn the philosophy of the directors and programs you are interested in.
17 :17 03/29/2015

CC-Apex |
Catholic up 5-1 in first half. Second half score was 4-3 Apex. A 3 goal margin with almost 5 minutes left. A lacrosse game is 48 minutes long. No blowout there.
09 :03 03/29/2015 - At the game

Champions Challenge |
WOW…what an incredible high school lacrosse game…Cardinal Gibbons holds off a late Charlotte Latin rally to claim Victory by a score of 15-14 in the 2nd Annual Champions Challenge in support of the Wounded Warrior Project…more details and recaps of all the games will be posted soon…stay tuned
08 :06 03/29/2015 -

Raleigh Summer Team (THLC)
No disrespect intended..thought about adding THLC but as you stated that's at a whole other level and it's focused on the HS kids. Thought the original poster was looking for the U-circuit type of programs. (Only reason for omission) THLC ranks right there with Team Carolina if that's what you are looking for.. Less geographically and caters to statewide net. IMHO
06 :56 03/29/2015

LKN vs. Myers Park |
14-2 LKN.
21 :21 03/28/2015 - Professorpipe

Raleigh Summer Teams
Pretty funny poster must have a wealth of knowledge leaving out Tar Heel L/C. By far the best and most competitive in the area. They go to the best events and compete against the best competition from all over the country not just southern tournaments. If you are serious about your game and competing to see how you stack up you should be reaching out to them.
20 :20 03/28/2015

Catholic vs. Apex
Agree with the previous comment, Catholic controlled the game with absolute dominance until a few quick goals scored late in the fourth.
19 :41 03/28/2015

Updates for Gibbons v. Latin |
Anyone here or on twitter able to provide updates for the Gibbons v. Latin lacrosse game going on now? Thanks!
19 :06 03/28/2015 - @Carolina_Lax

Charlotte Catholic was dominant. After an Apex goal in the first minute, the Catholic defense didn't let another in until late 4th quarter. The score might have shown 8-5 Catholic, but it was not as close as it looks, Catholic was in control in the home stretch.
17 :32 03/28/2015

Raleigh Summer Teams
Depending on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend (as their is a range) the Youth-HS Summer programs in the RTP area look like this and where/who they cater too:
BuckTown- Cardinal Gibbons (Private School crowd)
Cannons- Chapel Hill (Private School/Beltline crowd)
Red Devil United (RDU)- Apex
Carolina Hilltoppers- Durham
YLS Hawks- Holly Springs/Middle Creek
CYLC BlueFrogs- North Raleigh/WakeForest
Carolina Renegades- Cary/Morrisville/Raleigh
FvLax Goblins – Fuquay Varina/Garner/Clayton
Sandhills L.C. -Southern Pines/Pinehurst

All do pretty well in their selected events depends what you are looking for...
15 :45 03/28/2015

Game updates
Is there any way to get updates on the games today? Either a website or Twitter feed?
13 :44 03/28/2015 - Fan not able to be there

Catholic vs. Apex
Catholics game vs Apex has been moved up to 3:00 and Marvin Ridge vs Country Day has been moved to 5:30
11 :35 03/28/2015

Champions Challenge
I saw the Catholic - AK game and Catholic did not look to be firing on all cylinders. It looked like they had a lot of injured players. If APEX is near as good as last year the game could be very tight. Hopefully the injured players return this weekend to give us indications for the playoff season. Good luck to all the teams and thanks to Stickwithus for raising money for such a worthy cause.
21 :37 03/27/2015

Summer Teams
We are new to the Raleigh area and have seen several postings about summer/ travel teams, what are the different ones in the area? It seems hard to keep track of with the different names and affiliations...
11 :51 03/27/2015

Catholic vs AK
Catholic beat Ak 15-8
07 :48 03/27/2015

CCHS / Ardrey Kell Game
Big game, just interested in outcome
21 :42 03/26/2015 - NC Lax Fan

Wounded Warrior Champions Challenge
The primetime game isn't the game I'm looking forward to. I'm waiting impatiently for the CCHS women's to face the CCDS women's. This will be a battle with the best players in the state with Natalie Wallon of Catholic and Riley Harrison of CCDS. Both are high scorers and play tenacious defense, it will be a fun one to watch.
09 :23 03/26/2015

Re: Johnston County lacrosse
I think aside of being in contact with administration, the next-best thing to help start lacrosse programs at Johnston County high schools is to donate to a school booster club and say "set this aside for when you start a lacrosse program." Easier said than done, of course.

But contributing to the start-up costs of school-owned equipment (goals, helmets, sticks, balls, uniforms) goes a long way to ease concerns. I think they would find a solution around the bus issue and non-faculty coach issue.
07 :43 03/26/2015 - JoCoLax

Conference 11
Catholic is lock city in Conf 11. The rest play for a distant second place.
07 :16 03/25/2015 - The

Conference 11
Usually this conference is an easy lock for CCHS, but Ardrey Kell and Myers Park look good this year. Could we see another victor of this conference?
19 :29 03/24/2015

Charlotte Observer
Can we get some Charlotte observer coverage of the champions challenge this weekend?
19 :11 03/24/2015

2015 Champions Challenge |
The StickWithUs Organization is proud to announce the
2nd Annual North Carolina Champions Challenge. The event will feature last years state champions from the public and private school sectors.
The Champions Challenge will support the Wounded Warriors Project. These are the “Must See" games for high school lacrosse in North Carolina.
LOCATION: Providence Day School 5800 Sardis Rd, Charlotte, NC 28278

Friday, March 27 – 2015
4:30 PM Providence Day School vs. Cannon School (BOYS)
6:30 PM Team & Coaches Diner
6:45 PM Wounded Warrior Key Note Speaker
Saturday, March 28 – 2015
10:00 AM Charlotte Catholic vs. Charlotte Country Day (GIRLS)
12:30 PM Apex High School vs. Lake Norman High School (GIRLS)
3:00 PM Marvin Ridge vs. Charlotte Country Day School (BOYS)
5:30 PM Charlotte Catholic vs. Apex High School (BOYS)
8:00 PM Cardinal Gibbons High School vs. Charlotte Latin School (BOYS)

The Latin Gibbons game will air live at 8:00 pm on Time Warner Cable SportsChannel on chanel 323
11 :02 03/24/2015

NC Game of the week
I should say games of the week, since the action will be big at Providence Day School this weekend at the Champions' Challenge. Here are my predictions:

Charlotte Country Day over Marvin Ridge 13-8. MR has not faced a team as tough as the battle tested CD this season. I give CD the edge in offense and defense.

Charlotte Catholic over Apex 15-7. CC has too much offense, and without the face-off dominance Apex has enjoyed the prior two years, CC will have the ball a lot and will capitalize on that. CC has the advantage in both offense and defense.

In the game of the week in NC, Cardinal Gibbons will win over Charlotte Latin 11-8. Both teams have high power offenses, and CL has a slight edge. However, CG's dominance on the defensive end will more than offset, and push the game their way. CG has been competing against some very tough hotbed completion this season, which will prepare their already strong defense, and will hold CL's scoring to a relatively lower level than it has been so far this year. This will be a great game, as both teams have the ability to open up the scoring on defensive mistakes.

Get to bed early on Friday night, because this one starts at 8PM on Saturday.
16 :53 03/23/2015 - 1-cents-worth

cont'd | |
Here is the body of an email that I received from Mr. Ray Stott (JCS Director of Athletics) in October:

"Coach Tew,
Thank you for your email concerning the possibilities of High School Lacrosse in Johnston County Schools. I am not very knowledgeable of the sport, but I remember as a UNC student going to a few games and it was always action packed and exciting. I will be glad to talk with you about the possibilities, but I will try to answer your questions in this email as well. Swimming has been the most recently added sport in our county and is currently in all but two of our schools. It would be, in some ways, the model that lacrosse might follow in being considered at each high school. From a county level we are not opposed to lacrosse being played in our high schools, but we have made it a site based decision for consideration. Students and parents who are interested in their high school starting a program should be in contact with their principal and athletic director. They would consider the request and then if interested seek approval from the county. There are many things to consider and as you pointed out one of them is certainly budgets. Several of the budget concerns are: coaching supplements, transportation cost (often in Spring all available buses are already used each day), uniform and equipment costs, etc. Another concern is that while our teaching allotments are shrinking and we have fewer teachers in the classroom, we have fewer slots for coaches. We have filled a few of these positions with non-faculty coaches in the past few years, but in most cases principals do not fill head coaching position with non-faculty. I could go on, but the bottom line is that a school's principal and AD must be convinced that they have significant interest to field a team, that they could meet the budget demands and put a quality coach in place to lead these teams. If you would like to talk further please give me a call at your convenience. "

I have shared these emails with Mr. Stott's permission, and I would like to add that he has been respectful, accommodating and gracious in my attempts to establish the sport in the schools...That being said, nothing is going to change unless we (the triangle lacrosse community) take action. We need to take action by writing and emailing our principals, athletic directors and friends or family members who work in the schools and speak always with respect and from a constructive approach.

I am encouraging you to reach out… to contact our high school principals, athletic directors or Mr. Stott would be best to Copy Mr. Stott on your emails to the schools, so that he can see our resolve. Let them see what we want for our kids from our schools…it will happen much faster with your involvement.

Here are the contacts that I encourage you to reach out to. Please let them hear from you.

Ray Stott-JCS Director of Atlhetics William Stott

Clayton High School
Clint Eaves-CHS Principal
Stacey Houser-CHS AD

Corinth Holders High School
Chase Ferrell, Principal CHHS
Chad Hollomam Athletics director

Cleveland High School
Anne Meredith -Principal Cleveland HS
Jamie Lee-Athletics director Cleveland HS

West Johnston High School
Dr. Paula Coats Principal West Johnston HS-
Jimmy Williams -WJHS athletics director:
12 :06 03/23/2015 - joel tew

Charlotte Catholic vs. Apex
I expect Apex to come out of this game firing on all cylinders. This Apex team did lose their star in Colby Lalicker, but I'm sure that Coach Hayden has had this game circled on his calender since their state championship loss. The key for Apex to win is dominating the face-off, if they don't succeed an easy win for Charlotte Catholic.

As for Catholic, we'll see what they've been doing all year. They're a run and gun team that averages less than 7 goals scored on them this season. Coach Bo Turner will have his players fine tuned for Saturday. The key for them is to stick to their game, they are the more talented team and if they stay close to how they've been playing I see this as an easy win for them.

My prediction is a 15-10 win for Charlotte Catholic. Good luck to both teams in this contest.
11 :42 03/23/2015

Conf 1 and computer rankings
Computer rankings are just computer rankings --- especially in the first half of the season when there is minimal data to churn

What matters is how teams play on the field between now and the Reporting Deadline in early May

And in this particular case, how they play on April 10

Lots of lax to play all over the state!
09 :44 03/23/2015

Charlotte Rankings
I am curious what Jimmy will say, but not sure that the rankings should change much. Perhaps, Charlotte Catholic and Charlotte Latin should be ranked 1a and 1b. I do not think we should punish a team for playing good competition.

I find it hard to move Marvin Ridge up or down as they have not played anyone that would merit a move up. Saturday (against Country Day) should be a good game.

As for Lake Norman with wins over LNC and Country Day (OT), I would place them in the top tier, but with a loss to Latin they do not deserve the #1 spot.

Country Day has nice wins over LNC, Ravenscroft and MUS. OT loss to Lake Norman. Marvin Ridge will be ready to avenge their loss to Country Day last year.

Lake Norman Charter (LNC) has lost to Latin, Lake Normand and Country Day. I am curious where Jimmy slots them.

Lets wait to next Monday after Latin / Gibbons; Catholic / Apex and Marvin Ridge / Country Day play.

I am looking forward to Jimmy's write up of the games.
08 :15 03/23/2015 - Another Lax Dad

Conf 1
Can it be true? Hoggard will finish 2nd to Laney! The coast has been quiet all year. I see Hoggard beat Providence Day in its opener but Laney is ranked number one in the state. Is Laney good this year?
07 :04 03/23/2015

Apex vs Char. Cath
This should be a great test for both teams. Any predictions?
06 :56 03/23/2015

Charlotte Rankings
Jimmy, can we now change these rankings after Catholic has lost 2 games this season? I think other teams are more deserving of that no. 1 right now
22 :00 03/22/2015

Re:Conference 6
Cedar ridge has potential. Had a solid win over Carborro the other day and Carborro played a close game with Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill and Cedar Ridge will be a good game. It will be one that decides a lot in conference 6.
16 :20 03/22/2015

CC at Severn
Appears their original game date & time was Fri, Mar 20 at 4pm

Was the game rescheduled for today (Sun, Mar 22)?
16 :13 03/22/2015

Do we really think Coach Bo would travel over a hundred miles to play on a day that is a state violation? Let's get back to substance.
15 :15 03/22/2015

Must be a typo. That would be a state violation.
12 :30 03/22/2015

CC v. Severn
Is CC playing Severn today? I thought NCHSAA teams weren't allowed to hold organized team events on Sundays?
11 :08 03/22/2015

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