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Good girl's lacrosse in the Triangle
To Danny H:
Your daughter is starting the game at a good age. There are ~15 girls from the Triangle going on to play D1 lacrosse this year and next who started the game in about 6th grade.
20 :10 08/20/2014

Velocity Fall Lacrosse | |
Registration will close in a week and a half for the Velocity Fall Lacrosse League in Durham, NC. Spots are filling up fast!
Games will be played on Sunday afternoons, between 2 and 6pm this fall. You may register as an individual, or get your entire team together for the 7 fall dates!

Once again, we will have referees, coaches, and a certified trainer at each contest.

Go to to register today!
14 :52 08/20/2014 - V.L.A

Triangle Girls Lax
Carolina Blast / Fever have a solid program including rec teams (Blast) and travel teams (Fever).

In addition, NC Lacrosse Academy has good girls coaching.
09 :12 08/20/2014 - Danny H

New to Lacrosse
My sixth grade daughter is thinking of changing sports, from soccer to lacrosse. She has played in the higher levels of Triangle soccer for the past five years(she is NOT the best but not near the bottom either) but is growing tired of soccer and enjoyed a recent lacrosse camp this summer.

Can someone point me in the right direction as to clubs, teams, camps, etc. for an athletic beginner rising sixth grader?

08 :02 08/20/2014 - David

Catholic lax is like the greatest team ever. State Champs baby, woo.
05 :50 08/20/2014

National 175
Has anyone attended the Fall Showcase for the National 175? Is this an event worth attending?
00 :25 08/20/2014

Gibbons - Tarheel
Do not recall much mention of all the Tarheel club players that were part of the Cg state championship team of the coaches - director of THLC. I think Dan Morrison (and I bet the CG coach) asks his players to not post on this site and I dont think he is a big self promoter. As many have stated, hats off to Coach Buckley for doing such a great job with those boys and to the previous CG coach. But I also think Dan Morrison deserves a huge nod as he has coached so many of the CG players that led that team to the title and has done so for may years. He does a great job with TH, works hard for his players, and is a very knowlegeable lacrosse guy - great coach who has done a lot for lacrosse in our area.
12 :11 08/19/2014

Thompson Brothers Coming to North Carolina!! |
Springwood Park, Burlington, NC Nov 1 - 2
08 :06 08/19/2014 - wstout

Fall Carolina Flight Girls Travel Teams Tryouts Sat! |
Carolina Flight Girls Travel Teams will hold open tryouts for multiple team rosters this weekend on Sunday August 24, at Centennial Middle School in Raleigh from 2-4.
12 :42 08/18/2014 - hardwork

Registration open for NCLA Girls SLLIC programs, beginning September 6, 2014, at Kiwanis Park in Raleigh, NC. Six Saturdays of instruction, drills and scrimmage play. Register online at
12 :38 08/18/2014 - hardwork

Cannons try outs
Thanks to all of the players and coaches who participated in Cannons try outs this past weekend. What a great couple of days of lacrosse.
This beautiful sport is on the rise here in the Triangle. Keep it up everyone!
12 :22 08/18/2014 - Cannons

THLC tryout info - per website

Please email us the follow information to if you would like to register for our tryouts on September 7th. Only those who register with the email listed above and below will be allowed to participate in the tryout.

17 :55 08/15/2014

Tar Heel
Speaking with a THLC administrator. Sounds like they are going with the open tryout to field two teams but will make a call after tryouts. They seem to be open to more teams if they can stay competitive
15 :39 08/15/2014

Tar Heel Fall
They only had 2 teams last fall, as I recall. Just the way they do their fall program...some of the guys and coaches have other things to do, I guess.
12 :56 08/15/2014

Tar Heel Lacrosse
I was on their web site and it looks like they have updated it and are having 2 teams this fall. Does anyone know why they don't field more teams ? they seem to be the best and most established in the area.
06 :07 08/15/2014

re: clubs camps etc- duke camp
I attended the duke camp 2 years ago and loved it. The first session is a night session where they broke everyone up into their positions and we all did individual skill work. The 2nd day was mostly small team concepts and transition, but the coaches also did a session where we toured the athletic facilities and talked to coaches and trainers about the recruiting process and what it took to make it to a top tier program like Duke. Everything after that was full team practices or games. Also, on top of the skills session that is done the first night, you could choose to do a f/o clinic for an additional $50 and i remembered people saying there was a shooting camp the 3 days before. Definitely recommend it for kids looking to up their game and expose what they need to continue working on to succeed
20 :03 08/14/2014

Steve Youth Fall option
Rival lacrosse is the most established youth organization in the area. The Fall program is very good for developing players games as the coaches are excellent and are teachers of the sport. Rival fall concentrates on fundamentals and learning the finer points of the game, and builds towards game situations.
The Rival spring program in Chapel Hill is even better, when your son gets his game uniform and competes on a team in a well established league that plays grade based programs from Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Wake Forest in a "house league" format. Very well done. This rec program also feeds the extremely popular Cannons Travel program. Many of the Rival rec coaches are involved in the Cannons as well. Go to to register for the Fall.
14 :44 08/14/2014

Clubs/Camps etc
(1) $2,000 is a heck of a lot of money for a travel team, not including tournament fees. I see many programs that can do 20 practices and 4 tournaments for only $500-600 - and you can pay a HS varsity coach a decent amount out of that if you watch your other costs. I think the most I have ever heard of is Team Igloo in LI ($3,500), but that's for a full year and a ton of training/events, they indisputably fielded the top 2021 team in the country this past year and they are completely transparent about costs. See

(2)I think when you are not in a hotbed, you have to recruit (and pay) HS coaches to coach some travel teams. Better for everyone, though, if they don't run the program, which I think can lead to a conflict of interest, or an appearance of one, when it comes to how participation or not affects whether kids make or play on their HS teams.

(3) If you have a parent who has HS head coach experience or assistant college experience, do you think they should be paid for coaching the team on which their kid plays? Our program is in the middle of this quandry.

(4) I have heard UNC does a 9th-grade camp in January. Don't see it listed online. Anyone know anything about it?

(5) How was the Duke overnight camp in terms of fundamental instruction? I assume great, but thought I'd ask. Kids love these camps, but not clear to me they focus on fundamentals as much as I'd prefer.
12 :17 08/14/2014

Dearth of MS lacrosse in Durham County
With all of the lacrosse in the triangle going great guns, there seems to be a dearth of lacrosse in the Durham Co. MSs. Carrington had a team for several years then dropped the sport, Brogden didn't field a team last year and from what I've heard, the Githens program is barely hanging on.

With that being said, I hope that a lot of MS players in Durham and surrounding counties attend coach Sliwa's northern Durham clinics. 11 1-1/2 hour clinics, 16 1/2 hours total for $100 is a deal.

Let's help grow lacrosse in the MSs in Durham County and beyond, the sport will benefit greatly.

Thank you, Coach Sliwa.
10 :53 08/14/2014

Fall lacrosse leagues
My son is a rising 6th grader and wants to play fall ball. He did not play this past spring but did play the previous 2 seasons. We live in the Chapel Hill area and have 2 options for a fall league and cant decide which one. Option 1 is the Rivals/Fusion fall league which meets on Sundays at Chapel Hill HS. Option 2 is the North Chatham fall league which meets on Sundays & Wednesdays. Any pros or cons for both leagues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
09 :17 08/14/2014 - Steve

Possible Game |
We are looking for a game in the Triad on March 16th. Brad Touma Charlotte Country Day School
09 :08 08/14/2014

Give me a Break
"I agree that some of the coaches and organizations in NC look at lacrosse as a business. Colleges do the same thing on a much bigger scale!" - DITTO, WE ALL AGREE WITH THAT!!

But the reason some coaches treat lacrosse as a business is there are enough parents out there that are willing customers. The "rub" is that after the $$ are exchanged and the outcome wasn't as the parent expected they want to cry "I was taken advantage of".

It's fine that coaches make money off lacrosse and parents dream....but realize that tens of thousands of other kids are now playing so called "Elite" level travel lacrosse and being invited to these hundreds of "exclusive" recruiting camps.

So be an educated consumer and realize you are paying for an opportunity, not a guarantee!!!
05 :45 08/14/2014 - Jimmy does Think

High School Spring Lacrosse Teams/Clubs
Anyone know of a competitive lacrosse team trying to put together a team for the upcoming spring season? Any club teams or high schools that are trying to start a program that are willing to take players from different schools?
10 :15 08/13/2014

Give me a Break
I agree that some of the coaches and organizations in NC look at lacrosse as a business. Colleges do the same thing on a much bigger scale! How many of us get “prospect camp” emails to colleges that have no room in that years recruiting class. I spoke to one of the college coaches in NC about a prospect camp for 2015-2016’s after I received the email flyer. I didn’t mention the email when I called at first and asked if I could send film of a player I think could play at a high level. The coach responded by telling me that those years are already done with recruiting. When I asked about why I received an email for a “prospect camp” for those years he immediately started backpedaling. Many of these camps cost over $500 and are an absolute joke! I see many families paying well over $2000.00/player for a travel team and it doesn’t include tournament fees. These families end up paying well over $4000.00 when you include the tournament fees. Than you can add the families travel cost (hotels, food gas etc) and you are over $6500.00 for the summer. Next time you are at a travel team meeting ask if you can have a breakdown of exactly what your money is going towards. Team gear, coach’s salary, field rental and equipment cost should all be disclosed. If they do not want to give you the answer you know it’s strictly a business and you can decide what works best for you and your family.
09 :14 08/13/2014

RE: Give me a break
The comparison between the level of football recruiting and lacrosse in NC is absurd. In no way am I saying that NC cannot produce good lacrosse players but lacrosse simply is not at the level of a POP Warner or a Copperheads where there are multiple youth programs developing over 500 kids. NC is not there yet and it will get there but there needs to be more of a sense of community to develop the game instead of clubs constantly competing.

On the other note. I think a lot of parents would be surprised how little the coaches and directors get paid. Yes, there are programs that are trying to grab as many kids as possible just to fill teams and receive more $$ but most coach's coach for the love of the game. However, unless the coach has a kid out there it is hard to justify the coach's not getting paid.

Also, kids in this area should aim for D1 early but the find which college (D1, D2, or D3)the suits their academic wishes. This game is great but hs players need to find which college they want to go to and then try and us lacrosse to help. Not the other way around.
08 :45 08/13/2014 - JTJ

Durham Middle School Lacrosse CLinics | |
This fall, the N.D.L.C (Northern Durham Lacrosse Club) will be running a series of 11 clinics and training sessions on Tuesdays. These clinics are open to any middle school boys in
grades 6,7, and 8 in Durham. They will take place on Tuesday nights on the game field at Northern! It does not matter if they have
experience or not!
Northern Durham Lacrosse Club clinics will be run by Jamie Sliwa, Head Coach of Northern High School and other area guest coaches.
Each clinic/training session will consist of stick skill training, footwork, body positioning, and “field sense” or game training.
The goal of the N.D.L.C Middle School division is to provide lacrosse skill specific training to players in the Durham area prior to their freshman year of high school.
This will provide an introduction to and practice of basic skills needed to excel in lacrosse at the high school level.

Tuesday Nights
Northern Lacrosse/Soccer Game field on Milton Road.


Tuesday, Sept 9
Tuesday, Sept 16
Tuesday, Sept 23
Tuesday, Sept 30
Tuesday, Oct 7
Tuesday, Oct 1
Tuesday, Oct 21
Tuesday, Oct 28
Tuesday, Nov 4
Tuesday, Nov 11
Tuesday, Nov 18

Registration will open tonight on under the "N.D.L.C" tab.

Proceeds will be donated to the Northern High School lacrosse program and development of youth lacrosse in the area.
08 :34 08/13/2014 - Coach Sliwa

NFHS Rules Changes for 2015

Biggest ones are on shooting strings and re-starts in the defensive box.
08 :13 08/13/2014

Give me a Break
"Obviously" you missed the entire point of the post.....but feel free to argue against one reference in the statement if that makes you feel informed!! Lol!!

The point is we aren't lucky to have these "grab for cash" lax coaches on the over priced off season travel team that sell the opportunity to naive parents to send lil Johnny to over hyped summer and fall recruiting tournaments for the chance to play at the next level.

The next level for the lucky few (approx a doz each year in the Carolina's) is nothing more than being a member of a D1 2nd tier program with no offer of Athletic money; or an offer to be a member of a college lacrosse program with a nominal offer of $$ to attend an over priced liberal arts institution (Furman, Hampton Sydney, etc.).

Wake up folks, the coaches who are selling this aren't doing you any favors!!

I volunteered (no pay) for years coaching football in the fall, ran off season conditioning and weight training programs for kids at no cost....... and have seen over a dozen of my former players receive football athletic scholarships paying full tuition to play at the next level.

I applaud the HS lacrosse coaches who do it without pay or very little compensation, regardless of their qualifications......but to say we are lucky to have many of these same individuals leverage their HS coaching position by offering parents the opportunity to participate on these over priced travel lax programs or worse yet charge hourly $$ rates for 1v1 or small group instructional lax training is ridiculous!!
03 :04 08/13/2014

HS Coaches
Whoever wrote the post denegrating many of the HS coaches is correct that many never played in HS or college but instead of trashing them we should thank them. NC is not baltimore or LI so we just so not have as many former players or experienced coaches. Also, many HS AD's will hire the first candidate they can find that even remotely aounds like they know the sport. These problems are not the fault of the coAches that choose to volunteer their time to coach our kids. Also, agree that being a former college player does not make a great coach. We have some very avgerage coaches with unreal lax resumes and some great coaches with very little lax exp.
20 :03 08/12/2014

Wilmington Lacrosse Tournament |
The 11th annual Wilmington Lacrosse Festival will be held October 18-19. This is for high school level men's lacrosse( varsity, JV, ).
visit our website for more information and to register at:
19 :24 08/12/2014 - New Hanover County Lacrosse

Give me a Break
Obviously, you have had a bad experience with your travel program or high school. If you think playing at a high level makes you a good coach you are sadly mistaken! One of the most overrated thoughts out there is that if you weren't a great player, you can't be a great coach. The bottom line is, if you're willing to learn, you can be a great coach. One of the best lacrosse coaches I had was a basketball coach who took the lacrosse job because our coach got sick. Bill Belichick played football at a very small college and he has done alright. There is also many others just like him in every sport.
19 :20 08/12/2014

Travel coaching
Some select teams may have a parent or local guy they just found to coach, some teams may have college coaches. It just depends on the program. I would probably think that from a recruiting stand point having these college coaches would help because they will know many of the other college coaches.
13 :04 08/12/2014

New Jordan High School Head Coach |
I am pleased to announce that Jordan High School has a new Head Lacrosse Coach, Coach Mike Ricucci.
Coach Ricucci is an experienced player and coach with 10 years of Maryland high school and club coaching experience. He was head coach at Walt Whitman HS for the last four years and Seneca Falls HS from 2005-2010, posting a 90-44 record over 10 years of coaching. He has also coached for the Performance Lacrosse club team, a top Maryland club program. In addition, Coach Ricucci has been a standout defensive football coach at both Walt Whitman and Seneca Fall, with 10 defensive backs going on to play D1 football and one who now plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

Mike is a Maryland native and a 2x national champion as a member of the Salisbury University program that repeated as National Champions in 2003/2004. Mike still plays competitive lacrosse for the John Deere team and the Performance Box Lacrosse team.

I would like to thank Coach Sliwa for his continued support of the Jordan program, including his support of Coach Ricucci as a coaching candidate, even as Coach Sliwa now brings his lacrosse development expertise to Northern Durham HS. On a related note, it was my pleasure to coach alongside Coach Sliwa last Spring as Jordan surprised most by getting to the State Semis, demonstrating how great a coach he really is.

I would also like to thank Coach Hall for his efforts to originally identify Coach Ricucci as a possible coaching candidate. Both Coach Sliwa and Coach Hall continue to do anything they can to help raise the level of lacrosse in North Carolina.

Please join me in welcoming Coach Mike Ricucci to North Carolina.
11 :39 08/12/2014 - Mark Schmidt

Give me a break!!
" you should feel lucky to have a high school coach at the helm".....Are you kidding me!!

Half the HS coaches here in NC never played at a high level, are not well connected with D1 college coaches, don't teach proper skills and worst, know very little about the game strategically.

But all are willing to accept $$ to coach a travel team or have naive parents send their kids to their camps.......
19 :21 08/11/2014

RE older state champions |
I can tell you these from memory...
1991 DA over Chapel Hill
1992 Chapel Hill over CCD @CCD (IIRC Andrew Fritz MVP)
1993 DA over Chapel Hill 3-2 @ Chapel Hill (Steven Barr MVP)
1994 DA over CCD 8-4 @ Charlotte Latin (Richard Robinson MVP)
1995 CCD over DA @ Greensboro College
14 :20 08/11/2014 - Apparently older than dirt

Travel Coaching
HS coach's may not participating in the evaluation of players in August.

However, they may coach a hs travel team as long as the clubs or team policy is that practices are not mandatory AND there are 9 or less of the coaches players on the team. They must avoid coaching during blackout/dead periods on specific weeks in the fall.

Also, the coach cannot be directly paid by parents. The coach's paycheck must come from the club.

Personal opinion on this topic is that people should turn their focus to a different subject. NC, and especially in the East, struggles to find quality HS coaches to begin with. The fact that HS coaches participate in hs club teams or youth is a huge positive. Yes, some kids get to be coached by their hs coach year round but then the other players on the team get the experience to play for another coach and continue to learn from a hs coach. As a parent I have heard many kids say that they only want to play for a certain club coach and this person is usually different than their hs coach. If parents start a huge conflict about hs coaches coaching travel teams you will see the hs club team starting to diminish because there aren't enough quality coach's out there to fill these teams. Bottom line facts: (if talks like this continue)

-Parents will start driving quality coach's away for travel teams (we have already seen this in the hs setting)
-Kids will stop playing club because of the lack of quality coaching
-If you spend 20min throwing balls to your son so he can practice his shooting rather than 20min writing a complaining email to the coach or director you will get a better result.
09 :20 08/11/2014 - JTJ

Travel Teams
Extra scratch! Conflict of interest! Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how much a high school lacrosse coach makes? The coaches mostly do it because they love the game. The money has nothing to do with it. I want a summer coach that knows the most about the game. The high school coaches give him that. Do you really want a parent coaching a high school travel team that doesn’t know the game? If so I can almost guarantee you feel your son was slighted by one of these coaches. That is like asking your chess club coach to teach tackling at football practice. A kid not learning with greater potential for injury does not sound like a good plan to me. Most travel teams have a number of high school coaches in the organization that have to coach younger and older teams. Not everything is a conspiracy. With the growth of lacrosse in this state you should feel lucky to have a high school coach at the helm.
11 :24 08/10/2014 - jsf

Ghoulish Games Tournament, Durham, NC - Price Reduction/New | |
Northern High School in Durham will be hosting the first annual "Ghoulish Games," Halloween themed lacrosse tournament (Halloween music pumping, neon orange lines, Halloween decorations and clothing, etc) this year! We hope to make it an annual tradition. Please see the information below:

Date: Saturday, October 25 and 26th!
Location: Northern High School, Durham, NC.
Cost: $600 Per team (only $30 a player if a team has 20)

- 10 vs. 10 Boys HS Lacrosse Tournament
- 5 guaranteed games (3 seeding games Saturday, playoff format Sunday)
- 3 field locations within walking distance from each other (with stands!).
- Certified trainers at each field.
- Water provided at each field.
- Balls provided at each field.
- Game officials at each field.
- Full concession stands at each field.
- Scores updated at each field throughout the day as well as online.

*ALL proceeds will be donated to the Northern High School lacrosse program*

We will take a maximum of 12 teams this year, so secure your spot today!

Registration will close on October 1st! Please contact us at the following email to secure a spot!

10 :35 08/10/2014 - VLA

2014 United Raleigh Fall Lacrosse League | |
2014 United Raleigh Fall Lacrosse league registration is open for high school boys and girls at Sessions will take place at South Wake Lacrosse Park start Saturday, Sept 6th.

Questions email
07 :30 08/10/2014 - UR Lacrosse

Travel coaches
HUGE conflict of interest IMHO.
Pay for coaches Summer/Fall job chances of making Varsity team slightly in a players favor you think? Considering they know 'how much' one has worked in the off season... and they want/need them back the following 'off seasons'. Reality or not, it is too easy to connect those dots. If HS coaches need the extra scratch they should only be coaching the U9/11/13 levels.
08 :12 08/9/2014

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