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How does a conference determine seeding if two teams are tied at the end of the season?
23 :10 04/23/2014 - CapsMom

It really looks like the only way Latin won't win the private championship is if they shoot themselves in the foot... They are simply way above everyone else in terms of talent for the private school division.
18 :48 04/23/2014

Attention High School Head Coaches-NC Great 38 All Star Game | |
We now accepting nominations for the 2014 game.

High School Head Coaches only may nominate deserving seniors for the game by email to

Nominations must be received no later than Friday, May 2.

The email nomination must contain (for each player):
Players Name:
Will he play college lacrosse?
If yes, where?
Parents Name:
Parents Email:
Parents mailing address:

List them from your best player first and so on. Because of the demand to play in the game, preference will be given to players who will play lacrosse in college.

Best of luck the rest of the spring season!
12 :53 04/23/2014 - The StickWithUs Organization

RDU 2015 Team | |
Red Devil Lacrosse 2015 Team. Current Juniors only!
Any questions, or to be considered for a spot contact us right away at
Tournament Selection:
-Big South Summer Classic- Charlotte NC June 7&8
-Mid-Summer Classic- Greensboro NC June 14&15
-If a third event is selected the registration fee will be divided among the players attending.

Team Gear Included in registration:
- Nike Reversible and Shorts
- Two Game Shooting Shirts

Fee for the summer season is only: $450.00

Summer 2014 Red Devil Coaching Lineup

John Hayden -Head Coach Apex HS Varsity
Ross Thornton- Assistant Coach Apex HS Varsity
Paul Robison- Head Coach Middle Creek HS Varsity
Andrew McCauley Assistant Coach Middle Creek HS Varsity
John Larkin- Head Coach, Green Hope HS Varsity
Scott Olive- Assistant Coach, Green Hope HS
Andy Socha- Head Coach Pinecrest HS Varsity
Dexter Tillett, Head Coach Sanderson HS Varsity
Scott Gordon- Head Coach Cary HS Varsity
Tom Paddan - Head Coach Athens Drive HS JV
Bryce Sneed- Face-off & Midfield, Wingate University
Tyler Rogers- Defense, Queens University
Pete Shammas- Goalie, Mary Washington
15 :41 04/22/2014 - RDU Lax

DI Commits
Great post NC2DC. My son falls into that category. Most people don't get it (and it took me a while), but he's ready to be a college student and play intramurals. I really think that is what will make him happy.

Another point to consider is that being a great high school player does not equate to being a great collegiate prospect. My sense is that a lot of the big offensive threats in NC are terrific high school players who may not possess the size, athleticism or experience to be successful on the next level. Obviously there are some, but not many.
12 :52 04/22/2014

D1 Commits
I am a former player and coach from NC now living in DC and would like to chime in on the D1 commit dialogue.
Not every kid who is good really wants to play in college. I follow Gonzaga Lacrosse up here pretty closely as my friends are coaches there. Last year they finished 7th in the country with appx 12 commits (not sure of the ratio of d1 to d3) Their goalie last year was a senior and is one of the top goalies I have ever seen play in HS had many offers from D1 to D3. HOWEVER he told his told his coaches he just wanted to go to college and be college kid. Turning down offers and choosing to go to Ole Miss.
Point of this story is, even some of the elite players (even on top 10 high schools) just want to go to college. I am sure this is the case for some kids in NC.
10 :40 04/22/2014 - NC2DC

Does Conference 10 get 2 automatic qualifiers in 3A and another 3 qualifiers in 4A? It doesn't seem to make sense to have 5 out of 6 teams automatically qualify for the state playoffs from one conference. I realize there isn't a perfect way to set this up but just because there isn't one right answer doesn't mean there aren't some wrong ones.
09 :36 04/22/2014 - hoping I am wrong

NC Commits
I agree with Proud Lax Mom. There are many factors that go into making a college commitment including the location, academics, facilities, and student life of a school. Also the financial aspect plays a crucial role in the deciding factor. It is not fair for someone to make a rash assumption that an aspiring lacrosse player would turn down an offer from a Patriot or Ivy League school to go to some of the great options in the Atlantic Sun Conference
08 :11 04/22/2014

First Flight |
How does First Flight fit into the playoff picture? Looking at the 3A bracket it doesn't look like there is a spot for them.
07 :04 04/22/2014

NC Commits
Jonah Moore (Marvin Ridge, Furman commit) had an offer from Loyola. He didn't like the campus enough to go there. It's not easy to get recruited from NC, especially when most established programs are looking at 9th and 10th graders. Those Atlantic Sun teams are still D1.
06 :35 04/22/2014 - Proud Lax Mom

1cents worth

You're missing the other penny

Look East my friend --- there's plenty of other big public school matchups
22 :18 04/21/2014

RE: Conf. 4 Playoffs
Stil a lot of games to be played in this conference. Some teams will meet for the first time this week.

But yes, someone with a sub .500 record could receive the #5 seed and still make the playoffs. That is what happens when the NCHSAA splits the playoffs and adds more teams.
19 :48 04/21/2014

NC Commits
I understand the political correctness that alot of decision play into what team a kid goes to, BUT lets not kid ourselves. Our NC kids are not giving up offers to the ACC (or the IVY and most Patriot League teams)to play for Mercer, Furman , Richmond and High Point. No disrespect to these building programs, but lets have a little honesty on the Forum.
14 :55 04/21/2014

NC lacrosse this week
Now that Spring break is over and the weather, hopefully, gets nicer, it will be nice to watch some lacrosse. Unfortunately, I think the most of the top NC teams are in for lopsided games this week.

The best in-state matchup of the week will be the Tuesday private school matchup of Providence Day at Charlotte Christian. These two good teams are fairly evenly matched. However, given PD's edges at face off and in goal, I believe we will see a PD victory by 2 points in a very competitive game. If the weather doesn't get too bad, I may have to go see this one.

This weekend, both Lake Norman and Charlotte Latin travel to Atlanta to face some very tough out of state competition at the Legacy cup. Lake Norman faces Memphis University School (TN) and Centennial (GA), and Latin faces Milton and Decatur (both GA schools). Good luck to both of these NC teams this weekend. These will be great games, but too far to travel to drop in on - looking forward to seeing the results. Hopefully some parents can post.

Unless I've missed something, the next big NC public matchup is NW Guilford vs. N Guilford next week. Then we will need to wait for the playoffs for the big games.
11 :21 04/21/2014 - 1-cents-worth

Inter conference play
Did the Wakefield - Wilmington New Hanover game ever happen this weekend?

Anyone have the score or a game summary?
05 :27 04/21/2014

Playoffs conf 4
Previously nchsaa released a bracket of what the playoffs will be. This bracket today would put 3-6 heritage in the playoffs as the 5th place team from conf 4. Can this really happen? Too 5 from conf 4 and conf 3 make it?
11 :35 04/20/2014

Summer Lax |
Are there any leagues in the summer for rising 9th graders?
10 :48 04/20/2014 - Drew M

Middle Creek - Green Hope
Two match-ups between these teams this week. I predict a MC sweep. Middle Creek's Arcuri will be solid in goal and the young falcon offense will become frustrated and unable to get rolling.
11 :36 04/19/2014

Big week in Conference 3
With only 4-5 games left for each team, the playoff picture is shaping up. There will be 5 automatic bids from C3 with a chance for a wildcard. Here's what I think the standings will be after this week:
1. Apex [13-0] win both games easily (pine, cary)
2. Athens Drive [12-2] win over GH, PCx2
3. Middle Creek [11-2] split with GH, beat HS
4. Green Hope [9-5] split with MC, lose to AD
5. Holly Springs [7-7] lose to MC, beat pine
6. Panther Creek [6-8] lose to ADx2, beat pine
7-9. No chance to make playoffs.

Most of these games are no brainers, however there is a very important stretch between GH-MC-AD. On Monday, GH will beat MC (13-11). On Tuesday a tired GH team will fall to well rested AD (14-10). And on Thursday, MC will get revenge on GH (12-9). There is a chance that Panther Creek could steal a game from AD, but not likely. Looking forward to how this week shapes up. Next week we get to see how the top 3 finishes as MC-APEX-AD all play each other.
11 :33 04/19/2014 - TheKid

Green Hope and Cedar Ridge
Looks like this game was a close one. First glance was a little shocked. Ant comments or observations from the game? Did Green Hope play poorly or did Cedar Ridge play very well? Green Hope offense struggle or did the CR defense slow them down?
19 :54 04/18/2014

MR vs CG
It's coming and CG should be very afraid
19 :06 04/18/2014 - The horse

Big win last night for East. After watching it is obvious that CH doesn't have much this year, but still a big rivalry. I have seen East play a few times this year and of course read about them on here all the time. What I want to know is how come there is not much talk about their LSM ? He seems to do everything for them. (face off, cover guy, clears and stays on to be a offensive threat ). And the games I was at, probably but not certain, had the most ground balls on the team. He is fun to watch.
12 :11 04/18/2014

Charlotte Christian on the rise
Jimmy was right to include CC in his top 10 list, and they now probably deserve to be higher on that list. This team is legit. They did breeze through an easy early season schedule, but they are now proving themselves against tougher competition as they play their conference games against the strong Charlotte private schools. They defeated Cannon and Country Day and only lost to Providence Day by one in their first meeting. The loss to Latin was a closer game than the score shows. This is a very athletic team that is improving quickly. I predict they will win next weeks rematch against PD. This team is a real contender for the NCISAA title in its second year as a varsity sport.
10 :54 04/18/2014 - LAXman

re: 2015 Commits
Thomas Schmidt - Jordan - BU (doing a pg year at Trinity Pawling)
15 :50 04/17/2014

2015 Commits
Below is a list of the 2015 Commits. Looks like the mix of schools is improving with a majority of new and improving programs.

2015 Commits

Jackson Monnin : Charlotte Latin, Middie - Lehigh
Thomas Schmidt : Jordan , Middie / FO - BU.
Carson Song : Charlotte Latin, Attack - Brown
Hayden Lovett : Broughton, Defense/LSM - High Point
Austin Vogel : Lake Norman, Defense - Mercer
Christopher Lappin : Cardinal Gibbons, Defense - BU.
Jake Priester : Charlotte Catholic, Middie - Mercer
Brock Martin : Athens Drive, Middie - Navy
Clifton Mathis : Charlotte Latin, Defense/LSM - Holy Cross
Jamie Powers: Charlotte Catholic, Team Carolina Furman
Drew Lukacs: McCallie School, Team Carolina, LSM - BU
Kevin McKendry: Cardinal Gibbons, Tar Heel , Goalie Marist
Chris Lappin: Cardinal Gibbons, Tar Heel , Defense BU
Tate Boyce: McCallie School (lives in Matthews), Goalie - Providence

13 :53 04/17/2014

NC Commits
Although there are no ACC commits you never know if there weren't offers. Remember, when making the decision as to which school to commit to there are numerous factors that influence the decision. Ex. Academics and money, possibility of playing as an underclassman, location, etc....
The decision needs to be the best fit for the player and family.
13 :47 04/17/2014

NC Commits
The D1 commit class is small, and the schools are not ACC (or even Ivy, Patriot or B1G) but I'd like to think that some of the NC Commits will have strong chance to contribute as freshman. Every program listed is either new and building or re-building.

Bryant is the strongest of the bunch ranked 18th in the polls and 24th in lp power ratings
10 :42 04/17/2014

Points Leaders
Some of the higher D1 prospects in the state are found in the defensive end with likes of Mitch Renfrow, Chandler, McDermott and Pryor. Points are in no way a tell of someone's complete effect on the games outcome.
06 :26 04/17/2014 - Charlotte Lax Dad

Gibbons vs LKN
As predicted Gibbons took care of business and beat LKN easily.
03 :11 04/17/2014

Best Looking lids
With all the rainouts we aren't getting nearly as much talk about actual games! So let's take a second and talk about who looks the best getting it done on the field!

I have only seen a dozen or so teams play this year, so would love to have people chime in. From what I've seen I like these lids the best:

1) Holly Springs - Matte Black and Gold chin/face with nice decals popping purple on the back

2) Cardinal Gibbons - White with green chin/facemask

3) Broughton: Gold shell/face, purple chin, mohawk and backpanel. Standard number/decal on sides

4) Riverside: Black helet, purple chin, pirate decals

5) AD All white helmet, full decal treatments are pretty crazy
20 :46 04/16/2014

The Crusaders avenge their last-second 2012 state championship loss as they roll to a comfortable 14-8 victory over the Wildcats. Multiple goal performances from Gibbons' Gannon Morrison and Hunter Van Horn and LKN's Dylan Gibson.
18 :55 04/16/2014 - Revenge at the Bowl

Sinking In.
Guess ths poster didn't didn't realize tonights CG:LKN game was the start of the playoffs.

By the way - CG by at least 7.
15 :46 04/16/2014

Dear Get a Clue
The poster was replying to a post below where a Lake Norman fan said "C U in the Playoffs." Genius.
14 :49 04/16/2014 - I can read

Point Leader talk correct
Point leaders are obviously good players, but I must also agree. Not necessarily the best players by any means. We, as a state only have 15 D1 senior commits. There are some senior point leaders who are not on this list straight from laxpower for NC D1 recruits for next season. 15 boys is not very many for the entire state.

Abrams, Marcus Salamanca NY Wakefield/Hill Academy NC Attack E Air Force

Renfrow, Mitch Charlotte NC Providence Day School NC Goalie E Air Force

Chandler, Jake Charlotte NC Providence Day NC Defense E

McDermott, Riley Waxhaw NC Marvin Ridge NC Goalie E Furman

Morrison, Gannon Cary NC Cardinal Gibbons NC Attack E Marist

Pryor, Mark Oshawa ON Christ School NC Defense E UMBC

Lalicker, Colby Apex NC Apex NC Midfield/FO E VMI

Moore, Jason Waxhaw NC Marvin Ridge NC Defense E Furman

Moore, Jonah Waxhaw NC Marvin Ridge NC Attack/Midfield E Furman

Kendall, Ryan Charlotte NC Cuthbertson NC Midfield E Mercer

Baird, Scott Raleigh NC Athens Drive NC Midfield E Mercer

Adams, Joshua Wilmington NC New Hanover NC Midfield/Attack E Mercer

Gibson, Bryan Mooresville NC Lake Norman NC Attack E Mercer

Meyer, David Summerfield NC Northern Guilford NC Goalie E Marist

Pashoian, Huston Charlotte NC Charlotte Christian NC Midfield/FO U VMI
14 :01 04/16/2014 - point leaders

Is Latin getting Better?
Not really, they have always been good.

It is a shame that the only chance Latin has of playing Cardinal Gibbons is in the Wounded warrior Classic next year set up both Desmond if they both win their respective state titles. Or would the 4A play 3A? Maybe he can bring in the GA State Champ? The good teams are spread out to thin.
13 :21 04/16/2014

re: When will it sink in?
In case you have not paid attention to the schedule, CG is playing LKN tonight. That is why people are commenting on the pending results. Genius.
12 :10 04/16/2014 - Get a clue

Can't Wait For Latin vs. CG in the title game!
OK, just kidding.

On a serious note, Latin seems to be playing better again after a little lull. Is that accurate? If so, is there any tangible reason?
09 :33 04/16/2014

When will it sink in?
LKN vs CG? See you in the playoffs? Really? Exactly how long is it going to take for people to realize that we are now separated into 4A and 3A/2A/1A. Gibbons, Marvin Ridge, and Northern Guilford are all in 3A/2A/1A, so they will NOT be playing Lake Norman, Northwest Guilford, Catholic, Apex, or any other 4A school in the playoffs. And for 3A/2A/1A The ONLY comparison that matters is how Gibbons stacks up against Marvin Ridge. At the end of the year we can all argue whether the 3A/2A/1A state champion is better than the 4A state champion, but they will never meet on the field to decide that (unless of course they met during the season).
08 :26 04/16/2014

Conf 1.
Will be a good week of lacrosse next week. #1 vs #2 Hoggard at ashely, then Hoggard hosts catholic on friday. I'm really excited to see this game, last year vikings almost won but let the game slip in the last 2 minutes. With a much better team, and as usually an amazing catholic team, should be a great game.
20 :59 04/15/2014

All of those that are writing the final score should remember a little team who rose the top to beat CG two years ago and went again last year. While CG no doubt has talent, LKN has heart. Win or lose, it will be a battle that LKN will learn from. As Coach B. has taught them, work harder, get better. C U in the playoffs.
18 :38 04/15/2014 - Play the Game

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