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Carolina Cannons Tryouts |
Carolina Cannons will hold tryouts August 16-17 in Chapel Hill for the 2014/2015 seasons. For more information please check out
05 :53 07/22/2014 - Fusion Lacrosse

Coach fulbright
Did coach Fulbright step down as head coach at leesville or go somewhere else. I felt that he did an admirable job just getting the program up and going and assembled a staff of knowledgeable assistant coaches.

thank you, coach fullbright, good job.
19 :59 07/21/2014

Velocity Fall Lacrosse | |
Registration has opened for the Velocity Fall Lacrosse League in Durham, NC. Games will be played on Sunday afternoons, between 2 and 6pm this fall. You may register as an individual, or get your entire team together for the 7 fall dates!

Once again, we will have referees, coaches, and a certified trainer at each contest.

Go to to register today!
19 :19 07/18/2014 - VLA

Travel Team
Did TC & THLC teams play this summer? It seems that TC is the best travel team in NC at the elite level but it seems the younger TC teams are not as good. Is it because of all the new clubs in and around Charlotte? Are more players staying home to play for their local travel teams and moving more towards showcases?
12 :09 07/18/2014

Mens's Head Coaching Vacancy - Leesville Road High School |
Leesville Road High School (located in North Raleigh) is looking for a new Men's Lacrosse, Varsity Head Coach.

The Leesville Road Men's program recently completed their 3rd year at the varsity level, winning their first-ever Conference championship, and earning their second straight birth in the 4A state playoffs.

This is a paid "extra duty" position.

Interested coaches should contact the Leesville Athletic Director - Mr. Jack Rogers

Direct: 919-870-4270

Front Office: 919-870-4250

19 :07 07/16/2014 - Jeff Spear, Volunteer Asst Coach, LRHS

Tar Heel Lax
Tar Heel will be finishing up their summer this coming weekend. Good job by all teams, should be a fun last weekend to wrap it up.

Good job this summer representing NC Lax!
22 :14 07/15/2014 - TH Supporter

Team Carolina Elite
TC Elite is off to a great start. Overall – 14-2.

Charlotte Tournament - First Place.

Richmond Tournament (NSCLA Warrior Cup Championship). TC went 5-1 and lost in the final four to Leading Edge. TC had victories over True Lacrosse, ADVNC (Northern Cal), NH Tomahawks and Headstrong.

Philly Showcase. TC Elite went 4-1 and lost in the final four to LB3 ATL. TC had victories over Team 91 (Long Island), CT Chargers, Old School and Top Gun Fighting Clams. Great competition.

The team heads to Champ Camp (Baltimore) and Hot Beds (DE) this week.

As for commitments, 12 players are committed, 9 rising seniors and 3 rising juniors.

Jackson Monin / Latin to Lehigh
Daniel Godwin / Grimsley to Wingate
Tate Boyce / McCAllie to Providence
James Powers / Catholic to Furman
Carson Song / Latin to Brown
Ryan Cerino / Riverside High School (TN) to Bryant
Drew Lukacs / McCAllie to Boston University
Clifton Matheis / Latin to Holy Cross
Jake Preister / Catholic to Mercer

John Donohue / Charlotte Country Day to Colgate
Zach Hutchko / Butler to Denver
Zach Strassner / Catholic to Delaware
14 :39 07/15/2014

LB3 Girls
Congrats to LB3 Girls for running the Table (4-0) up in Maryland at the Nations Capital Cup last month! Triad Girls put it to the other teams!

Capitol Division - Washington D.C. Bracket:Pool A

LB3 7 6 Velocity:Velocity Varsity

Lady Shamrocks: 8 11 LB3

SOFLA Elite 5 7 LB3

LB3 4 3 Intrepid Evolution
13 :41 07/15/2014 - Triad Laxative

Team Carolina Elite
How is Team Carolina Elite doing this summer? Been quiet here this summer...
10 :15 07/15/2014

YLS Select Thunderhawks Tryouts - Aug 2/3rd | |
YLS Select U9, U11, U13, and U15 Tryouts will be August 2nd and 3rd at South Wake Lacrosse Park(Grades 2nd and Up).

Visit to register for tryouts or get more program information.

Team fee is only $295 + uniform fee which includes tournament costs. Teams will attend 4 events.

Tryout is free and all experience levels are welcome as well as players that have or have not been a part of the YLS program in the past.

Questions email

Good luck to all teams as they finish their summer seasons!
10 :15 07/15/2014 - YLS Lacrosse

Conf. Rankings
I agree with that being the potential conference rankings for that conference but it will be interesting to see if anything shifts this year. Is Cardinal Gibbons moving up to 4A or staying at 3A?

Also with some new teams coming in that can always potentially shake things up, it seems like they have no interest in splitting the two Raleigh based conferences from their natural "football" conferences but at some point they will have to as teams join and the conferences are just to big. 4 Conferences of 4-5 in Raleigh would allow for more outside conference matchups, but at the same time the conferences are also starting to be really competitive as seen last year with a lot of teams beating each other and making it an exciting end of the season with there being a home and home and seeing who finishes where.
09 :31 07/13/2014

Really Really Early Conference 3 Predictions
Conference 3 "Way too early" Predictions

1. Middle Creek
2. Green Hope
3. Apex
4. Holly Springs
5. Athens Drive
6. Panther Creek
7. Cary
8. Pinecrest
9. Fuquay-Varina
19 :06 07/12/2014

Travel teams
How are the various teams doing this summer? Any new faces that will have an impact next year?
16 :21 07/12/2014

Yes, it has been quite quiet on the forum this summer.....
.....censorship, is the reason!!! Moderators editorial discretion has made this forum boring!! Now, the only thing that get posted are comments of how wonderful we all are!!

Too bad, this use to be a fun place to debate.....
03 :42 07/12/2014

Bucktown Lax
Exciting to have some new opportunities for the local triangle boys. Welcome and good luck!!
07 :51 07/11/2014

assistant coach openings Chapel Hill High School |
We have some openings for assisant coaches at Chapel Hill High school. Please contact Coach Voelkel at if you have interest.Thank you

07 :04 07/10/2014 - BRENTVOELKEL

Bucktown Lacrosse Club |
Tryouts for U-13 and U-11 will be on two dates, Sunday August 3 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, and Saturday August 9 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Tryouts for the U-15 team will be held on the same dates, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Tryouts will be held at Cardinal Gibbons High School.

Ages will be based on a players age as ofAUGUST 31st. Players who will be freshman in high school are PRECLUDED from trying out or playing with Bucktown this fall.

Please visit our registration page to sign up for tryouts, there is no cost to tryout at

For all travel teams, the cost will be $550.00 for the fall season, exclusive of tournament fees.

Head Coaches for the Fall Teams will be:

U-15: Alex Buckley, Head Coach at Cardinal Gibbons High School*
U-13: Jim Ryan, Assistant Coach at Cardinal Gibbons High School
U-11: Joe Cinosky, Current player for Florida Launch and 2010 Team USA member.

*Bucktown Lacrosse teams are selected based on the talent, attitude and effort of players demonstrated at tryouts. It is in no way affiliated or selected based on a player’s potential high school enrollment.
18 :16 07/9/2014 - Bucktown Lacrosse

Team Carolina Elite
Big weeks ahead up North for the Carolina Elite Team. NXT Summer Invitational, Champ Camp and Hot Beds Lax in Delaware. Good luck and bring it home!
15 :38 07/9/2014

Team Carolina Commitments
Team Carolina Elite announced today that 11 of its players this season have committed to College lacrosse 9 Rising seniors and 2 Rising Juniors. The link is below. Congratulations boys!
08 :14 07/8/2014

Final LaxPower National ratings
Latin, Cathloic and Lake Norman lost to 3 of those 6 Georgia Teams.......just saying.
15 :48 07/2/2014 - Fear the BullDog

Final LaxPower National ratings

Cardinal Gibbons 96th and Charlotte Latin 164th in the Country? Wow.
Neither of these NC schools get any respect.... or is it that we (NC Scholastic lacrosse) simply have a long way to go? I understand that these "ratings" don't mean a whole heck of a lot in the grand scheme of things, but I would put both Gibbons and Latin up against so many of those teams rated ahead of them...any day. 6 Georgia schools are rated higher than our two best? Weird!? Its time for NC coaches, directors and leaders of our lacrosse chapters and state to come together and do more self promoting of our great teams and programs, so our players don't get left behind in the recruiting battles. Kids from TX, SC and GA are getting recruited and are attending big time ACC, Big Ten and Ivy schools with the help of lacrosse. Clearly we have players that also should qualify for similar "looks". We have a zip code problem in our state and we need to come together to change the perception that lacrosse in NC is not on par with other emerging states. My two cents
07 :59 07/2/2014 - My two cents

TSL / Cannons Elite team wins Hogan Revolution Tournament
The TSL/Cannons HS Elite team won their second straight tournament sweeping all of their games at the Hogan Revolution tournament.

Off to Patriot Games in mid July for their last tournament.

Again, what a great group of boys who simply love playing with one another...and it shows. Coach Ed Raymond deserves a lot of credit for the time he puts in and the loose nature of his coaching style.
Again Congratulations boys!
18 :01 06/29/2014 - Go Cannons

2017 vs Seattle
How did the 2017s look against Seattle Starz 2017? What was the score and how was the play?
22 :45 06/27/2014 - Philip

TSL / Cannons High School Elite
Congratulations to the TSL / Cannons High School Elite team for winning the Baltimore Trilogy Masters tournament this past weekend in Maryland.

This is really great group of talented kids who have been playing together for some time now, and are really clicking as a "team". Fun to watch. Good Luck the rest of the summer.

Go Cannons.
19 :56 06/24/2014 - Cannons

Yes, it has been quite quiet on the forum this summer
I was trolling various lax websites just to pass the time and I saw on the job vacancy file that Jordan Coach Sliwa is now at Northern Durham. What happened with Northern coach Terry? I guess now Northern will improve quite a bit with Sliwa at the helm. Anyone know who the new Jordan coach will be?

Also saw that North Raleigh Christian was seeking a varsity head coach for next year, hadn't heard of them previously so is this a new program?
09 :32 06/24/2014

Jake Reed
The Jake Reed Blue Chip showcase for rising juniors 2016s) is taking place this week. Has anyone heard any reports from the NC boys participating?

Also, any new NC commitments this summer? It has been quite on the forum this summer so far.

Team Carolina Elite made it to the Final Four in the NSCLA / Warrior Tournament in Richmond two weeks ago. Looks like they lost to the Canadian Edge by one goal.
12 :26 06/23/2014

Player of the year
I just want to congratulate Gannon. What a year and HS career he has had. What else could a player do ? All time points leading at Gibbons, probably the state if they put in his stats for all 4 years, two time all American, state championship team and MVP of the Great 38 . I am sure I am missing many. I enjoyed watching you play and grateful my son has had the chance to play with you.
07 :03 06/23/2014

Lacrosse in Fayetteville
Lacrosse is about to come to the public schools in Cumberland County. Pending final board approval, both Jack Britt and Terry Sanford will field club teams in 2015 and join the NCHSAA in 2016. With the growing youth program in Fayetteville, I feel that it will only be a short time before most of the Cumberland Co. schools are all playing lacrosse.

Here's the link,
07 :52 06/20/2014

Last day to buy tickets for US Lacrosse - NC Hall of Fame!
Announcement: 2014 North Carolina Chapter of US Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductees

The North Carolina Lacrosse Community is honoring seven outstanding contributors to our sport with their induction to the chapter 2014 Hall of Fame class.


A Truly Great Coach – Dr. James F. Kirkley – Durham, NC
Durham Riverside High School

A Truly Great Coach - Dr. Charles E. Patch – Surf City, NC
NC State University Men’s Lacrosse

A Truly Great Coach – Ms. Jenny Levy – Chapel Hill, NC
UNC Women’s Lacrosse

A Truly Great Coach – Mr. Mark R. Goldsmith – Jamestown, NC
Northwest Guilford High School

A Truly Great Contributor – Mr. Edmund “Beau” McCaffray – Wilmington, NC
New Hanover County Lacrosse

A Truly Great Player – Mr. Larry C. Rice – Raleigh, NC –
NC State Men’s Lacrosse

A Truly Great Contributor – Mr. Steve Stenersen – Baltimore, MD
President and CEO of US Lacrosse

Induction Date / Time: June 21, 2014
11:30 AM – 2:30 PM – Lunch and Induction Ceremony
$35 / person
Attire: Business Formal

Location: NC State University Club
4200 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC

Information for the induction ceremony and sponsorship can be found on the NC chapter website.

Don't delay! Ticket sales will end June 15th!

If you have questions about Hall of Fame inductees, email
09 :57 06/16/2014

Bucktown Lacrosse Camps
Time is almost up to sign up for Bucktown Lacrosse Camps, being held at Cardinal Gibbons High School the weeks of June 16 and June 23, Monday through Friday from 10:00-3:00.

The camp is directed by Coach Buckley of Cardinal Gibbons, the 2014 3A/2A/1A undefeated state champions. Coaching staff will consist of former and current college and high school All Americans, including many players from the 2014 team. Sign ups can be done at
08 :31 06/13/2014 - Bucktown Lacrosse

Top 20 in NC
The post of the Top 20 list is a ranking of NC high schools highest LaxPower Ratings over the past 10 years. Each team was only listed once using their highest LP Rating over the past 10 years.....NWGHS 2013 team was listed because the 2013 rating was higher than the State Champion 2011 team (96.51 vs. 96.13).
10 :37 06/12/2014

Velocity Summer Lacrosse League | |
The Velocity Summer league is back again and accepting registrations now at! Spots are filling up fast and Registration will close on June 28th.

Once again, we will feature both a high school league (open to rising freshman through seniors) and an Adult league (open to graduated HS seniors and up)!

Games will again be played at our lighted turf field location by Southpoint Mall in Durham with full officiating crew and trainers/coaches on staff. 5-7pm for high school and 7-9 for Adults. The dates are as follows:

June 30
July 7
July 14
July 21
July 28
August 7

Visit to register today and for more information under the "summer lax" tab.

Can't wait to see everyone out there again!
11 :30 06/11/2014 - V.L.A

Top 20 in NC
Seems you omitted the 2011 State Champions - NWGHS in the top 20 list. Also, be aware that the LaxPower ratings for a given year are based on that year's schedule and the corresponding talent & strength of those teams, so it is difficult (although entertaining) to attempt to make comparisons. No doubt these 20 teams are among the best in recent years but for example in 2013-2014 there seemed to be a larger "team talent rift" between the 6-8 upper echelon teams in NC and the 2nd and 3rd level teams. No argument that based on results on the field that the 2013-14 CGHS team was the premier team in the NC public ranks this year - they proved it on the turf, where it counts.
10 :48 06/11/2014 - Triad Re-Lax

YLS Lacrosse - Sizzle 7s 7v7 Summer League |
Registration is now open for YLS 7v7 Summer League. The league is for players in grades rising 3-8. For additional information or to register please visit League play starts in July and spaces are limited. League play is on Monday and Wednesdays at South Wake Lacrosse Park and a great way for players looking to stay busy this summer outside of teams or camps in a fun fast paced 7v7 format.

Visit to register or see other great camps being offered this summer.

Good luck to all teams this summer!
09 :29 06/11/2014 - YLS Lacrosse

South Wake Sports - Summer Lax | |
visit to register

ENROLLMENT: High School, Rising Grades 9-12
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: June 17, Spaces are limited.
COST: $95
LOCATION: Womble Park, Holly Springs, NC 27540
DATES: June 16, June 18, July 7, July 9, July 14, July 16, July 28, and July 30
TIMES: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM (30 minute skill work, 1 hour scrimmage each session)

THE SOUTH WAKE SUMMER LACROSSE LEAGUE: is a program designed for high school players looking for an opportunity to get additional field time to sharpen their skills in preparation for the upcoming school year. Players of all experience levels are welcome and the program is open to any high school age player in rising 9-12 grade.

Each session will include 30 minutes of small and large group development focusing on a particular topic each day including topics such as fast break offense and defense, ground ball play, 2v2/4v4 offense, and transition play. The remaining hour of each session will be spent with an open play format, splitting into teams and playing a full field instructional scrimmage.
Players will have the chance to work on their skills in a structured, but relaxed environment that will take place on the Womble Park turf facility located in Holly Springs. All players are required to bring full equipment each session, including a mouth piece and light/dark reversible jersey.

For questions or team registration information please contact

Visit to register.
09 :26 06/11/2014 - South Wake Sports

West All State/AA
How do you have "none" listed for several positions in the All State and All Region West. are you telling me there are not a few more kids that should have been listed for example: "2nd team all region goalie- none"
21 :19 06/10/2014

Adult lacrosse?? |
I am 22 and played lacrosse at Triton Highschool back when they had a team. I have had the itch to play lately and being from Harnett County makes it to where leagues are far a few between. Anyone know of some places I could play. Nothing too serious but just run some games.
17 :24 06/10/2014 - Ldthomas1

All Americans
Looks like 8/9 of the all Americans from the west are former team carolina players and if I'm not mistaking Daniel Godwin is a 2015 and is on team carolina elite again this summer. Way to represent
16 :13 06/9/2014

Carolina Lax Fall Ball |
Registration is now open for the Carolina Lax Fall Ball programs.
Great opportunity for those new to the game as well as those experienced players looking to have a load of fun and keep a stick in hand.
Elementary School Division: (Grades as of September 2014) SUNDAY Only Program! Starts- Sunday September 14, 2014- for 7 consecutive Sundays.
K-2nd Grade- Light instruction, with games each week
3rd & 4th Grade- Light instruction, with games each week
5th & 6th Grade- Weekly Fun Games!

Middle School Division: (Grades as of September 2014) SATURDAY Only Program! Starts- Saturday September 13, 2014- for 7 consecutive Saturdays.
7th & 8th Grade (Weekly Games)
Fee for all players:
$50.00 per player- That’s less than $8.00 per week!! Spots are going quick and at only $50.00 for 7 weeks why wouldnt they...
Includes a Warrior game reversible to register.
11 :42 06/9/2014 -

West Region All State winners
wondering about the delay in announcing these boys?
09 :38 06/9/2014

Webmaster comments   We just got list today will upload this afternoon

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