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Last Weekend
Lots of hype about last the scrimmages last weekend - anything to report?
08 :36 03/2/2015

2015 King of the Spring Game Schdule | |
Spring 2015 Brine "King of Spring" Face-off Classic

Host School: Durham Academy & Cardinal Gibbons Tournament Director: Jon Lantzy, Durham Academy Head Coach

Friday March 6, 2015 Match-ups Time Location
Boy's Games
Marvin Ridge HS (NC) v. Chapel Hill HS (NC) 7:00pm Cedar Falls Park
Durham Jordan HS (NC) v. Norfolk Academy (VA) 5:30pm Ceder Falls Park
Durham Academy (NC) v. Providence Day School (NC) 4:30pm Durham County Stadium
STAB (VA) v. Cape Henry Collegiate (VA) 6:15pm Durham County Stadium
Archbishop Spalding HS (MD) v. Memphis University School (TN) 8:00pm Durham County Stadium
Pope HS (GA) v. Friends School (MD) 7:30pm UNC Navy Field

Girl's Games
Durham Academy (NC) v. Coppell (TX) 7:00pm UNC Henry Stadium
Charlotte Catholic (NC) v. STAB (VA) 8:15pm UNC Henry Stadium

Girls College Game
Duke Univ. v. Va. Tech 5:00pm Duke Koskinen Stadium

Saturday March 7, 2015 Match-ups
Boy's Games
Broughton HS (NC) v. Pope HS (GA) 10:30am Duke University Turf
Northwest Guilford HS (NC) v. Coppell HS (TX) 6:00pm Cardinal Gibbons HS
Cardinal Gibbons (NC) v. Calvert Hall College (MD) 8:00pm Cardinal Gibbons HS
Charlotte Country Day School (NC) v. Memphis University School (TN) 10:00am Cedar Falls Park
East Chapel Hill HS (NC) v. Lake Norman HS (NC) 6:45pm Cedar Fals Park
Providence Day School (NC) v. Norfolk Academy (VA) 10:00am Durham County Stadium
Charlotte Latin (NC) v. STAB (NC) 4:15pm Durham County Stadium
RJ Reynolds HS (NC) v. Woodward Acadey (GA) 6:00pm Durham County Stadium
Ravenscroft School (NC) v. Woodward Academy (GA) 12:00pm Ravenscroft School
Marvin Ridge HS (NC) v. Friends School (MD) 10:00am UNC Navy Field

Girls Games
Durham Academy (NC) v. STAB (VA) 11:30am UNC Henry Stadium
Coppell (TX) v. Charlotte Catholic (NC) 6:00pm Duke University

Men's College Games
University of North Carolina v. Manhattan College 12:00pm UNC Fetzer Field
Duke University v. Loyola College 1:00pm Koskinen Stadium

Women's College Game
UNC v. Virginia 2:30pm UNC Fetzer Field

Sunday March 8, 2015 Match-ups
Boy's Games
Cape Henry Collegiate School (VA) v. Calvert Hall College (MD) 11:00am Cardinal Gibbons HS
Coppell HS (TX) v. Archbishop Spalding (MD) 12:45pm Cardinal Gibbons HS
Memphis University School (TN) v. Durham Academy (NC) 12:00am Durham County Stadium
STAB (VA) v. Friends School (MD) 10:00pm Durham County Stadium

Girls's Game
Coppell (TX) v. STAB (VA) 2:15pm Cardinal Gibbons HS
19 :29 03/1/2015 - Coach Lantzy

2015 King of the Spring Face-Off Classic March 6-9, 2015 | |
Sixth Annual King of the Spring Face-Off Classic set for March 6-8, 2015, in Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, N.C.

Top high school lacrosse teams to support efforts of Inspire Media Network

DURHAM, N.C. – Nearly 30 of the nation's top men's and women's high school lacrosse teams will compete in the sixth annual Brine King of the Spring Face-Off Classic, scheduled for March 6-8, 2015, in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Hosting this year's tournament are Durham Academy and Cardinal Gibbons High School.

"The King of the Spring has emerged as a one-of-a-kind event in the high school lacrosse community and has quickly become an annual destination for some of the best programs in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast," said tournament director and Durham Academy boys lacrosse coach Jon Lantzy, who notes that this year's event includes girls matchups for the first time. "As coaches and educators, we are always looking for meaningful opportunities to expose our student-athletes to the true meaning of service. We will once again use this weekend as on opportunity for not only great competition on the field, but a chance to inspire our student-athletes to use their many talents to make their communities a better place."

This year's tournament supports the efforts of Inspire Media, a nonprofit that encourages people to perform bold and extraordinary acts of kindness that have the potential to inspire millions when their story is told. The founder of Inspire Media is Chris Rosati, an alumnus of Durham Academy who has, in fact, inspired millions with his selfless acts of kindness in the face of unthinkable adversity. Perhaps best known to regular viewers of CBS Evening News as "the Krispy Kreme Bandit" for realizing his dream of "hijacking" a Krispy Kreme truck and giving out doughnuts to strangers, Rosati has refused to allow his diagnosis of ALS to dim his bright spirit — and he's brought plenty of new friends along for the ride.

"About a year ago, I, along with some friends, founded the nonprofit Inspire Media Network and invited students to submit their Big Ideas for the Greater Good (BIGG)," Rosati said. "A BIGG is an out-of-the-ordinary act that spreads joy and inspires others to do the same. We funded a handful of ideas, filmed them and held a red carpet, Hollywood-style screening."
Rosati hopes that players, coaches and families involved with the King of the Spring tournament will similarly be inspired to dream BIGG.

"Chris is a pillar of perseverance for so many," Lantzy said. "Chris has shown and continues to show that how you 'live' your life is what really counts. Millions of people — some we know, many we don’t — are dealt seemingly insurmountable circumstances but find a way to overcome and inspire all those around them. Chris shows us all that all things are possible with the power of a positive attitude and the support of someone that cares."

Over the course of three days, the 28 teams participating in the King of the Spring tournament will compete in 25 games on fields around the Triangle. Joining hosts DA and Cardinal Gibbons in sponsoring the event are Brine Lacrosse, Triangle Orthopedic Associates, Fusion Lacrosse, and Republic Wireless.
19 :27 03/1/2015 - Coach Lantzy

To:Jimmy the Geek
Jimmy doesn't often pedal his bicycle far outside of the streets of Charlotte so the Geek doesn't like to prognosticate the fate of teams beyond his beloved Queen City.

But if you're interested in knowing Jimmy's predictions for the best to represent Crown Town in those State Champions read the Geek's thoughts dated Feb 9th below.......

Enjoy the Games!!!
18 :54 03/1/2015 - Jimmy the Geek

HS club lacrosse
Thanks for the ideas and information. We really appreciate it. I will follow up with each of these groups.
14 :57 03/1/2015 - Lepug

To: Jimmy the Geek
I want to know who your picks for State Championships are before the season starts. Can we get them?
13 :11 03/1/2015

Jacksonville vs. Ashley 2/28/15 scrimmage
Only a scrimmage and both teams missing starters due to injuries/basktetball etc... but Conference 2 Jacksonville defeated Conference 1 Ashley 12-9.
02 :08 03/1/2015 - coastal lax fan

HS Club Lacrosse
If you are looking for a middle school/HS lacrosse team and you are just getting started, email the directors of Renegades, which is hosted by NCLA,, Red Devil United, director Scott Olive: or YLS in Holly Springs: There is also the Blue Frogs in North Raleigh that is a new group: Many have already had tryouts, so email the director at each one and find out if there are openings or tryouts dates coming up. Proximity to where you live is a plus.
16 :21 02/27/2015 - Informed

RE: Club lacrosse for high school boys?
"Are there any club lacrosse groups in the Raleigh area for high school boys?
My boys like to play but are not at the intense competing level.
I have looked but all seem to be for middle school age or higher/ travel level groups.
They want to play for fun & exercise. Thanks!"

United Raleigh Lacrosse, perhaps?
11 :58 02/27/2015

marvin ridge versus catholic bubble burst
Jimmy doesn't llike when his bubble burst, but it is correct.......only Catholic and Marvin Ridge JV will scrimmage this Saturday at the 6th Annual first sign of Spring Play Day. But The Geek is equally excited to see the Cougars of Catholic take on Lake Norman Charter. Jimmy loves the Knights of LNC and thinks this year's bunch will represent the West in the 3a championship.

Stop by Elon field 3 at 4pm and enjoy some of the best HS lacrosse you'll see in February anywhere. But don't bother trying to spot the Geek, because like Waldo he'll be hiding in plain sight among the crowd.

Enjoy the games.
19 :56 02/26/2015 - Jimmy the Geek

Scrimmages on Saturday
Are they at the Matthews Sportplex or Elon Park? And what time is the first face off?
19 :27 02/26/2015

marvin ridge vs catholic bubble burst
they don't scrimmage each other this weekend, catholic plays holy springs, lake norman, lake norman charter
15 :40 02/26/2015

Gibbons - Charlotte Catholic
Will these teams face each other this season? I'm hearing mixed stories. Gibbons is still 3A through the 2015 lacrosse season, right?
15 :31 02/26/2015

Jimmy the Geek
Jimmy, I won't be @ Elon Saturday, so I can't wait to see your update on how CC & MR teams look and a subsequent re-ranking.

CC is deep, but not invincible. MR lost only 3 Starters from last year's team (1 Attack, 1 Defense and of course, the Goalie)....

Scrimmage won't tell all, but you'll see something different this time around.....April 17 in the Reg season will be the true test of these teams.
14 :44 02/26/2015

Jimmy the Geek
The Geek loves Tim Curry.......who can forget his performance in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"!!

But Jimmy will be at Elon fields to watch the talented Mr Curry this weekend as the Cougars of Catholic scrimmage Marvin Ridge.

Look for the Geek, I'll be the one standing alone among the crowds.
13 :42 02/26/2015 - Jimmy the Geek

Mon, Mar 2 - First Day for Games
Looks like there's 11 games slated for Monday

Who's actually gonna play?

How may practices has your team had?
07 :52 02/26/2015

Jimmy the Geek
You also forgot stud senior defensemen Timmy curry that will lock down any attackmen in the state. Cmon keep up geek
20 :48 02/24/2015

Jimmy the Geek
The Cougars of Catholic are so deep that the Geek couldn't possibly name names of every star.......but Jimmy appreciates you pointing out another Diaper Dandy in Matt Beltrondo that The Geek will keep an eye on.

Another is Hunter Fasanaro of Weddington. If Hunter is as good as his daddy we can expect a Super Soph season from this young Warrior.
20 :40 02/24/2015 - Jimmy the Geek

Club lacrosse for high school boys?
Are there any club lacrosse groups in the Raleigh area for high school boys?
My boys like to play but are not at the intense competing level.
I have looked but all seem to be for middle school age or higher/ travel level groups.
They want to play for fun & exercise. Thanks!
16 :43 02/24/2015 - Lepug

Wake County Schools had try-outs Monday. So that's one practice so far since the spring sports season kicked off 8 days ago. Not 2.
14 :24 02/24/2015 - xv

Durham has now lost 6 of 7 plus the possible Saturday, so 7 of 8.
13 :16 02/24/2015

More Snow = Less Lax
Snow, snow please go away
Me and my lax bros want to practice and play!

How many practice days has your program lost to this seasons winter weather

Wake County Schools have now lost 5 of the first 7
05 :31 02/24/2015

Jimmy the Geek
You forgot one key aspect of Charlotte Catholic this year, a rising sophomore in Matt Beltrondo. Matt is the brother of 2-time All-American Ryan Beltrondo and they play the same game, but Matt is much faster and more aggressive. He is going to see the field a lot for the Cougars and will contribute the same if not more than his brother in the future.
18 :37 02/23/2015

Top Players in Charlotte
Top 2 IMHO -

Jake Priester - Catholic
Carson Song - Latin
16 :14 02/23/2015

Top in Charlotte - Returning All -State for Privates
Here is a list the players from the Private Schools elected in 2014 as All-State and are returning in 2015.

Carson Song (A, Latin) 2015
Owen Armstrong (A, Latin) 2015
Donny Proper (A, Greensboro Day) 2016
Peter Pittroff (A, Charlotte Country Day) 2016
Jackson Monnin (M, Latin) 2015
Danny Brenner (M, Cannon) 2015
Clifton Mathis (D, Latin) 2015
Emerson Schaeffer (G, Latin) 2015
12 :03 02/23/2015

Most commits in the state
Technically you can't commit to d3. Because no atheltic scholarships are offered, everyone has to try out.
12 :02 02/23/2015

Charlotte Scrimmages
While the weather did not cooperate for the scheduled Jamboree, it was great to see Latin, Catholic, Marvin Ridge and Country Day play this Saturday. Each team played each other 1 full game back to back.

I thought all of the teams looked good for preseason. Less dropped balls than in previous years. It looked like the starters played at most a half for most teams, with plenty of opportunity for the coaches to see the depth of their teams and make some final V v JV decisions for the underclassman. Scores were not kept and would not be helpful in determining regular season play.

Lets get started!!
11 :47 02/23/2015

Coastal Athletics - Ready, Set... Lacrosse! | |
Coastal Athletics in Wilmington, NC is holding a clinic this SATURDAY FEBRUARY 28 called Ready, Set....Lacrosse. It is for children ages 4-6 in their first season of the sport, or just starting out.

The clinic will be held on Saturday February 28th from 2:30-4:30 p.m. and is to get the athletes excited about learning fundamentals of the game and ready for the first day of Rec League! The coaches include former collegiate and professional athletes that are sure to teach the children the right way to play the game to avoid forming bad habits in the future. The clinic is at a SPECIAL RATE OF $20, and you can reserve your spot by calling Coastal Athletics today at 910-452-5838.

Thank you for helping make Ready, Set... Lacrosse a success!

Check out our website for more information and other opportunities! We do private lessons, summer camps, showcase and scouting events, strength and conditioning, academic tutoring, and even birthday parties! We have indoor and outdoor facilities, come check us out at 2049 Corporate Drive South Wilmington NC 28405.

Don't miss out, call us today! 910-452-5838
09 :59 02/23/2015 - coastalathleticsmkt

Most commits in the state
Does Catholic have the most commits in the state with 7?
Jake Priester (Mercer)
James Powers (Furman)
Nick Rizzieri (Queens)
Daniel Crotty (Stevens)
Seamus Byrne (Hampden-Sydney)
Jackson Harris (Mercer)
Zach Strassner (Delaware)
20 :00 02/22/2015

Top players in charlotte?
Who are the top players to be on the lookout for this season in charlotte?
18 :47 02/22/2015

DA Grad Cam Lewis | |
Former DA star Cam Lewis scored 8 of W&L's 11 goals, tying a single game school record in a big win v. #9 ranked Denison.

Great player and even better kid. Proud of you Cam, keep it going.
15 :03 02/21/2015 - Coach Lantzy

Response to Lax Mom
Jimmy loves that you love what he does, but this Geek doesn't leave the ground of Crown Town.

So to prognosticate the fate of Cardinal Gibbons would be nothing more than Jimmy's wish, than visions.

Because the Geek dreams of a triple crown, for Jimmy's beautiful new home town. Anything less would be a pity, for the lacrosse talent in the Queen City.
09 :36 02/21/2015 - Jimmy the Geek

RE: Gibbons
Cardinal Gibbons was on mid-winter break this entire week, and hence scheduled two-a-day practices every day this week. Their team practiced both sessions on Monday, however Coach Buckley ruled the driving conditions too treacherous for transportation to practice, and cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday practices.

They were already off school, and this week was a scheduled spring sports tryout week. If school had been cancelled/early release, all after school activities would likewise have been cancelled.

As for Gibbons' schedule, they play three of the top 20 teams in the country in Calvert Hall, Bullis School, and McDonough. CC's schedule does seem tough, but it cannot match up with Gibbons.

Best of luck to all NC teams who play out-of-state this year! Rep the #DirtySouth well!
20 :18 02/19/2015 - Triangle Lax Fan

West Region Kick Off
The West Region Lax Season kick's off with a Saturday scrimmage...where Catholic, Lake Norman and Marvin Ridge each play eachother. Should be an interesting matchup of West power programs...
17 :46 02/19/2015 - West Region Lax Fan

I agree with the prior post. The Brine is a fun event but should not be mistaken for a recruiting event or having the best players. The best players will be at the top individual events throughout the summer. If you go, have fun and enjoy the games. Ultimately, that's why the kids play......
10 :13 02/19/2015 - CharlotteLaxDad

Brine National Lacrosse
I can see why many coaches do not recommend this event. It is a bit of a money grab, and there really is no recruiting value. Evaluators have their favorites, so it isn't "the best of the best" necessarily. My son has participated, and it was good for preparing him for other events, and for that, there is value, but in terms of the level of play, it varies like at any lacrosse tournament. If your daughter or son wants to try out and makes the team, and you want a 4th tournament for the summer, it is good for getting the child used to playing with completely new kids. On the other hand, it isn't always like playing with brand new kids when the teams have half of the team from one group and half from another. Also, I dislike events that bump up against national holidays. #mixedfeelings
15 :09 02/18/2015 - Lax Dad

Only Latin, Catholic, or Lake Norman Charter will give Gibbons a game. The rest will be blowouts.
11 :30 02/18/2015

Best of Charlotte - Jimmy the Geek
Love reading your picks! How do you think Cardinal Gibbons will match up with the Best of Charlotte?
07 :33 02/18/2015 - Lax Mom

Brine National Lacrosse Academy
Does anyone have any experience with this event? I have heard good things about it. On the other hand, the head of one of the Charlotte select organizations described participation as "completely insane" and banned his players from participating. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has any experience with the event.
06 :30 02/18/2015 - Thanksforyourhelp

Scrimmage Saturday
If weather permits (and we have at least one practice this week), Sanderson High School would like to play a scrimmage in the afternoon Saturday. Either home or away. Had a coach cancel on me, I don't care if there is only 1 day of practice, game/scrimmage experience is better than nothing. if interested
18 :56 02/17/2015

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