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Probable Top East Teams -

Green Hope
Leesville Road
Athens Drive
East Chapel Hill
06 :22 09/22/2014

Northwest Guilford
I expect to see the Northwest Vikings to win the Championships this year. With the defense being anchored by the returning All American, Terry Marmion. This defense will be ferocious.
12 :32 09/21/2014 - Triadlaxer69

East Prediction
What are thoughts on Chapel Hill teams? Looks to me like CHS and CHHS might continue to be sliding and unlikely to be any kind of threat in playoffs. Also think ECHHS will slip some more BUT they will have 3-4 legit top players and a good goalie so they could win a game or 2 in playoffs but so not see them threatening to make semi's or finals
10 :05 09/19/2014

RE: East Predictions
I think this is Middle Creek's year to come out of the East. Returning many key role players within their senior class, and always seem to have great underclassmen as well. They ended the season on a huge low point with an upset loss to Jordan (at home, also up 8-3 at half). Only issue I could think with them would be their defense (they lost 2 key starting poles). Expect them to play with a huge chip on their shoulder all spring.
20 :58 09/18/2014

East predictions |
Enough with the college talk, let's talk about some NC lacrosse. Any predictions for the east?
20 :40 09/17/2014 - Anon55

Accredited IMLCA Recruiting Tournaments
An announcement was made regarding IMLCA accredited recruiting touraments.

By my read there are none on the south, IMG in south FL notwithstanding.

Second, what does this do for club team calendars? Not many of these events (if any) were on the circuit for the local club teams.
19 :24 09/17/2014

Lacrosse Conferences not updated yet
We're 1/2 thru September and the conferences have not yet been posted. Usually by now the first draft has been posted. I don't know of many, if any, changes will occur in the triangle so maybe there were a number of teams adding lacrosse elsewhere in the state. If so I think that is a very positive outlook for the continued growth of lacrosse.

Does anyone know of any schools adding varsity lacrosse anywhere in the state?
08 :28 09/17/2014

King of the Hill Tournament | |
Atlantic Coast Lacrosse Events will be hosting the King of the Hill Lacrosse Tournament in Chapel Hill November 22-23. This is only for U11 & U13 age groups with a very competitive field. Limited to 8 teams in each division. For more info please check out the website attached.
08 :20 09/16/2014 - ACLE

coaches (unc duke etc) go to camps and tournaments and look at kids yes, but the fact of the matter is they also go back to their bread an butter of where they traditionally had success.
look at Denver's roster. has a few kids from all over, but Tierny went back to his personal "hotspot" with multiple kids from where he recruited when he was at Princeton. (DC, MD, NY)

often this is the case, not that these kids are any more stellar than those of the kids on hilltoppers or TC elite etc but because the college coach knows the highschool coaches, he knows the style of coaching these kids have had and will fit well in a particular college coach is trying to do.
I may be dating myself here, but touma and seivold used to have this success in NC at DA and CCDS.

but congrats to these kids and look forward to seeing them play d1
08 :39 09/15/2014 - old dog still in the game

From the Drexel coach:
08 :56 09/14/2014

Wilmington Fall Lacrosse Festival |
We have opened up the JV Division to 12 teams. We are looking for one more team to fill the spot.
We have 4 more spots open for the Varsity Division

Please contact Linda at
09 :03 09/13/2014 - Director

Everyone, stop comparing apples to oranges. You cannot compare NC lacrosse to That of NY, MD, PA. Heck, even Ohio. NC lacrosse is much newer.

Of course UNC and Duke recruit these other areas much more. The players have been playing longer and are much more skilled.

As for Texas and Florida and even Georgia to an extent, you are dealing with a different breed of large, multi-sport athlete that is rarely seen here in NC.

Too much specialization.
07 :32 09/13/2014

D1 last years seniors.
Your telling me we only had 14 D1 players(2014) from the entire state ?? And 3 transfered into NC in later years of their youth careers ? That speaks volumes.
14 :36 09/12/2014 - Reality check

Re: FOGO Camp
The Duke camps have fogo clinics that are very well done. I'm not a fogo, but i did do a clinic once at the camp to learn a new skill. Very well done; it included a film room session, a training session, and FO battles at the end.
15 :52 09/11/2014

Re: FOGO Camp
Unfortunately, for dedicated FOGO instruction the best camps are going to take you out of state. I would recommend FOGO Lacrosse ( as a place to start. Founded by Alex Smith, we found it to be consistent, heavy on instruction and reps, well organized, well attended and long enough in duration to make the trip worth while. It is held just outside Baltimore and they can help with airport pickup and drop off.
10 :58 09/11/2014 - Bill McKendry

Lacrosse in Gaston County! |
Lacrosse is spreading in NC.
Mountain Island Lacrosse has partnered with Belmont Abbey Menís Lacrosse to host a fall 7v7 boys turkey shoot-out tournament on Saturday November 15th at Martha Rivers Youth Sports Complex in Gastonia. The tournament will feature a free clinic put on by Belmont Abbey and all teams will be guaranteed four games. There will also be a Vendor Village with food, beverages, snacks, vendors and sponsors along with the opportunity to meet Charlotte Hounds players!
Space is limited, follow the link to register-
06 :29 09/11/2014 - MI LAX

Wilmington Lacrosse Tournament |
The 11th annual Wilmington Lacrosse Festival held on October 18-19 is filling up fast. The JV division is full and the Varsity division only has a few spots open. If you are planning on forming a team let us know of your interest. for more information and registration.
06 :12 09/11/2014 - Director

What is the best FOGO Camp and is there any in NC?
16 :12 09/10/2014

High Point's New Facility
Go here for a YouTube video of the new High Point lacrosse facility:
15 :40 09/10/2014

D1 talk /numbers
Folks, here is last years list for all of North Carolina. As you can see, the list is small speaking of the entire state. To even make the list smaller, Lowe, Abrams, Pryor are not truly NC taught players. Abrams, Pryor are prior Canada players and Lowe is Virginia based (Christ School). Hopefully , each year this list will grow as well as the talent from our area. We are catching up. Give us time. We are growing and getting better.

Taken from past posts :If you take note most ARE early commits. The "E" code indicates such.

Recruits2014 Database
ID Div Name Hometown State HighSchool HS_St Position Status College
51 1 Lowe, Danny Arden NC Christ School NC LSM E High Point
132 1 Abrams, Marcus Salamanca NY Wakefield/​Hill Academy NC Attack E Air Force
164 1 Renfrow, Mitch Charlotte NC Providence Day School NC Goalie E Air Force
284 1 Chandler, Jake Charlotte NC Providence Day NC DefenseE Bryant
328 1 McDermott, Riley Waxhaw NC Marvin Ridge NC Goalie E Furman
333 1 Morrison, Gannon Cary NC Cardinal Gibbons NC Attack E Marist
403 1 Pryor, Mark Oshawa ON Christ School NC Defense E UMBC
428 1 Lalicker, Colby Apex NC Apex NC Midfield/​FO E VMI
454 1 Moore, Jason Waxhaw NC Marvin Ridge NC Defense E Furman
455 1 Moore, Jonah Waxhaw NC Marvin Ridge NC Attack/​Midfield E Furman
501 1 Kendall, Ryan Charlotte NC Cuthbertson NC Midfield E Mercer
518 1 Adams, Josh Wilmington NC New Hanover NC Attack/​Midfield E Mercer
521 1 Baird, Scott Raleigh NC Athens Drive NC Midfield E Mercer
532 1 Adams, Joshua Wilmington NC New Hanover NC Midfield/​Attack E Mercer

17 :19 09/9/2014 - Grow the game

Really? has it right
Really? (9/4/14) is spot on....this is a sad trend.
07 :02 09/9/2014

College Recruits
Follow this link to the search engine on Lax Power

You can search for recruits many different ways -- by year group, by university, by state etc

Realize that these are often self reported

20 :23 09/8/2014

Home schooler
You might try the Clayton Civitans program, mostly Johnston County players but they might take players from elsewhere.
18 :56 09/8/2014

NC Commits 2017
Does NC have any 2017 D1 commits yet? I think there are only a handful of NC 2016 D1 commits so far based on recent posts. Is anyone keeping track?
07 :03 09/8/2014

Spring Lacrosse
I recently decided to become a home schooled student. I still want to play lacrosse this spring but I don't know of any teams that will allow students to play not from their school. Any programs available this upcoming spring?
15 :29 09/5/2014

Duke 160 Camp
Saw this hit twitter:

Duke's Fall camp for 2017's and 2018's. Anyone have any experience with this camp?
15 :01 09/5/2014

UNC first commit
Maybe thatís why none of these three schools have made the finals in YEARS; this is a good trend for NC athletes

Not a UNC fan anyway, they are average at best in all their menís sports
09 :00 09/5/2014 - Go Duke!

Are you praising UNC for adding a 2018 player? High School freshman are still trying to figure out where they fit HIGH SCHOOL. It is more sad than anything else.
20 :12 09/4/2014

UNC tabs first 2018 commit
While we post suggesting eligibility issues and bashing each other's clubs, UNC committed the first 2018 - no surprise he is not from NC

NC HS and Club lax has a long way to go

133 2017s already committed, UNC, JHU, UVA are done
19 :32 09/4/2014

Hilltopper Fall Tryouts |
The Carolina Hilltoppers will hold Fall Travel Tryouts on Sunday, September 28th at N.C. Central University. To register and learn more about our program, please go to Learn more about our staff and program while registering for tryouts.
Summer 2015 Tryouts will be held in Early December.
15 :14 09/4/2014 - HTstaff

re> eligibility
If a kid is failing, he/she shouldn't be eligible for that year. If playing, sounds like a violation!
07 :51 09/4/2014 - just saying!

Eligibility Rules
Under NCHSAA guidelines, a student-athlete has 4 years from first entering the 9th grade to complete 4 years of eligibility.

Under the NCISAA(private school) banner, a student-athlete has 6 semesters of eligibility from the time they enter the 10th grade, 4 semesters from entering the 11th grade and 2 semesters from entering the 12th grade. The NCISAA makes no mention of any number of semesters to compete for 9th graders so I am guessing that either that is an oversight on their part or they will allow 9th graders to compete for two years as 9th graders. Their rules also allow 7th and 8th graders to compete on varsity teams and that is not unusual for schools with very limited enrollment.
20 :40 09/3/2014

No 5th Year
No, you have 4 years from the data of first enrolling in high school to compete.
19 :49 09/2/2014

NCISAA eligibilituy
NCISAA(private school) eligibility rules can be found here: Essentially 7-12 graders are eligible to play varsity sports. As for 5 years to play, it sounds like it is possible in one case and that would be to repeat a grade prior to enrolling in the 10th grade. Once enrolling in the 10th grade, a student has 6 semesters to compete, the 11th grade has 4 semesters and 12th grade has 2 semesters.
19 :49 09/2/2014

All eligibility rules are outlined on the NCHSAA website |
No, NC HS athletes have 4 years once they enter HS to eligibly play any athletics. If they are ineligible (failing in your example) for one year then they only have 3 years remaining.

All of these rules, and more, are listed quite transparently at (Or, for the lazy ...

Enjoy your presason (which wasn't allowed to begin until Labor Day, also per NCHSAA rules) everyone!
19 :44 09/2/2014

Eligibility Rules
thanks for the info about age limits. anyone know if a kid can play more than 4 years of a varsity sport. example if a kid plays varsity lax as a freshman and then fails a grade or is held back, will they be able to play 5th year when they are a senior?
18 :17 09/2/2014

Ghoulish Games HS Tournament - Durham, NC | |
Northern High School in Durham will be hosting the first annual "Ghoulish Games," Halloween themed lacrosse tournament (Halloween music pumping, neon orange lines, Halloween decorations and clothing, etc) this year! We hope to make it an annual tradition. Please see the information below:

Date: Saturday, October 25 and 26th!
Location: Northern High School, Durham, NC.
Cost: $600 Per team (only $30 a player if a team has 20)

- 10 vs. 10 Boys HS Lacrosse Tournament
- 5 guaranteed games (3 seeding games Saturday, playoff format Sunday)
- 3 field locations within walking distance from each other (with stands!).
- Certified trainers at each field.
- Water provided at each field.
- Balls provided at each field.
- Game officials at each field.
- Full concession stands at each field.
- Scores updated at each field throughout the day as well as online.

*ALL proceeds will be donated to the Northern High School lacrosse program*

We will take a maximum of 12 teams this year, so secure your spot today!

Registration will close on October 1st! Please contact us at the following email to secure a spot!

10 :01 09/2/2014 - Coach Sliwa

NCHSAA Age Limit
From the NCHSAA website FAQs section...

29. Q: What is the age cut-off date (turning 19 years of age) for participation in athletics in North Carolina?

A: No student may be approved for any athletic contest if his/her 19th birthday is on or before August 31st of the current school year.
22 :07 08/31/2014

Agreed about the YLS program. Top notch. Same directors, same name, same mission. Happy my kids play there, they seem to avoid a lot of the drama as well and we appreciate that. They do it right for a youth program and should get more pub for it.
22 :09 08/30/2014 - YLS fan

In re: Must Read
Hammer, meet nail.
21 :18 08/30/2014

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