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All Americans
Well said. Kids do not choose their conference!!!
09 :45 04/27/2015

RE: Changing of the gaurd?
Thank you for your kind words. I restrict all forum posting and hope that the original comments was not from somebody in our program. No one is fishing for respect in the Enloe program. Respect is earned. Please do not assume that the comments made are from someone in that program. Anyone who keeps up with this area knows how much wakefield lost. I have the highest respect for the way the wakefield players play and what their coaching staff has done this year.
09 :18 04/27/2015 - Chase Kaz

Changing of the Guard?
What was Wakefield guarding? Third place. Its good that Enloe is having a great season and all should be complimented on their hard work but it seems as if you are fishing for respect. Wakefield is going through a transition and have actually done well this season. Be humble about your successful season and congratulation on beating some tough teams.
Can't wait for the playoffs!
07 :10 04/27/2015

All Americans in NC
There are good players who can't help the competition they play. The kids can not choose the conference they're forced to play and they do not choose their schedule. All Americans are voted for by coaches so likely if a kid plays a weak schedule and still makes all American other coaches know the kids ability and see past the schedule played as it's not the kids fault
06 :30 04/27/2015

All-Americans in NC
Hopefully the field of candidates will be picked from team that play a tough schedule. Picking players who's team play a soft schedule isn't a true judge of their abilities.
18 :03 04/26/2015 - McGrubber

State Rankings
CG and CC are the only teams in NC who have played competitively with highly ranked teams from up north. Therefore they should be top ranked in SOS rankings.
13 :47 04/26/2015

State Rankings
Until Laxpower gives more weight to strength of schedule, you can't make much of the overall rankings. Looking at SOS rankings for the current top 5 teams, Lake Norman is #2, Charlotte Catholic is #3, Marvin Ridge is #6, Cardinal Gibbons is #4, and Middle Creek is #36. There's also a big range in the number of teams played, from 8-16.
07 :36 04/26/2015

Re: Changing of the guard conf 4
This is a true testament of hard work by all involved. The young coaches for Enloe do a tremendous job. We ( the area ) could certainly benifit from more young men getting involved like they have. Truely a grat job.
05 :45 04/26/2015

CC / CG Dream Game
There was discussion awhile ago about join Charlotte Catholic/Cardinal Gibbons being a a high profile NC game between 2 of NC best. Maybe Middle Creek versus Cardinal Gibbons is the game NC is missing?
22 :29 04/25/2015

Changing of the guard conf 4
Looks like some changes of the guard in conf 4. Great job Enloe! They haven risen and very surprised to see Wakefield fall towards the lower of the pack. Enloe best record as far as I could see and could be Wakfields least successful season since 2005. Always great to see changes in a positive way. Good luck to all the teams and let's grow the game folks
20 :30 04/25/2015 - Growing

Middle creek
Middle creek put up 20 on green hope last night, and if they wanted to be jerks they could have put up at least 30. I'm telling you Middle Creek is for real
08 :30 04/25/2015

I think this region is Middle Creek's to lose. Laxpower says that they've scored 20 points in each of the last 2 games and they really put the hammer on a Green Hope team that almost knocked them off in their 2nd game. On top of that, they're averaging over 15 points per game and only giving up about 5 per game in what is considered one of the hardest conferences in the state. Although they didn't have any non-conference games like other east contenders, (Hoggard, Broughton, Enloe, Leesville,Apex) I don't see anyone stopping these guys from getting to the championship game
08 :06 04/25/2015

Hard played game by both teams and great chess match by both coaches.

Enloe seemed to strike first and then halt Broughton when they tried to make a run.

Q1: 0-1 Enloe
Half: 3-3 Only time Enloe trailed was 3-2 in Q2
Q3: 4-4
Enloe extended to 4-7. Every time Broughton brought it within 2 Enloe pushed it to 3. Broughton got it within 1 with 25 sec left. Enloe picked up the loose ball off the face and ran out the clock.
10 :26 04/24/2015

Biggest Upsets
The biggest upsets this season have been Carrboro over East Chapel Hill and Enloe over Broughton. The playoffs will be exciting this year..looking forward to it.

If I could bet money, I would bet on Middle Creek or Hoggard to make a big run in the playoffs
09 :31 04/24/2015

The best poll to see where you stand is the inside lacrosse high school poll. Very different from Lax power
06 :06 04/24/2015

Green Hope
What's up with the Falcons this season? Thought they would have a big year. Did they lose much from last season? Injuries?
03 :32 04/24/2015

Not the first time --- Enloe over Broughton
Looking on-line it looks like the last time Enloe beat Broughton was 2006
22 :32 04/23/2015

Enloe over Broughton
Anybody got a game recap?

What happened each qtr?

Last time Broughton won 14-5

Not sure the last time Enloe beat Broughton, or even played them competitively

Hats off to Enloe, who looks on track to grab the #3 seed from Conf 4
22 :26 04/23/2015

Laxpower Rankings and Human Polls
Jimmy knows that both adequately do the job but if you want the foremost authority read the Geek's Pre-Playoff Ranking coming out late next week.
19 :46 04/23/2015 - Jimmy the Geek

Broughton / Enloe
How about those Enloe Eagles !!! Congratulations to all the playes and coaches.
18 :10 04/23/2015

human polls
I have heard the folks at 3d rising spend a lot of time in North Carolina watching games. Polls are usually quite subjective, but what I assume to be extremley in depth game reviews performed by 3d make the USA Today poll extremely credible in our state.

This poll is only rivaled by the inside lacrosse regional southern ranking which is comprised of pollsters from FL, GA and Texas.
14 :23 04/23/2015

Laxpower rankings
I still can't understand how #5 defeated #2 and #4, has two losses (same as #4), AND had those losses against highly rated out-of-state teams. Laxpower must have the BCS doing their calculations. It's a good thing these rankings don't count for much.
13 :37 04/23/2015

More Rankings
And then there is USAToday's High School Sports Super 25 weekly rankings (Week 8)
#1 Charlotte Catholic, Charlotte (11-2)
#2 Cardinal Gibbons, Raleigh (9-4)
#3 Middle Creek, Apex (10-0)
Week #9 should be out soon.
11 :23 04/23/2015

more on laxpower rankings
The power ratings are intended to predict future results based on past performance. The ratings of the top 5-10 teams in any given state are so close that these games are predicted as pickems. Being first, second or third in the power rating is statistically insignificant. For example as of this morning the computer predicts Hoggard 98.18 to beat Middlecreek 98.17 by .01 goals on a neutral field. A power rating difference of less than three is a wash.

North Carolina’s regular season is now more than 80% complete. The ratings are more meaningful than they were a few weeks ago. We simply have more data. More interesting is the national ratings where enough games have been played that the national picture makes sense.

The national power ratings of the current top three in NC who are arguably ranked the same:

Gibbons is 103 with losses to teams ranked (9,11,21,32) and top wins vs. teams ranked (163,185 and 557)
Hoggard is 115 with a loss to a team ranked (141) and top wins vs. teams ranked (607,874,882)
Middlecreek is 118 with no losses and top wins vs. teams ranked (354,818,856)

The playoffs will give 4A squads an opportunity to improve their ratings as they will no longer be playing teams with power ratings in the 60's and 70's
09 :06 04/23/2015

RE: Lax Rankings NC
Laxpower has finally taken into account the out of conference schedules of teams, that's why CG jumped to number 1. Their four losses came from MIAA/DC Metro teams who are all currently in the top 30 of the nation, and they've absolutely demolished all in-state competition they've had this year. No one besides Latin even gave them a game, and I'm not even sure that Catholic could stay with them. I know last year's CG team was maybe one of the best ever, but let's not close the record books yet. This is truly a great team this year.
06 :51 04/23/2015

In years past REG IN ranking is usually closer to the actual rankings of teams in the state. CG is # 1 regardless followed by Catholic, Lake Norman, Marin Ridge, Leesville Road, Broughton, Middle Creek, Northwest Guilford, Apex and Greensboro Page. That seems about right in the public school. JMHO
05 :20 04/23/2015

LAX Rankings NC
Last week CG was 12th in NC and they're #1 this week. Did they improve that Mich? Or did the ranking criteria change? I do believe they're one of the best teams in NC
21 :53 04/22/2015

Upset Alert
Any good team can beat a better team. But the better team will more consistently win, and more likely win the big games.
19 :48 04/22/2015

Best Tournament in the East | |
Just an update on the ECYLL Shootout. Teams are registering as we speak. World class fields (East Carolina University), low entry fees ($400/team for at least 3 games), and supports a great cause (Tyler Fox Viscardi Fund) to provide lacrosse equipment to those in need. Girls U11, U15 and Boys U9, U11, U13, and U15 still has slots open.
Register online at the link above (next to the title of this post).
Call for more information
Rob McCarthy
07 :56 04/22/2015 - desublux8

West School Size
NC-Conf-11 is 4A and NC-Conf-12 is 3A. I doubt East will meet anyone from outside of these conferences. I thought I saw a mock seeding done by Nick Stevens from High School OT in the East. GL
21 :33 04/21/2015

4a Response Response
Yes it was a play day and both teams ran everybody through
20 :54 04/21/2015

4-A schools
Go to this link, and click on the 4A schools and just check off those that play lacrosse.
20 :11 04/21/2015

Upset Alert
Charlotte Christian beat Charlotte Country Day in a 9-8 battle. This team is starting to click at the right time after struggling early on in the season. Watch out for this darkhorse.
18 :25 04/21/2015

West School Size
Can someone from the west post which schools in which conferences are 4A?

Trying to start speculating on playoff matchups, but don't know which are which
09 :43 04/21/2015 - Eastern Prognosticator

Youth Lacrosse System - Summer Camps and Leagues |
Early registration for YLS Summer Camps and Leagues ends May 1st. YLS will again be offering a full slate of summer camps and leagues for boys and girls in grades K-8(rising grade as of fall 2015). Camps and leagues start in June and run through early August. Visit for more summer program details.

For boys program offerings include Summer 70 instructional camps. Top 24 positional training camps, and the Summer 7s league which is a fast paced, exciting 7v7 format designed to keep player skill sharp during the summer months.

For girls Summer 70 instructional camps will be offered as well as the Fiery 4s 4v4 league, a unique style of lacrosse that is fast paced, and designed to get the players a lot of touches on the ball and stick-work in tight space.
07 :26 04/21/2015 - YLS Lacrosse

4A Response.
Lets keep in mind that was a play day and Catholic ran every one through.
07 :01 04/21/2015

Middle Creek
Middle Creek and Charlotte Catholic have both played Apex. MC won 16-6 vs. the 8-5 score when Catholic played.
05 :17 04/21/2015

I know it was early but Lake Norman did tie CC in king of spring and CC had priester?? Anything could happen
22 :26 04/20/2015

Catholic was never up by 7 against marvin ridge and never took their starters out. Im not sure what game you were watching
21 :06 04/20/2015

CC vs. MR
Jimmy knows that Grant Portwood is a real talent between the pipes and clearly pivotal to Charlotte Catholic success this season.

But on February 9th the Geek wrote "led by Zach Stassner (Delaware), Nick Rizzieri (Queens-D2), Daniel Crotty and Grant Portwood between the pipes this defensive fearsome foursome will shut down even the best offensive performers".

Last Friday Jimmy believes the poor shooting percentage by the Mavericks was the result of a total Cougar Defensive Team effort.......Grant Portwood was a big part of that effort.
18 :38 04/20/2015 - Jimmy the Geek

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