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YLS Thunderhawk Select Summer Team Tryouts - January 11th | |
YLS Thunderhawk Select Tryouts will be held January 11th @ South Wake Lacrosse Park. YLS will be fielding U9, U11, U13, and U15 teams for summer 2015.

For more information on the program visit or email Tryouts are free but players must pre-register for tryouts online at the website above.

Happy Holidays!
07 :25 12/15/2014 - YLS Lacrosse

Cascade R modification

Cascade Lacrosse has reached an agreement with the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) on a solution for the recently decertified Cascade R helmet.

The solution will involve a simple modification to Cascade R helmets currently in the marketplace. NOCSAE has accepted the solution. Cascade's data confirms the helmet, as modified by this solution, meets NOCSAE certification standards. For NOCSAE certification purposes, the modified helmet is treated as a new model, identified as the Cascade R-M, although it will continue to be marketed by Cascade under the Cascade R name. Moving forward all newly manufactured Cascade R-M helmets will be certified as meeting the NOCSAE standards. A tamper-resistant sticker will be placed on all modified helmets as well as on newly manufactured Cascade R-M helmets to differentiate them from non-certified Cascade R models. Model R helmets that have not been ofifcially modified by Cascade do not meet NOCSAE standards and certification will remain void.

Cascade will make the modification to existing helmets at its Liverpool, N.Y. facility beginning December 16, 2014. The modification will be free of charge for consumers and retailers, including shipping.

"We are extremely pleased that Cascade and NOCSAE have reached an agreement to modify existing Cascade R helmets and put helmets back in play for our loyal customers," said Tim Ellsworth, Global Business Director, Cascade Lacrosse. "We have been working closely with NOCSAE and will work diligently to ensure that all Cascade R helmets returned are modified as quickly as possible. We thank everyone for their patience and support."

To fully reinstate the NOCSAE license, which was suspended in conjunction with the R model decertification, Cascade is cooperating with a review by NOCSAE of certification data for all of its models, and is having a third-party audit of Cascade's quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) processes.

Cascade is currently finalizing its own internal audit and expects the third-party QA/QC audit to be completed by December 18, 2014. NOCSAE will partially reinstate Cascade's license agreement for the production of new Cascade R-M helmets upon demonstratiion of satisfactory audit results fr its QA/QC processes. The license agreement will be fully restored for other Cascade models upon demonstrating that such models certified by Cascade are supported by necessary data.

Cascade is also currently reviewing test results for all of its lacrosse helmets to ensure they meet both Cascade and NOCSAE standards.
18 :53 12/12/2014 - Triad coach

Class action lawsuit against Cascade
10 :04 12/11/2014

Snowball tournament
Conference 3 definitely looked like the SEC of NC HS lacrosse. They all will be competitive this season. Like the other posts said, it was great to see other teams out there getting better and closing that gap. Sanderson, Heritage, and Enloe all looked improved, especially Sanderson who finished last in the conference last season. Definitely see Sanderson improving. Can't wait for the season to get here
09 :32 12/10/2014

SnoBall ReCap
Concur on the recap of the top teams. Pretty clear the Conf. 3 dominance among Apex, Middle Creek and Athens has a couple years left. Green Hope and PC still wild cards.
But really good to see some mid to lower level teams and players getting out there early to begin the climb. Sanderson, Heritage, Cary, HS, FV, some Enloe and Broughton kids either playing together or with the Renegades or Red Devil clubs are getting there. I think the lax landscape changes in Wake in the next 3 or 4 years with the addition of new high schools in area and more players with more youth experience entering many different High Schools. Great time and fun to watch.
08 :38 12/10/2014

Last Call - South Wake Snowball Shootout Teams | |
The South Wake Snowball Shootout held at Womble Park in Holly Springs still has room for 1 more U9(3/4th grade) and 1 more U15(9th grade/10th grade) team.

The event is this Sunday, December 14th. If interested please email ASAP to grab the last spot in each age division.

04 :04 12/10/2014 - South Wake Sports

Holly Springs/South Wake Snowball Shootout Re-Cap
I watched on Sunday as few teams braved the cold for the Annual Holly Springs Snowball Shootout. Here is what I observed. The strong teams were defiantly Athens and Middle Creek A. Apex has such a large group they chose to be a little different and run a team of juniors and a team of seniors, splitting many varsity players. Had the Apex teams been combined to run a JV and Varsity I think the results would have been different, but oh well. All teams were without key players!.

Athens was missing face-off specialist Peyton Smith who won the 2014 National FaceOff Showcase. Congratulations. Athens did show well with Brock Martin physically dominating most defenses aside from the Apex Juniors team. A solid defense led by Trad Deaver.

Middle Creek was without standout goalie Nick Arcuri but the offensive power on that team is very impressive. If anyone had any doubts about the young Freshmen Owen Capputo, I think thatís put to bed. He will be fun to watch over the next few years. Middle Creek really struggled on defense, not sure what plan can be put in place for the Mustangs to be able to compensate for that.

Apex Seniors, played with not much passion but you could tell the talent is there. Jake Harrison stood out for Apex in a thin midfield, as the tough kid that can make the play.
Apex juniors, with a VERY impressive defense unit. Attacker Jack Hayden was picking shots all day and looked like he has only gotten better from the end of last season.

Holly Springs looked very young and light on numbers and as a result seemed to struggle a bit. I didnít see the Sophomore studs in Boone, Lucius, and Ferguson.

Cary also struggled but seems to have a few players that can help the Imps this year. Quality offensive play led by junior Chris Leder will help Coach Gordon. The goalie Tanner Orr will be as solid as he can but with limited help in front of him he will have a few very long days.

Enloe and Sanderson and Heritage all played well, they are just not in the same game at this point as some of the other teams in attendance.
09 :40 12/8/2014 - Unbiased Confenece 3

tryout rosters
Several lacrosse programs had open tryouts this past weekend. I wish these programs would post rosters. Thoughts?
12 :44 12/7/2014 - Curious

Team Carolina
It's about time........ If the main purpose of top clubs is to help its players get recruited than this is the best approach
04 :01 12/7/2014

Cardinal Gibbons moved to 4A (for next year)
From the NCHSAA website report on the NCHSAA winter meeting.

Cardinal Gibbons was approved for a move from 3-A to 4-A due to a substantial increase in its numbers. The school will move from the Big Eight 3-A conference to the PAC-6 in 4-A.
09 :35 12/5/2014

Team Carolina
Team Carolina tryouts this weekend! It looks like they plan to reorganize their teams by class year. It will not be a major change as TC Elite typically only carries 4 or 5 underclassman (who usually end up committing early anyway). It is a significant change in TC's philosophy as they always wanted the kids to play at the highest level possible and against the toughest competition possible regardless of class year. It may impact the rising seniors who don't make TC Elite and in past years played on TC Red. On a very positive note, it will let the boys play against their class and be evaluated by the coaches against their class. With the early commitments, a couple of tournaments are for committed kids only, it will be interesting to see if this dilutes the talent in the regular tournament circuit.

Its great to see the boys and teams are getting ready for the HS season and summer travel. I am looking forward to the start of the HS season.
07 :10 12/5/2014

Conference 5
Any predictions for conference 5?
19 :07 12/3/2014 - Curiousgeorge

R test results
I recently came across the test results for the R and the Stallion helmets. I havent seen anyone post the results (does not mean they have not, but I just have not seen them), but here is the link to them:

Essentially, when testing these helmets, the company is measuring a variable called the Severity Index, which is acquired from a mathematical formula that essentially determines a change in acceleration. This is important because it is calculating "jerk", which is one of many terms used for a change in acceleration, and applies to things that suddenly change speeds like airplanes, cars, roller coasters, etc. Imagine it like this: you're driving 73 feet per second (fps), which is roughly 50 mph, when you suddenly slam on the breaks. Your acceleration changes from 0 fps^2 to -35 fps^2, causing your car to stop completely in two seconds time, and your head snaps forward. The greater the rate of change (rate of change of 0 to -35 over 2 seconds is less than 0 to -70 in one second), the greater the whiplash. It should also be noted that technically, once you've reached your acceleration or deceleration value and that value becomes steady, the value of jerk becomes 0 (probably does not matter to most of you, but just being thorough!).

Now consider you slowly press the brake pedal, until the car comes to a stop in 10 seconds. The "jerk" is much less, and there is less a chance for injury.

These measurements are taken when varying parts of the helmet are smashed into a surface at three different velocities. The helmets failed twice out of approximately 26 times (8 locations on the helmet, 3 velocities each, and two additional drop tests, one performed before and one performed after): they failed at the max tested velocity (17.94 feet per second) on the top of the head and the crown of the head. One R actually passed one of those two tests, but not the second. In addition, five Rs had their sizing adjustment broken.

Why is this important? Back to the brake example: do you want your head to stop suddenly and instantly, or you want it to slowly press the brakes? Sudden stop = brain hitting the skull = concussions. The helmets want to slow the head down gradually, reducing the risk of injury, and the helmets tested did not meet the required maximum value (max SI value measured could not exceed 1200; one R hit 2150. The lower that SI number, the better the helmet is at gradual stopping. The higher the number, more brains smashing skull walls).

The certification ban means the helmets cannot be used; however, the data is listed in case anyone is curious as to WHY they were voided (maybe you're like me and want to keep using your R at casual men's leagues and wanted to double check that your head would not get messed up any worse than it already is!)

Sorry for the long and boring post and hope this is of some help to someone!
09 :24 12/3/2014

I write not to contradict anything below, but to note that I am not sure it matters.

This area has a tremendous resource for sports-related brain injuries at UNC in They are very special people.

Helmets obviously protect against head injuries, but - as I understand it - not concussions. And since concussions are really the primary head injuries suffered by helmeted lacrosse players (again, as far as I know), I doubt the R helmets as is present any meaningful higher risk.

I'm a coach and parent of a star lacrosse player who suffered a concussion playing football - I really care and have done some homework.

If you care about your son's safety, I'd worry less about these helmets and more about doing sophisticated baseline testing for your son (which the above center does) and youth tournaments having referees that know youth rules regarding bodychecking and that actually enforce their stated age rules. I've seen 6th and 7th graders playing 4th graders (and massive size differences in older players) too many times in seemingly reputable tournaments, along with referees that think bodychecking is allowed at U11 if they don't take more than 3-5 steps.
09 :22 12/3/2014

more helmet discussion
Another Concerned Dad - Thanks for the input. One of the reasons my son is not wearing an R is that I personally didn't think it was an appropriate helmet for a 9 year old player. Cascade markets the CS/CSR as "youth" helmets, and the CPVR that my son wears is marketed as their intermediate between the CS/CSR and the CPXR/R models. I can't tell you how many 7,8 and 9 year olds i've seen on lacrosse fields this fall sporting an R that looks 5 sizes too big, just because it looks cool.

I'm sure there are folks who have been involved with lacrosse for their entire lives who will say "the helmets I wore back in the day were nothing compared to what they are today", and they're probably right. Anything that can make the game safer will help grow the game, though. Honestly, I've tried to shield my wife from any of this conversation because she's already paranoid about concussions in lacrosse. The last thing a growing sport needs is the mothers to start freaking out about safety...just look at what has happened to youth football numbers over the last few years.

I have quickly fallen in love with the game, and want to see it continue to grow, but if the equipment manufacturers aren't providing the kind of protection needed, it will never happen. While I trust inherently that Cascade, Warrior, Brine, Gait, STX and every other lacrosse equipment manufacturer has the best interest of the game at its core, situations like this put a little crack in that trust.
20 :29 12/2/2014 - Concerned dad

RE: Helmets
Dear "Concerned dad":

you should be upset about the lack of standards compliance with these manufacturers. you might want to take the time to write them a letter about your concerns. and you should be worried that since these are their top models (like the R), so might too their lower line youth models have problematic designs.

btw, i'm a concerned dad too. i'm also a trial lawyer working almost exclusively in products liability. the good news is for the most part, wearing almost anything on your head at a young age is better than wearing nothing and it probably won't hurt. the bad news though is that this is a systemic issue.

the truth is, most of these youth sport equipment companies (be they lacrosse, baseball, what have you) have had an easy profit margin for a long long time because all they've done is "dumb down" the designs for adults (and the standards too).

since most of the hitting, pounding, beating that these kids in youth sports were taking for such a long time (decades) was for the most part very light compared to the adult game, the technology didn't really need much "thought" behind it. "just scale it down, thin it out, make it pretty and sell it" was the motto.

now though, high school and even middle school kids are playing at velocities and levels that were once only seen in D1 college. mo'ne davis throws a 70 mph, and she's a little girl!

and we know now from medicine that kids get hurt in ways that are altogether different and more complicated in some ways, than adults. they also can heal a lot quicker, but only if we catch the injury in time.

the scary truth is that there are almost ZERO sporting equipment manufacturers that have made "kid" safety a priority. the ones that have are then ones that started out at the kid level, and matured with their sport (snowboarding, bike riding, etc.) as it grew from hobby to professional enterprise.

i don't have any great advice here. just letting you know this a problem across all youth sports, and the only real ways to deal with it are for parents to insist on more training, more standards, and more focus on kid safety, not just "little adult" safety.
13 :54 12/2/2014 - Another concerned dad

re: Food for thought
Triad Coach - NOCSAE is a pretty important and respected organization among youth, high school and collegiate athletic programs. Personally, I think it's a stretch to think that a 16 person board would risk that reputation to alter independent laboratory test results for the financial gain of 1 member, but I could be wrong. 24 Seven Lax has another blog post up as of yesterday, and that very issue is addressed. From the article linked below: "In the case of the Cascade R and the Warrior Regulator, there is little ambiguity when you ask NOCSAE. These helmets fail to meet the standard, period. There is no misunderstanding. This was a failure of the helmets to pass the impact standards required by NOCSAE, and a failure to implement and follow an effective QC production sample testing program which is the only basis for certifying a model population."

Clearly it appears that STX/Schutt blew the whistle, but in the end it was Cascade and Warrior that failed to provide sufficient evidence that their products met NOCSAE standards, and in fact those products were shown to have failed by independent testing.

Rather than trying to #savetheR and find conspiracy theories, I think the lacrosse consumer (coaches, program directors, players, parents) should be asking Cascade and Warrior if their other models were tested in the same manner as the R and Regulator, or if the tests performed on those models were rigorous and complete.

This issue could be a good thing for lacrosse if the end result is helmets that provide better protection.
11 :47 12/2/2014 - Concerned dad

Conference 3 Prediction
Conference 3 predictions. The conference as a whole is possibly the most competitive public school conference in the state.

Apex has been the most dominant in recent years playing in 5 of the past 10 State Championships. Of the top 4 teams I think any could make a deep push into the playoffs and represent in the state championship. The team with the least injuries at the end of the season will be standing tall, thatís the only true unknown.

Athens will continue to be a strong team but need to play better as a unit then in the past. Athens returns some solid players like the top faceoff specialist in the conference Peyton Smith. Brock Martin will be a true force at midfield. Connor Gronbach I expect will play both midfield and attack as needed, and will surpass his 38 goals last year. The Jaguars need to stay from needles penaltiesthat hurt them last year. Athens returns possibly the best all-around defensemen in the conference in Jackson Wetherby who if stays healthy will eat up most attackers in the conference.

Apex is always solid and the top coach in the conference John Hayden makes sure they are ready to play, and play with class! Apex returns not only the top attack trio in the conference but also possibly the top defensive unit in Joey Copeland, Sean Seaver and Tommy DeLuca who has the best stick of any defensemen in the conference. The Apex attackers of Jack Hayden, Chandler Besser and Brendan Farrell tallied 110 goals last year and will continue to pick apart most defenses. The Cougars should get solid faceoff time from an underrated but talented Ryan Campbell. Apex does lack its usual depth in true lacrosse players playing midfield but has pure athletes that the Cougars hope can guide them way deep into the playoffs, a usual spot for Coach Hayden and his Apex squad.

Middle Creek is hungry for success and their group of seniors know what it feels like to win (with beating Apex) and want more! After a surprising early out in the playoffs the Mustangs have worked hard and Coach Robison will have them ready to rebound strong. The offense will be solid possibly the best overall offense in the conference and anchored by Seniors Jack Doetzer and Dylan Bryan. If we add the young talent thatís playing well in attackers Jared Medwar, Charlie Doetzer and top rated freshmen Owen Caputo a recipe for success is apparent. An out of state transfer on the face-off X will boost the Mustangs but a struggling defense will be the overall killer for Middle Creek. The top goalie in the Conference in Nick Arcuri and my prediction if the Mustangs do go deep possibly the conference player of the year.

Green Hope is a true wild card. Can Coach Larkin continue the success he has had? Green Hope returns the conference pre-season top attacker in Nolan Paussa with an impressive 56 golas last season and his wingman Harrison Wynne. Green Hope does have some major holes in a defense and at the faceoff X. Jack McAulay a solid LSM that may have switch positions and anchor a struggling defensive unit. The midfield unit does have a few very athletic players in Owen Waldron, Tuck Burkinshaw, William McLain and now freshmen Adrian Callahan. Connor Ryan in the cage will have his work cut out for himself but played very well last season as a freshman.

Holly Springs is a very impressive young team I think is still another year away from making a deep push in the playoffs. The impressive freshmen group from last season of Justin Boone, Alex Lucius, Caleb Ferguson and Thomas Farlow will be fun to watch. Boone, Lucius and Ferguson all have potential to be the top of the pack in 2016.
07 :43 12/2/2014

South Wake Snowball Shootout | |
Last call for any teams interested in participating in the South Wake Snowball Shootout!

Spaces available :
1 - High School A
2 - High School B
1 - U15(8-9th grade)
1 - U9
2 - High School Girls

The event will take place on Dec. 7th for high school boys, Dec. 13th high school girls, and Dec. 14th for youth(u9-U15).

Event location are the turf fields at Womble Park and cost comes out to just around $20 per player with a team of 20.

Additional info visit or email event director Kristy Bessette at

04 :34 12/2/2014 - South Wake Sports

Just food for thought about the Cascade R situation
Just a possibility that Stx and there manufacture Schutt of there helments just want a foot in the door and are up to something regarding this void of the NOCSAE certification on the Cascade R considering Shutt's Larry Maddux is on the board of directors for NOCSAE. see link below
National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association

Ed Fisher, Executive Director NAERA, Spokane, WA
Larry Maddux, NAERA President; Schutt Sports, Salem, IL
17 :47 12/1/2014 - Triad coach

RE: Helmets
I am somewhat new to lacrosse as my son has been playing for less than 2 years. I have no vested interest or loyalty in any company and my son wears a Cascade CPVR (not affected by this decision), but is anyone else concerned about some of the details regarding the Cascade R and Warrior Regulator which are found in this article (

Specifically, I find this disturbing "Among the findings, according to NOCSAE, were inadequate sample size, test results that when analyzed under several different statistical programs predicted a large number of failures in the model population, and the testing data completely omitted any high temperature testing reports throughout production life of the models involved." So these companies self-certified helmets without following testing protocol and despite data that would possibly predict failure to comply?

Further, the companies contend that the failing tests were not performed with the helmet affixed properly, but according to NOCSAE "We believe it is unreasonable under our standard, and impermissible, for the manufacturer to limit testing only at the extreme forward tilt, particularly if the helmet fails when that tilt is changed by as little as 10 mm." 10 mm isn't much...less than 1/2 an inch. I agree...

If these manufacturers cut corners for the R and Regulator, how can we, as players/parents/coaches be assured that they didn't do the same for other helmet lines? Has NOCSAE analyzed the test data for all other lines by these manufacturers?

I know there are lots of folks out there that are extremely loyal to Cascade and Warrior, and I know these companies have been manufacturing helmets for a long time, but they've got a real financial stake in saying their products meet NOCSAE requirements, and this is a self-regulated certification. Instead of hash-tagging #savetheR, shouldn't folks be hash-tagging #fixtheR?
11 :43 12/1/2014 - Concerned dad

LaxPower - 2015 HS Schedules
LaxPower is now accepting 2015 schedule inputs from coaches

A few NC coaches have already loaded their's up

Can't wait to see all the Conf and non-Conf matchups!
11 :08 12/1/2014

Hilltopper High school Tryouts on Friday night |
Join us on Friday night under the lights at N.C. Central University for the 2015 Carolina Hilltopper Select Lacrosse High School tryouts. Please register at, where you can learn more about our program and staff.
08 :59 12/1/2014 - Hilltopper Staff

Recent Commits
Anyone have an updated commit list of 2015, 2016 and 2017 from North Carolina. The forum has been quiet. Should be a lot of action before the college season starts.
08 :03 12/1/2014

Great to hear from the Geek!
07 :59 12/1/2014

Jimmy the Geek
Thanks for the early insight Jimmy. We look forward to your commentary. I hope your team does well this season!
19 :34 11/30/2014 - Pirate

.....the Geek loves reading the thoughts on the upcoming season from the eastern faithful but Jimmy knows that this year the West will remain among the best with its Top 3 seeking titles for Crown Town.

A stacked veteran Charlotte Latin group will surely be favored to 3 peat as Private Champs. Charlotte Catholic fearsome foursome of D1 commits will hold the inside track to the 4a repeat, while the newcomers of Lake Norman Charter will challenge for its first 3a title.

Look forward in early 2015 to the Geeks complete Charlotte area analysis and predictions on the upcoming season.
08 :07 11/30/2014 - Jimmy the Geek

More on Helmets |
Interesting article in link above:

From article:
Cascade and Warrior are working with NOCSAE to determine what needs to be done to remedy the situation as quickly as possible, but until an agreement is reached, the helmets in question do not meet the NOCSAE standard required by the NCAA, NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) and US Lacrosse. Players may be barred from participating in leagues or tournaments with the Regulator or R until the issue is resolved, and at a minimum should expect to sign an additional release acknowledging that the helmet is no longer NOCSAE certified and you are doing so at your own risk.
06 :29 11/29/2014

What are local club tryout and event organizers doing when players show up this weekend wearing Cascade R or Warrior Regulator helmets?

What is the liability associated with letting them play?
06 :23 11/29/2014

Congrats to Thomas Schmidt
Saw twitter pic of Thomas and his family signing at BU. Congrats!! That kid worked his butt off for 4+ years AND he and his family and coaches worked hard to ensure they were connecting with coaches and that Thomas got on the radar of the coaches at the schools he was interested in. Kid had a goal, worked his plan, and achieved the goal.
07 :25 11/27/2014

Playing in College
Definately hit the wall but coaches and advocates sure can help. Hell yea the Haas brothers and the like will get recruited with little help but tons of kids play college lacrosse that are not nearly as good as those stud players. For the really good kid that aint a Haas or a sawyer or a mendes, Some coaches are better connected and willing to work harder than others to help a kid get noticed and help the kid and parents navigate the recruiting scene. Dan Morrison has helped many good players (not Top 10 D1 all stars) get noticed, recruited, and signed by quality D1 and D3 schools and he works hard at it. Other local coaches are also willing and able to do this. Lastly, I doubt anyone on this topic expects any well connected coach will stake their reputation on recommending an average player for Top events like Maverick Showtime, Black Card, or Jake Reed but there are tons of lother showcases that MAY help some kids get noticed that coaches can direct kid to.
19 :54 11/26/2014

Thank you for the accurate comments
Regrading the previous post re: the HS and select coaches and who they recommend to elite events, elite universities etc... is stated accurately. Finally someone gets it right and puts it all in perspective.
Great players will be recruited. Every great player from Hunter Henry, Oliver Bacon to the Haus boys, Mendes, Coffman and Sawyer were ALL great NC players...and were recruited and played Division 1 lacrosse...before all of this early recruiting nonsense. The best rise to the top. The HS coach, club club and or showcase events can help you get situated and placed in the right environment for you....but few "lifers" will jeopardize their reputation for good/average players who think , and parents think is a Division 1 prospect. Few are. Be the best that you can be...and if that is good enough for D1, D2 or D3...Good for you. Don't count on others, take it upon yourself, hit the wall and practice on your own when nobody is watching.
Happy Thanksgiving!
19 :07 11/26/2014 - Pardoned Turkey

Showcases - Invite Camps
Again, there are SOME HS and club coaches that are not tuned in to the showcase - invite camp - recruiting scene. And I stand by the fact that SOME hs and club coaches that are involved in the recruiting scene do have agendas that do not necessarily benefit every kid that has interests in playing in college. I have personally witnessed / been involved with coaches that do not share opportunities with all of the players they could, or recommend some kids (often their kid) and not other - better - more deserving players, or are not totally transparent about opportunities that exist. NOT ALL BUT SOME. To deny this is being naive. I also know great - reputable coaches who are properly discerning in who they recommend for all the right reasons and luckily my son has played for some of these coaches. I say again, if your son wants to play in college, hopefully you have a very well connected coach with good intentions but since not all are well connected and or well intentioned, do your own research and if needed seek advice and advocacy from multiple sources.
18 :12 11/26/2014

Few HS / clubs Coaches
It has not been my experience that coaches have agendas. Instead, most are discerning re talent on a national level. They have their reputations to protect as a good judge of talent. Like it or not, the very best here are average elsewhere. Coaches are unlikely to refer players for showcases or invite-only unless they can compete on a national level. Some message to the contrary is not what parents want to hear. Our son was the best ever from his high school--so too is everybody else on his college team. The pure realities in a supply and demand world.
17 :44 11/26/2014

Starsia Letter - Clubs - Showcases
Showcases and top invite camps - I strongly recommend that parents that have kids that want to play in college to do lots of research about the various showcases and invite camps and do not only rely on your club or hs coach. Unfortunately many coaches are not tuned into that scene. Also, unfortunately, i have seen more than a few coaches who are very tuned in and connected be very stingy and controlling with this information often times reserving these opportunities for their kids and a few other select kids. This is somewhat related to the earlier daddy coach posts. Some coaches have no agenda and will help any qualified kid attend whatever he wants while unfortunately some have agendas that keep them from being as generous ad they could with these opportunities. Bottom line, you have to be in control of the recruiting scene and the prospect - showcase oppty. Hopefully your coach is tuned in and anxious to help all. BUT do not assume that.
12 :07 11/26/2014

UNC 7v7 | |
We still have spots open in our 7v7 event held @ Finley fields December 6th. We have JV and Varsity divisions. If interested please contact Brian Holman @ Thanks!
11 :19 11/26/2014 - Brian Holman

Starsia's Letter
I liked it, though the takeaways can be summed up pretty easily:

(1) Don't drop other sports
(2) Find a club that gets to the right tournaments
(3) Find a way to get to the prospect day of your preferred school

The problem, of course, is that non-hotbed parents don't know how to find a club that goes to the "right" tournaments and some clubs will fleece parents because of this. Some clubs overcharge while selling access or exposure to DI coaches and it's a load of BS. So much for saving money. Also, I hope UVA and other schools liberally waive the fees for their prospect days (and camps!) for poorer families.

I really don't care about DI scholarships and such, other than if the kids on our team are good enough I don't want them disadvantaged. The goal of our non-hotbed team is to keep improving so that someday our kids can go to the "right" tournaments and be competitive playing with their friends and our stars don't have to feel like they need to jump to some distant all-star team that doesn't practice in order to get exposure. Improving that much is a tall order, but a worthy goal.

Luckily in this area, we have UVA, UNC and Duke relatively nearby for prospect days. What a great trio of schools (recent media notwithstanding).

PS - It will be interesting to see how HS teams going to a few Summer and Fall tournaments affects the clubs. For non-hotbeds, unlikely to replace top clubs going to the "right" recruiting events, but a great option for playing lacrosse with your friends and not being overcharged. Nothing like having free unis and field use and paying $100 to go to 2 tournaments and get in a ton of games and practices with your HS coaches.
09 :08 11/26/2014

Club Lacrosse

Coach Starsia with some quality opinions here.
18 :46 11/25/2014 - Been there done that

VA Beach Turkey Shoot
Congratulations to the local teams that represented the Triangle well at the VA Beach Turkey Shoot this past weekend.

Red Devil 2018 Elite
U11 YLS Select Thunderhawks
U9 YLS Select Thunderhawks

U14 CYLA Blue Frogs
Red Devil 2020
Red Devil 2021
Red Devil 2023/2024
05 :24 11/25/2014 - LaxFan

Velocity Frostylax League Filling Fast | |
Velocity lacrosse of Durham is filling fast. Full field, 10 v. 10 winter league leading up to tryouts for the High School Season.

Once again, all games will be played on a full turf field, so games will not be canceled (we will play in the snow!)

Get your whole team together to get ready for the season or register as an individual to brush up on your skills before tryouts.

Dates are as follows:

Sunday, January 4
Sunday, January 11
Sunday, January 18
Sunday, January 25
Sunday, February 1
Sunday, February 8

Games will be played at 2,3,4, and 5pm each Sunday.

Register at today!
06 :49 11/24/2014 - V.L.A

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