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Daddy coaches club
I think the person who posted that was talking about the situations where the dad coach starts his child on the first line when he isn't the most talented, and is not the hardest working child on the team. Some dad coaches are fair or even harder on their own kids--others run all the plays through their kids. If it is a school-based team, sometimes parents feel they have to stay on that team, even though their child is not learning anything. If it is not school-based, there is a lot of turnover on those teams. I appreciate the dad coaches who got my child started, and have learned to move on if the team is super focused on the coach's child or that school's kids predominantly.
13 :45 11/20/2014 - New to area

Equal Playing Time - Clubs
Love the most recent post on this subject - well said. Key is the coach setting and reinforcing expectations. Tight games a handful of kids will play less and you try to offset that by playing them more in blowouts. For the very top club teams, equal time is not the way to go.
05 :42 11/20/2014

Re: Conf 6 - Cedar Ridge
To paraphrase Mark Twain "The rumours of my demise are greatly exagerrated." Actually they are just flat made-up. I haven't gone anywhere, have no intention to go anywhere else.

The fewer speculations and folks I hear trying to pump themselves up, the better. Go hit the wall instead! The season is just around the corner.
05 :26 11/20/2014 - Coach Kavanaugh

Reply to Daddy Coaches / Club
I don't agree with the below post. Although I think it would be quite legitimate for a travel club to promote and adhere to an equal playing time policy, I do not think that is, or should be, the baseline expectation.

Let's agree that "aiming to compete and make the kids better" are primary goals, along with, I would add, "having fun and building a love for lacrosse." Winning, then, is secondary, except for the fact that kids (and parents even more perhaps) want to win and have fun winning. The smiles of the kids posing for the championship photos and those memories are worth gold to them. And, make no mistake, many parents "judge" the coaches and program by whether they win more than they lose.

Contrary to many parents, I strongly believe development occurs primarily in practice. And I also believe a team should pick tournaments that are a mix of the "right" level of competition and a higher level of competition.

I look at our travel team as a multi-year journey with the goal of improving players as much as possible for when they tryout for JV and eventually varsity and have a lot of fun and form great friendships along the way. And if a team wants to develop players in the long term, they may not always be ready to play significant minutes in a tough game in the short term. They must earn playing time in practice and some kids make every practice, some kids do 5-10x as many wall balls as others and some just understand faster where to be on the field. I think kids on the bottom of the roster would rather make the team and develop, rather than not, would rather play less minutes and for the team to win more and would rather play less minutes but be blended in with the starters (which makes for a much better playing experience than subbing in entire lines wholesale). Of course, it is very important in this day and age to control your son's expectations as to playing time and help them be patient and realize being a star on his rec team does not mean he's going to be a star on his travel team - he just needs to work hard, keep improving and be patient.

I think what's fairest is what is fairest to the entire team experience, not guaranteeing equal playing time. That said, I think a reasonably-sized roster and perfectly candid communications about playing time and where a kid fits in on the team are absolutely key.

If you, as a parent, think equal playing time is most important, pick a club accordingly. But I don't think that is the same thing as focusing on aiming to compete (at a high level) or making the kids better. Or the same as what will be most fun for your kid, if his expectations are properly managed - which means first, of course, that the parents must manage their own expectations.
13 :06 11/19/2014

UNC 7v7 | |
We still have spots open in our 7v7 event held @ Finley fields December 6th. We have JV and Varsity divisions. If interested please contact Brian Holman @ Thanks!
12 :50 11/19/2014 - Brian Holman

Conf 6 predictions
"Cedar Ridge- lost some talent and coaching change"?

Has Coach Kavanaugh stepped down at CR? Who's the new coach if so?
19 :17 11/18/2014

Re: Conference 6 PREdictions
1.Cardinal Gibbons: expected to win
2. Chapel Hill or Cedar Ridge: Toss up here, Chapel Hill has lost a lot, almost all of their defense and any/all of their all-conference players. Cedar Ridge has not lost any all-conference players, Posses a couple very solid players including defense and midfield, only 2 starters I believe.
3. Orange: Very skilled offense including some travel players, but problem here lies in the ability to get the ball to the offense.
4. Northwood: Did surprise people last year, have a few good players but not enough, similar problems as Orange, no way to get the ball to offense.
5.Webb: I have seen improvement but they only seem to possess one or two midfielders (including very solid LSM).
6. Northern Vance: They are a very new team and are just getting started.
07 :22 11/18/2014

Daddy coaches / club
One big issue that you see with a lot of club programs in the state and around the country is playing time. Most think that "equal playing time" is only in rec. leagues and not in club. The truth is that these two should actually be the same.

As a club coach or director, you have to take responsibility for the players you choose to have on your team. If you take a player than you have to trust or coach him to compete at the level of your competition. Everyone pays the same and therefore should play the same. Too many clubs focused on winning instead of aiming to compete and make the kids better. Parents always talk about who the "starters" are. That does not matter. As long as everyone gets the same playing time it shouldn't matter.

If you are a good coach, you should be able to control shifts and rotations so that your better players are in the game at the end. You win or lose with the players that you have.
07 :13 11/18/2014

The Performance Academy Camps |
Lacrosse Speed & Agility

The Performance Academy will host an 8-week youth speed & agility camp for lacrosse players!

This camp is designed to improve...
Lateral Movement
Change of Direction
Foot Speed
Overall Athleticism

January 4, 11, 18, 25 - February 1, 8, 15, 22

Sunday Sessions

4pm-5pm - Ages 8-10
5pm-6pm - Ages 11-13

(No Class December 21 & 28 for Holiday Break)
Price- $120

Early Bird Special $96- Sign up by November 30

Call To Register!

Copyright © 20XX. All Rights Reserved.
19 :09 11/17/2014

Run And Shoot Lacrosse clinic in Wilmington |
Dates: December 13 - 14, 2014
Location: Wilmington, N.C.
Cost: $50 per Day or $100 for the Weekend
*Registrants that pay online will be charged 5.75% online convenience fee at the completion of the registration process*
**If you choose the "Pay by Mail" option at checkout, you must bring your payment to the field on the day of the clinic**

Run and Shoot Lacrosse is happy to announce our Winter 2014 Skills and Drills Clinic. Run and Shoot Lacrosse offers the very best in instruction for all positions and situations. Our coaches are all current College and Professional coaches who take pride in making sure that every camper gets the most out of the experience. Our coaching staff is dedicated to teaching the methods that work!! Run and Shoot Lacrosse has a GREAT track record with developing and teaching players of all levels and ages for over 15 years.

This Clinic will offer instruction to the following age groups:
Saturday, December 13th
5th - 8th grade: 10 am - 12 pm
9th - 12th grade: 2 pm - 4 pm
Sunday, December 14th
5th - 8th grade: 9 am - 11 am
9th - 12th grade: 11 am - 1 pm
2014 Wilmington Run and Shoot Lacrosse staff:
Darryl Delia - Head Coach Albertus Magnus College
Tim McIntee - Associate Head Coach Mount Saint Marys
Tom Mariano - Head Coach Pace University/Assistant Ohio Machine
17 :30 11/17/2014 - Coach Treman

Daddy Coaches - Make Yourself Be Objective
Yea there are some really good club team coaches that also coach their kids and many do a great job balancing the coaching of their kids vs the rest of the team. BUT there are some who just seem completely blinded to the fact that their kid isnt good enough to be a starter (and never come out of the game) on a top club team. Most parents do appreciate these dads for volunterring their time but some need to force themselves to be more objective about where their kid stacks up. It can be very frustrating and disruptive to team chemistry and negatively affect the experience for the parents. It can also really mess things up for your son when the rest of the team gets resentful. Try to be objective and or ask for honest feedback from your friends that know the game
16 :21 11/17/2014

U13 and U11 teams win the tournament at Colonial Classic with convincing victories in the finals.

2018 and HS Elite teams each go 2-1 at UP Lacrosse in Annapolis. Great comp, a lot of college coaches....chilly day.

Good playing this weekend boys! Way to make us all proud.
12 :42 11/17/2014 - Go Cannons!

Con 6 Perdictions
gibbons-enough said
chapel hill-has talent
orange-is stacked offensively
northwood-will be a toss up was a surprise last year
cider ridge-Lost some talent and coaching change
webb-getting better
Northern Vance- getting better
11 :59 11/17/2014

Shamrock H.S Tryouts
08 :52 11/17/2014

South Wake Snowball Shootout
There are still spots open for the 2014 South Wake Snowball Shootout. Fun, and affordable event on the turf facility at Womble Park in Holly Springs.

This year features youth and high school boys, and high school girls divisions.

December 7th - Boys High School A&B Divisions
December 13th - Girls High School
December 14th - Boys Youth U9, U11, U13, U15

Spaces are filling quick. Information and registration can be found at or by email event organizers at

Great way to either prepare for the spring or wrap up your fall/winter season!
22 :16 11/16/2014 - South Wake Sports

so now we are blaming a message board for the problems of youth sports? This stuff goes on in all youth sports its not unique to lacrosse or the area. If people aren't posting here it would be on Twitter or facebook or another website. at least this creates a dialog and gives each club a chance to post info so people know their options.
03 :46 11/13/2014

Carolina Hilltopper High School Tryouts |
The Carolina Hilltoppers will hold the 2015 Summer High School Travel Tryouts on Friday, December 5th at N.C. Central under the lights. The tryouts will begin at 7:00 p.m., players should arrive at 6:30 p.m. for final registration. In order to tryout, players must register online at You will also be able to learn more about the program. Good Luck to All Programs this coming Year.
18 :25 11/12/2014 - Hilltopper Staff

the point ?
is that the forum is supposed to be mostly a positive forum or a place to answer questions civilly. "Any criticism of an individual player or personal attacks on players, coaches or referees will not be posted on the forum..." unless it slips in accidentally, of course. All of the club programs have pros and cons. When one program grows a great deal in a short time, the other programs suffer. The "too big" programs historically have over-promised and underdelieved...then there is "a correction." The cycle repeats itself and so on.
16 :48 11/12/2014 - Existentialist

Kudos? a bit of self promotion
Interesting post by a coach naming his program and grandstanding a bit. I feel that all programs have an interest in this forum and do use it as a tool to promote their programs. Especially the twitter feeds. I read the posts for entertainment and information. These Lacrosse organization are providing an option for the community, forum posts do not out weigh real life experiences. Its your choice,choose wisely.
Keep the posts alive!!!!
12 :11 11/12/2014

Play what ever club you want to
As a parent I can say that whether you play for TarHeel, Hilltoppers, or the TSL team, just let your kids play and have fun. If your really interested in which one you want. Don't read into the propaganda on this forum. Go look at the teams websites, read about the coaches for the clubs, their styles, and their backgrounds. I know that Hilltoppers, Tar Heel, and TSL have all sent many kids to play in college. Be thankful for the options we have instead of comparing/bashing them.
12 :29 11/11/2014

Dan Morrison
Kudos to Coach Morrison, very well written and accurate message by a classy guy whose only interest is the betterment of lacrosse in the Triangle.
11 :07 11/11/2014

Lax Dad
You are incorrect.

to be accurate "Most coaches" do not coach a travel team here in the Triangle.

There are indeed SOME coaches who do coach in a travel organization but MOST do not....and certainly very few if any run a travel organization, mostly because of the clear conflicts of interest that arise with doing so.

Just setting the record straight and accurate.
09 :37 11/11/2014

Team Carolina Lacrosse | |
Tryouts for Team Carolina 2015 summer teams will take place on Saturday, December 6, 2014 @ Elon Park in South Charlotte

2018 graduation year check in 10:30 AM; on field evaluations from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
2016/2017 graduation years check in 1:30 PM; on field evaluation from 2:00 to 4:30 PM

Player evaluation are done by college head coaches from Catawba College; Lenior-Rhyne University; University of Mount Olive; Belmont Abbey College; Wingate University; Queens University of Charlotte; and others TBA.

Since the college coaches are compensated for their time to evaluate the athletes there will be a $45 fee to attend the try outs. Interested athletes parents must complete the online tryout registration.

Register on or before Tuesday, December 2.

Who's in Charge of Your Game?
06 :33 11/11/2014 - The StickWithUs Organization

buck town
My son had the best time this fall playing with buck town this fall!!!
17 :53 11/10/2014 - switzerland

Cannons 2019 Wins Palmetto Classic
Congratulations to the Cannons 2019 team for winning the Palmetto Classic in their age division this past weekend.

The Cannons 2019, 2018, U13 and U11 teams are loaded and are all very strong teams. Talented players and well coached. Fun to watch

The Fall isn't over yet, but this "off season" has been full of great building blocks for the summer of 2015.

Good luck to 2018 and HS Elite teams and players at the UP Lacrosse event in Annapolis this Saturday.
17 :47 11/10/2014 - GO CANNONS!

High School Coaches
If you are familiar with youth lacrosse in the Triangle, you know most of the HS coaches do coach for one club team or another in the off season.
16 :32 11/10/2014 - Lax dad

Triangle Youth Lax Programs
Who's Bucktown pulling from? RDU seems diluted by them, based on some recent scores. YLS or Cannons? Plenty of great kids to go around and area lucky to have so many quality coaches - which is most important - but in the short term dilution will probably make it harder to go to Baltimore and compete with A and AA teams.
15 :28 11/10/2014

Triangle Lacrosse
Parents and players,
I am the director of Tar Heel L/C and need to ask that all of the negative comments come to an end. It doesn't benefit your sons, and it is creating undo stress on not only yours, but all kids who go on this forum and read the negative comments along with all of the self-promotional propaganda. This forum may have been created to benefit curious lacrosse enthusiasts, but has become an advertising board for teams, both club and school, and a way of promoting players whether it be someoneís own child or a coach promoting their players.
With the growth of lacrosse there will always be a new team/club claiming to do something different or better for your player. It may be new to the area and to some of us, but it is not new to the landscape of lacrosse. It is up to you, the parent, to decide what is best for your child. The biggest problem is that parents and coaches try to influence others for the sake of their child or team, through posts on this forum. Unfortunately, there are not many facts posted on here, just opinions.
I have asked that our parents at THLC not post on the forum for many reasons, but understand it can be difficult when you feel your child is being overlooked. Fact of the matter is, no one is being overlooked and the players know where they stack up against their peers and other teams.
The end result is supposed to be a FUN experience for your child, but with all the drama and controversies created by US, the parents, I am sure the boys are not having as good a time as THEY deserve.
This forum needs to stop being a promotional tool used by all of us involved in lacrosse in this area and we need do what we are supposed to do as directors, coaches, and parents, which is to provide a fun and positive learning environment for the players. I may not agree or appreciate what other clubs are doing, as Iím sure other clubs feel the same way about THLC and myself. As the director of Tar Heel, I will request again that families that play with us, not come on here with the purpose of slighting any other club, player, or coach.
Although many feel there is a conflict of interest in the club scene, this is not the proper venue to fight your battle. The mediator should set clear posting rules that cannot be interpreted as bias, as it seems to me that there is also a conflict of interest in running this forum while running your own league and travel program. As long as all posts will be posted to this message board on the same standard the animosity toward others can be eliminated.
I am not trying to preach, I just feel that going forward we should all try to keep the kids/players best interest at heart. I am sure many/some will have a problem with what I have said, if you do, my contact info is below, feel free to let me know. Letís stop fighting our battles using this forum and the anonymity it provides.
Thank you,
Dan Morrison
15 :17 11/10/2014 - THLC

1 - He has every right to start his own thing. Just because his program already draws the most talent does not preclude him from starting a program, earning some extra coin, and provide opportunities for players.
2 - Bucktown will hurt some teams that have pulled together most of the best kids in certain grad years. That is a bummer as it had been hard to put together the top talent and go north and compete. It will cause more dilution. BUT - he has every right to do this.
3 - Hopefully the various clubs and coaches will not hold grudges against kids that feel compelled to go play for their HS coach. You and your son would likely feel compelled to do the same thing. If kids leave, it is not an indictment of you or your program so do not hold it against them
4 - Hopefully Coach Buckley will be able to not hold even the smallest of grudges against CG kids that choose to stay where they are especially kids that made a 12 month commitment to their club back in September.
08 :52 11/10/2014

Club Teams
It is good for the area to have options but hurts when it dilutes player talent. As someone observing the "club scene" it appears to breakdown as follows:

High School - highest level should try and play with Tar Heel. The reputation is great among college coaches and they get into strong events because of that.

Next tier would be Cannons/HIlltoppers that do great stuff too, right behind Tar Heel.

For youth, in the raleigh area Cannons have done great and bucktown will probably end up being very strong as well. There is plenty of area talent for those two to be strong.

For North Raleigh the CYLC program seems to be growing and should be a good option for the players at the schools up that direction.

For South Raleigh the YLS program should start to pull kids in. It has been around a while with good organization and coaches and already been successful early with their travel programs. Not sure why any kids that way wouldn't play there with all the turnover at other programs.

There are plenty of other great programs now, but those are the ones I see serving the youth and high school players best as a casual observer.
07 :38 11/10/2014 - ral lax

Daddy Coaches
I am very thankful for a bunch of daddy coaches that have coached in our area for years. Many are very knowledgeable and talented guys who have worked hard helping all the kids have fun and get better. Also, many have and will keep coaching long after their kids are gone. Yea most pay some extra attention to their kids but the ones I know have kids who are some of the best players on the field so no harm in my opinion. Dads will always be involved in youth sports and I am thankful for the ones that have coached my kids.
07 :24 11/10/2014

re: questions/review
We were told B-town would go to 2 MD events and 1 PA event. 30 practices are promised. Prices and exact tournament dates are not yet known, but the cost in the fall was 550 or so plus cost of tournaments. I had heard the B-town was pursuing similar tournaments as other teams in this area. Uniforms are bare bones, which is fine and kids wear helmets from previous programs. There were 3 main adult coaches during the short fall season of 5 practices. The coaches tried to cover each other during tournaments, but often fell short, sending coach subs (first game, first tournament in fact) to help. The sub had never met our kids. Regular coaches showed up late or left games early, leaving our kids coached by a high school student. I worry about how this program can grow so quickly and be a dominant HS team like it expects that it will be, but my child is young so we don't have to worry about that. In a meeting, the director talked about himself and his accomplishments (great resume) and said there would be many more practices and tournaments will be competitive. He said parents need to lower their expectations in terms of thinking their child will be recruited by colleges in the future. If a child is good enough, colleges will seek them out, according to B-town. The goal is to play in the east or northeast this summer. He seems to be learning as he goes along, which is to be expected. Communication with parents is good with some parents, but some parents report he does not respond to questions--not sure why some parents get more attention than others. The kids love the practices, and the kids are learning great skills. Bucktown is a great place to be to learn the fundamentals. Our child loves the program, and we can afford it, but it is a stretch for some families. My assessment is that B-town needs to work on its mission statement. There is a large fan base with this program already; if the program does not meet expectations, people will be very disappointed. I expect people will almost take it personally because right now people are taking it on faith that the program will be good.
19 :32 11/9/2014 - NoD1parenthere

Tar Heel parent
I just wanted to say that my son plays for the younger TH team, and he enjoys it very much. As a parent, I have enjoyed the experience as well. The parents support all of the kids, and the kids support each other. The director is available by email and does his best to answer all questions. This program is focused on recruiting. Your son can play here if he is willing to work hard and be committed to the practice schedule and tournament schedule. If you expect your child to be given special treatment, forget it. All of the kids are given special treatment. Dan Morrison talks about the kids in his program more than himself. He will bend over backwards for a family and player willing to put in the effort.
18 :20 11/9/2014 - Lax Parent

Club Names
Two of the most successful nationally recognized clubs have the director's name or number in the club name

Team 91

Both of these clubs are full of high level commits. Unless you have had direct interaction with a coach, don't assume anything.
15 :16 11/9/2014

censored posts
As a group we have spoken about why posts don't appear on this forum. Why do you continually block them.
10 :32 11/8/2014

Webmaster comments   If posts don't end up it is usually for 3 reasons:

1 - They actually never came through the system. This happens often depending on your web browser, or getting timed out while posting. If something is posted and doesn't appear than it might have never actually come through.

2 - Posts don't follow the rules at the top of the page, which are fairly clear. We try to allow quality and useful conversation as much as possible. These rules were established by the previous people who ran the forum and have been kept since.

3 - It is something that has been stated or a better post appears addressing the issue. This happens often when someone asks a question and 2-3 people answer and just one will appear hopefully not cluttering the page.

In regards to your most recent post, it is basically an entire paragraph that bashes a coach(at a school where you claim your son plays). Although there are times where criticism might end up here, it didn't seem appropriate based on how it was posted.

In regards to "your group" not sure what posts aren't appearing, as we put most of them up from "your group." Perhaps either see #1 above, or perhaps people are saying they posted something when they actually didn't. Either way, we are happy to post as people put up interesting, informative, or even controversial posts but believe there is a right way to frame it in a community that already has enough negativity at times.

We hope that clarifies. We enjoy good and constructive posts, and understand it can be a forum for critique if done right. However often an argument can be made positively so take that approach. For example, speak about the positive qualities of your program, and leave out the extra jab at another. If a conversation comparing travel programs is made try to focus on more factual evidence, such as "program A is half the cost of program B."

-TL Mods

RE: Bucktown
Not sure where they go for their tournaments but anyone who has their college # as their logo obviously cares too much about himself and not the players. It is a shame that CG players will get bullied to play there. Too many hs coaches getting involved with where their hs players play.

Isn't there a rule on this? Seems like another advantage for CG that they do not need and is hard to duplicate
13 :53 11/7/2014

Conference 3 vs 4
Had the opportunity to play everyone during the regular season but some of the coaches or ads couldn't get it done/ didn't want to. Another failure at trying to better the sport of lacrosse. We could have seen a lot of good games if they were able to get it done. Once again conference 4 will only be able to play one out of conference team, makes for a boring season.
09 :33 11/7/2014 - get it together

Bucktown Lax
Anyone know anything about this fairly new program? Obviously its run by the gibbons coaches but I'm curious in knowing if the travel teams go to regional events or national/recruiting events
14 :27 11/6/2014

New coaches on the club scene
It has been refreshing to see the new crop of coaches coming to the area with D1 and MLL pedigrees. Real lax for life energy.

Really hoping the daddy coach era comes to an end soon.
07 :32 11/5/2014

Coach Hall's info
Just click on the envelope just to the right of his title line and that will take you to his email.

Click on the House and it will take you to Caps Lax website.
22 :06 11/4/2014

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