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2013 AA/All State/East Region
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US Lacrosse SE Regional Champioship |
US Lacrosse Southeast Regional

Event Website:

Score-Keepers Needed! Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. Lacrosse experience encouraged but not necessary. Volunteers will receive a US Lacrosse t-shirt and meal voucher on Saturday for working two shifts.

Where: WRAL Soccer Center, 7700 Perry Creek Rd Raleigh, NC 27616

When: June 5-7th

Available shifts:

o Friday- 4:30-7pm

o Saturday- 8am-12pm, 12pm-5pm, ALL DAY

o Sunday- 8-12pm

Interested Volunteers can email the Event Manager, Lauren Rossi, with their name and availability as soon as possible
11 :50 05/28/2015 - Duke Whelan

All Everything Announcements
This year, US Lacrosse will release the complete list of All-Americans in one announcement on July 1.
10 :21 05/28/2015

Triangle lacrosse family needs assistance |
A member of our Triangle lacrosse community family is in need of some generosity. The Bournes of Apex recently suffered a home fire and lost everything including two beloved dogs.

Please see the info below or contact to see how you can help.

A sign up genius is open for clothing, storage bins, gift cards.
See below.

There is also a go fund me account online. The link can be viewed on facebook under Lacrosse Trainer.

Please support Stephanie Bourne and family. thanks to all.

Mark A. Florio
09 :33 05/28/2015 - Mark A. Florio

NCISAA All - Americans (NC Private Schools)
Congratulations to the following who have been named US Lacrosse All Americans. 3 Seniors and 2 Juniors. All from Charlotte Latin and Charlotte Country Day. All play or played for Team Carolina.

Carson Song - Charlotte Latin, 2015, A, Brown
John Donohue - Charlotte Country Day, 2016, LSM / D, Colgate
Owen Armstrong - Charlotte Latin, 2015, A, Denison
Jackson Monnin - Charlotte Latin, 2015, M, Lehigh
Peter Pittroff - Charlotte Country Day, 2016, A, TBD
08 :54 05/28/2015

All Everything announcements?
When are AA, All State, All Region, All Conference etc. announcements expected?
08 :50 05/28/2015

Jimmy has been busy the past weekend visiting the City of Brotherly Love. But now that all the Crowns have been found it's time for the Geek to name names with his 3rd Annual All Jimmy Team.


ATTACK - 1st Team
Carson Song - Charlotte Latin (Brown Commit)
Peter Pittroff - Charlotte Country Day
Jackson Harris - Charlotte Catholic (Mercer Commit)

ATTACK - Honorable Mention
Owen Armstrong - Charlotte Catholic
Luke Koferi - Lake Norman Charter
Shane Hanlon - Marvin Ridge

MIDFIELD - 1st Team
Jackson Monnin - Charlotte Latin (Lehigh Commit)
Hudson Harris - Lake Norman Charter
Trevor Miller - Lake Norman (Hofstra Commit)

MIDFIELD - Honorable Mention
Jake Priester - Charlotte Catholic (Mercer Commit) *Injured missed 2nd half of season.
James Powers - Charlotte Catholic (Furman Commit) *Injured missed 2nd half of season.
Jack Rich - Marvin Ridge
Danny Brenner - Cannon School

DEFENSE - 1st Team
Zach Stassner - Charlotte Catholic (Delaware Commit)
John Donohue - Charlotte Country Day (Colgate Commit)
Austin Vogel - Lake Norman (Mercer Commit)

DEFENSE - Honorable Mention
Clifton Mathis - Charlotte Latin (Holy Cross commit)
Kyle Falcon - Marvin Ridge
Nick Rizzieri - Charlotte Catholic

GOALIE - 1st Team
Grant Portwood - Charlotte Catholic

GOALIE - Honorable Mention
James Marino - Marvin Ridge

Camden Porta - Marvin Ridge
19 :53 05/27/2015 - Jimmy the Geek

Owen Caputo (Middle Creek) with 113 points in his freshman season (According to N&O). 63 goals, 53 assists. His younger brother is class of 2019 and is very talented as well.
09 :45 05/27/2015

Ignorance of NCHSAA Mission |
The NCHSAA publishes its by-laws, articles of incorporation, mission, etc.... (link provided)

It is an independent Not For Profit entity. It is in not part of any public school system.

NCHSAA is accountable to its membership and its membership are accountable to the NCHSAA regardless of which school system governs academic rules.

Individual school systems may have rules that adversely impact their schools, but they can only influence their own schools. For example if WCPSS cancels classes and decides this causes a cancelation of athletic practice, only WCPSS schools are impacted, not schools in Durham, Charlotte or otherwise (public or private).

If the administration at your school or in your school district does not support your athletic program you should lobby them to do better, not look at others as an excuse.

MR for example played an excellent schedule this year, coaches are heavily involved in the Road Warriors travel program, and their preparation showed this past weekend. There are many sports where this school and district's support for their athletic program has shown. They are the top athletic program in 3A (public or private)

09 :19 05/27/2015

Congrats to the Champs
Congratulations to Apex Boys and Lake Norman Girls, great to see actual Public Schools winning titles in the NCHSAA Public School playoff's. Hat's off to CH Latin on very special multi-year run on the Private side.
07 :39 05/27/2015 - Save the OBI

2018 class
You say that there is an insane 2018 class, who are some of these kids, just curious
19 :54 05/26/2015 - Coach g

2015 All Jimmy Team
Jimmy - It would be great to see your final team. Please let us see it before you head to the beach.
10 :43 05/26/2015

Congratulations to CG, Apex and Latin
Congratulations to the 3 State Champions. Great job boys, enjoy the summer and the memories as the feeling will be with you forever. Also, congratulations to the East for taking 2 of 3 Boys State titles. The rivalries and traditions are getting better every year.
07 :04 05/26/2015

LaxPower Top25
Now that we are done this where Laxpower landed. Not perfect, but a pretty accurate review of the season

1) Cardinal Gibbons (17-4) - 1A/2A/3A NCHSAA Champs
2) Charlotte Latin (17-3) - NCISAA Champs
3) Apex (20-2) - 4A NCHSAA Champs
4) Ravenscroft School (15-2) - NCISAA Finalist
5) Marvin Ridge (18-3) - 1A/2A/3A NCHSAA Finalist
6) Middle Creek (18-2)
7) Charlotte Catholic (21-3) - 4A NCHSAA Finalist
8) Charlotte Cou Day (16-7)
9) Christ School (13-4)
10) Lake Norman (15-4)
11) Wilmington Hoggard (16-2)
12) R.J. Reynolds (19-1)
13) Leesville Road (15-2)
14) Greensboro Day (14-9)
15) Needham-Broughton (13-4)
16) Lake Norman Charter (10-7)
17) Charlotte Christian (9-9)
18) NorthWest Guilford (17-4)
19) Athens Drive (13-6)
20) East Chapel Hill (12-5)
21) Greensboro Page (13-4)
22) Cannon School (10-12)
23) Ardrey Kell (14-5)
24) Providence Day (9-13)
25) Weddington (11-6)

06 :28 05/26/2015

Incoming Class
You did strike a nerve with me too. Regardless of what you meant, you said:
"Good news for the comp is the incoming class just doesnt have the stars or the depth like years past so maybe their is hope"

If you are going to tout top 2019s don't forget the middie/FO headed to Apex like his older brother who is also a beast. There is also a 2019 goalie who is a phenom. I am not sure where he is headed.
05 :33 05/26/2015

Conference 4 All-Conference Team
Conference 4: All-Conference 2015
Player of the Year: Davis Sampere Leesville
Offensive player of the year: Tanner Hudson Enloe
Defensive player of the year: Graham Holmes Leesville
Coach of the year: Chase Kasnowski Enloe
Asst Coach of the year: Spear Leesville

First team-
Zach Burgess Broughton
Anthony Florian Millbrook
Mitchell Snyder Broughton

Trey Sterling Millbrook
William Rice Broughton
Connor New Leesville

Garrett Hess Sanderson

Justin Magin Enloe
Jonathan Tine Wakefield
Jack Williams Broughton

Ethan O'Neil Leesville

Cameron Elliott Sanderson
Blake Glenn Heritage

Second Team
Caelan Eckard Enloe
Griffin McNamara Leesville
Reeves Felton Wakefield

Austin Bell Broughton
Eric Fitz Leesville
Dan Izatt Enloe

Nyles Fleming Enloe

Joseph Winstead Broughton
Nate Yando Leesville
Gabe Braga Leesville

Brendan Sheehan Wakefield

Andrew Lem Wakefield

Honorable Mention:
David Pryor Enloe
Nathan Hames Enloe
Bennett Allen Enloe
Chris Elstun Garner
Walker Rice Broughton
Joey Moore Broughton
Parker Hegepath
Griffin Rogers Sanderson
Walter Beckham Sanderson
Reed Coffas Leesville
Cory Subasic Leesville
Andrew Crane Leesville
Alex Shearer Leesville
Cody Snyder Leesville
Logan Krause Heritage
Evan Savage Heritage
Cooper McKaskel Wakefield
Sam Groce Wakefield
Ryan Finley Wakefield
Bradley Wilhelmy Millbrook
Joe Cooper Millbrook
19 :32 05/25/2015

Incoming Class
I think I touched a nerve. My points that I stand by are CG is just loaded with unmatched depth and I think that will not be changing anytime soon. They just do not have a weakness at any position and could literally put 2 top caliber varsity teams together and still not have a real soft spot at any position. I also pointed out that the 2018 class at CG and throughout the triangle may be the best single class in years with likely top level D1 and D3 players all over the triangle. I also pointed out that the 2019 CG class and other triangle area 19' players is not nearly as loaded and maybe down the road this could help other teams compete more with CG. It was just an observation that everyone involved with travel, middle school, and HS in the area recognizes. There is always disparity among the various classes and the 2018 class is insane and the 19' class just is not that loaded with elite players (at this point - many will improve). In terms of a scouting report, I can tell you that MC has a likely top D1 incoming freshman attackman, the best pole in that class will be attending Epsicopal HS, DA has arguably the best middie in that class, and Broughton has an almost certain D1 attackman..
11 :29 05/25/2015

Cardinal Gibbons moved to 4A (for next year)
With Gibbons moving to the 4A ranks next year, is Marvin Ridge a shoo-in to win the 1,2,3A title next year. Based on this year's results, no one in the state came close to either Gibbons or MR. Does anyone think that another 1,2,3A team will step up to the plate to contend with MR?
09 :20 05/25/2015

Incoming Freshman
Interesting that you have a scouting report on kids that just graduated 8th grade. Last I heard, High School tryouts are not until February 2016. Perhaps you can shed light on how the 2019 class is looking for each school in the triangle and charlotte

I will conceded that the Gibbons team is young and should be a force next year. Last I checked however several NC schools have big time underclassman contributors. Next year's title will be won on the field not on this forum.
08 :07 05/25/2015

Cape Fear Clash June 6-7 at the Beach | |
Cape Fear Lacrosse Organization will host the 3rd Annual Cape Fear Clash in Wilmington NC June 6-7 at Veterans Park. Come join us at the beach for a summer warm-up.
Boys Divisions:
U11 A/B $600
U13 A/B $700
U15 A/B $750
High School A/B $800
Register here:
07 :04 05/25/2015 - Steve Philipp

Coach Hayden
One more comment - praise for Coach Hayden. What I have seen and heard from many is how humble he is and that everything he does really is about the kids and not him. Those are more examples of reAl leadership that Coach Hayden has in spades. Think lots of caoches (and bosses for that matter) talk that talk but really it is lip service.
10 :34 05/24/2015

First off Congrats to CG for keeping the trophies home this year.

I hear all this talk about how this Apex team is not this or not that and the implied statements that Catholic somehow blew it and should have won etc. That short changes both teams- the Catholic kids are outstanding and played their hearts out. My take is that Apex won the faceoff battle. The two Apex goalies won the goalie battle. Ground balls and clears seem like a wash. Apex took all quality shots and scored 50% of the time and they had key possessions when they needed them. Maybe the CC shots didn't go down because of the defense Apex played. How many times in recent years has CC had 1 goal in a half? They always had a stick on the CC players and hardly allowed any quality opportunities from the front of the goal. The Apex boys executed and never blinked.
They earned what they got. Terrific game and congrats to the Catholic kids as well.
10 :01 05/24/2015 - Apex Parent

Gibbons vs MR
BTW, Gibbons FO is Stephen Albright (headed to UNC preferred on Football, LB), MR FO is superb also, Ports, please correct me if incorrect, also O Middie
22 :40 05/23/2015

Gibbons vs MR
I agree with analysis. MR was superb tonight and dominated ground balls until late 2nd half. Not sure how CG turned FO's around in 2nd half, but they don't win otherwise. Congrats to SR MVP Nick Forbes on winning goal and participation on 11 of 13 goals. Congrats to MR and CG on an exciting Lax State Final! Congrats to both coaching staffs!
19 :59 05/23/2015

Gibbons future
I also think Gibbons is gonna keep being at the very top of the heap with all their depth. They are loaded moving forward with probably the best freshman class they have ever had. Good news for the comp is the incoming class just doesnt have the stars or the depth like years past so maybe their is hope....
18 :26 05/23/2015

Gibbons V MR
Great game, MR played well. I didn't keep a stat sheet but my guess is they (MR) won the GB game (Hussle and Grit). MR had a couple of head scratching time outs, Gibbon's had several mental errors on the field that kept the game close. In the end fire power and F/Os put on Gibbon's on top. Both goalies played really well. MR defense was a little better than Gibbons and Gibbon's offense was a notch or two above MR. Really exiting and entertaining game. Congrats to CGHS 2nd title and 3rd title appearance in 4 years. I think we will see several more in the next 4 years looking at their depth and the program they are building.
16 :52 05/23/2015 - BigN

3A State Championship Final
Marvin Ridge 12 Cardinal Gibbons 13...Final/OT
15 :54 05/23/2015

3A State Championship
Marvin Ridge 12 Cardinal Gibbons 12...End of Regulation, Going to OT
15 :47 05/23/2015

TV coverage CG-MR
I'm glad the game is televised, but I wish hey would quit with the zoomed in ground cameras.
15 :24 05/23/2015

3A State Championship
Marvin Ridge 8 Cardinal Gibbons 6... End of 1st Half
15 :09 05/23/2015

3A State Championship
Marvin Ridge 4 Cardinal Gibbons 3... End of 1st Quarter
14 :30 05/23/2015

4a states
Congrats to apex for the big win. I am neithier a catholic or apex fan and I have watched catholic play this year and apex. Last night was not the usual catholic team. This team did not capitalize on layup oppertunites in which they normally pick teams apart with. They outshot apex 39 to 13 and only placed 6 in the goal and also possessed the ball for almost the entire first quarter in which they did not capitalize on easy layups. For people to say that catholic is not competition to apex and middle creek is there primary competitor that is false. Catholic easily has one of the most talented teams in the state and in my mind are still the primary target in the state despite their loss to apex.
14 :19 05/23/2015

Yes - I agree - the SWAC has the top two 4A teams in the Eastern Region this year

...however those coattails are not as long as some other SWAC teams believe
13 :55 05/23/2015

Triangle Lax Observations
1. Hug congrats to Hayden and Apex. He is the best coach with a super staff. Lots of coaches know the game and played in college etc but Hayden gets the leadership piece. 2. I do not think the 15 Apex team is nearly as good as previous top Apex teams and state champions. 3. I think CG would easily beat Apex (and all other teams in the east) and I do not believe the 15 CG team is any better than their other teams in the last 5 years but nobody can hang with them. 5. Lots of triangle area teams could hang with CG in ears past (Apex, East, CHHS, etc etc).
12 :27 05/23/2015

SWAC is best conference in State
Apex proved that the competition in the SWAC is superior to other regions. Why play out of conference when you have the best? Middle Creek clearly was more competition against Apex than CC. MC was more explosive against Apex but kudos to Apex for solid defense.
Last night's game was enjoyable to watch but Catholic just did not have the offensive punch and Apex sat back.

Way to represent the SWAC!!
11 :13 05/23/2015

Apex proved tonight that Catholic is not the best in the state
19 :58 05/22/2015

Coach Hayden
Amazing what he does. No doubt he will credit his players but swap teams and he still wins the game.
19 :30 05/22/2015

No crowns in town? |
Congrats to Apex! Go Gibbons! Raleighwood is trophy town!
19 :19 05/22/2015 - tired of Charlotte lack for respect for the East

New King of NC
Kudos to Apex, I didn't they could pull it off but they took down Charlotte Catholic. Congrats to the new 4A State Champions Apex!
19 :15 05/22/2015

Few looks late for CC but can't find the back of the net. Apex wins 7-6!

Harrison curls from x with lefty finish for CC. They win the next face off after a big scrum and use last timeout. CC ball down 1 with 1:37 to go.

Apex gets a big save man down followed by a Greco goal attacking the net hard. Apex has the ball 4 min left up 7-5.

Butz man up goal for CC. 6-5 Apex. Feel some momentum for CC with 6 min to go.

CC answers 6-4. Have the ball man up.

Besser creates again 6-3 Apex. 9 min left.

5-3 Apex heading into the 4th.

CC now getting some saves and Apex misses a few just wide. Inside roll from X by Burns makes it 5-3 Apex.

Besser to Hayden pretty goal. 5-1 Apex.

Greco sweeps and finds rope for Apex with :45 left in half. Apex wins face holds for last shot and gets a backside look but shot goes wide. At half 4-1 Apex.

Apex ball still up 3-1. CC getting some better looks but Apex def. Showing good support adjacent and getting saves.

Besser got Apex off to a 3-0 start for the 2nd but Young answers to get CC on the board. 3-1 Apex, Apex with the ball and used their first TO.

2-0 after first Apex is up. Shots might be in CC favor but Apex has made the most of their offensive possessions.

Some big saves by Apex leads to a Hayden goal off a nice roll back shot from the 5 and 5. Apex up 2-0.

CC can't capitalize on early failed clears, Apex first clean possession leads to a Besser goal dodging down the ally 1-0 Apex.

Lineups being announced pretty full house it seems.

Will try and post some game updates here for tonight.
14 :13 05/22/2015

well done Jimmy
Love hearing from Jimmy the Geek, but all of your Charlotte teams cannot be champs. Triangle teams will prove not to be jesters to the Queen City Lax teams!
12 :42 05/22/2015

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