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Wilmington Fall tourney
Hilltoppers were actually 4-2 with the 2 losses by one goal. Some really well played lacrosse for the Fall. Particularly, impressed with Marvin Ridge and Charlotte Catholic. The quality of play for 2 high school teams and their JV was eye-opening
17 :28 10/20/2014 - Avid Lax Fan

2018's Commit!!!!!
anyone know what's going on with this? where do I go to get looks as an 8th grader?
10 :56 10/20/2014 - Young$$$

Beach Tourney
Great weather for the beach tournament! Stampede (Marvin Ridge) took the varsity bracket. They were pretty good across the board. Face off guy did a nice job and was an all around player. They also have one very good attackman who dominated the three games I watched him play in. I would have the top four teams in this order Stampede (5-0), Shamrocks (4-1) loss to Stampede, Hilltoppers (3-2) loss to Stampede and Shamrocks, Red Balloons (4-1) loss to Hilltoppers. All four teams were relatively close in talent. It was a fun tournament and nice to see some college coaches walking around.
18 :37 10/19/2014

Wilmington Tournament
So what happened in Wilmington this weekend??

Can someone please provide a recap or highlights of varsity & JV divisions
22 :31 10/18/2014

IL Article
It is nice to get some love from IL. It doesn't matter if the best talent in the state was there or not. The kids that received some ink should be excited to be mentioned in a national format. I have read on here about kids being on the Brine teams and nobody says anything. My son played in the Brine event last year and I can assure you most of the best players in the state were not there either. He still got to play lacrosse and meet players from all over the country.
14 :32 10/16/2014

Hate is a strong word
don't think I really hated on the event. I simply said I didn't see what the big deal was. Medwar stands out is by no means a surprise, and more than Sampere. They are already knowns, that's my point.

And OF COURSE IL wrote something about the event, I mean it was an IL event. A little dose of reality is a far cry from hating.

Careful you don't fall off that high horse, champ
19 :13 10/15/2014

Inside Lacrosse Hater
You must be 1 of those people who celebrates people's failures instead of being happy for other's success. That is a really awful personality trait. You should read some Stephen Covey. Regarding the IL event, everyone knows this was not a premier showcase event with D1 coaches and prospects. However, there were a lot of top players from out area and 7 other states. There were also many kids who are committed and many others that will play college lacrosse. Furthermore, there were top players from many of the top travel teams (Team Carolina, Cannons, Hilltopper Elite, LB3, RDU, etc.). So, we should congratlate any local player who stood out against other top players enough to be recognized by Inside Lacrosse. The kids that were mentioned are very good players who I am sure work very hard at their game and I assure you they were proud of getting recognized and we should be happy for them. I don't see any comment on this site that attempted to over state what being recognized in that article was really all about. instead, some decent folks who support lacrosse and lacrosse players in our state attempted to congratulate some of our kids. Then you chose to try and make these kids feel bad by denegrating the event. I hope you are not a parent and if you are a kid, work hard to lose that habit hating on other's success - it is a really bad charavter trait.
20 :49 10/14/2014

High School Officiating in Raleigh - Durham
Frank -

Contact this guy....he's the Area Assigner:

Rick Wooten - Triangle
1608 Virgil Road
Durham, NC 27703-8659
(c) 919/672-8500
(h) 919/598-3252
18 :25 10/14/2014

Wilmington Tournament
It sounds like this tournament in Wilmington has been a tournament for a lot of school teams to play together in the fall. From what I've heard there's teams such as Charlotte Catholic, Middle Creek, Athens Drive, and other Raleigh area schools. Could possibly be a first (but very early) look at possible state title contenders
18 :02 10/14/2014

How to become an official in the Traingle |
Hey All,

I am moving into the area next month and was looking to Officiate HS Lacrosse in the Raleigh/Durham area. Is there a contact that anyone could recommend to lead me in the right direction? Thank you and hope to see all on the field soon.

Frank Reynolds
16 :03 10/13/2014 - Frank

D1 talk
You missed David Meyer. Two time All American from Northern. Playing in the goal at Marist.
20 :06 10/11/2014

IL Event
I don't see what the big deal is about kids doing well at the IL regional event. For the most part it was just proving how well you compete against local talent (Much of which wasn't even participating in the event)
11 :28 10/8/2014

Inside Lacrosse Showcase
Congrats to the kid from Middle Creek Jared Medwar. Clearly he stood out. Also congrats to all the other local kids who got mentioned. Looks like all the local clubs and most HS teams were represented in the "who stood out" article.
06 :11 10/8/2014

Triangle boys who
Congrats to the kids that were recognized at last weekends IL Invitational (see article). Kids from Middle Creek, Gibbons, Apex, Holly Springs, CHHS, Heritage, etc all got mentioned.
08 :16 10/7/2014

Durham Youth Lacrosse
he Rival youth program caters to both private and public sector 100% and has for many years.
It is a shame that Githens and Brogden struggle to field teams...but it is the same issue as to why there are fewer public school kids playing this wonderful sport. Unfortunately, the real issue is that up until this Fall there has not been a Durham Public school varsity coach who has been involved with their feeder system which is Rival Lacrosse. The program feeds Jordan, Riverside and in some cases Northern, as well as DA.
The league practices and plays at DA because their coach works hard at obtaining the fields and runs programming here in Durham, even during the Spring when his HS team practice and plays. For 8 years Rival has serviced the Durham area with both clinic like skills and fundamental offerings as well as a “house league” where kids get their first chance of playing in real lacrosse games against other Rival teams from Cary, Chapel Hill, N.Raleigh and Wake Forest.
The program or where they practice isn't the issue...its getting the head and assistant coaches of the High Schools to get involved with Rival youth lax and organically help grow the sport in their own community and feed their middle schools and high schools.
I too have children who play in Rival lacrosse and look forward to them one day playing at Jordan HS with the many other players who are also public schoolers.
14 :21 10/6/2014 - DurhamRivalParent

IL Recruiting Series - Carolina
Any reports on the Inside Lacrosse Regional Recruiting showcase this weekend? The Inside Lacrosse website posted positive reports? who attended? Did football season cut into quality of the players? What schools or club teams were well represented?
07 :11 10/6/2014

Dear Kilbourne in Asheville
While your email about lacrosse in Asheville area is very encouraging and good news for lacrosse in North Carolina, you did have one bit of incorrect information. Northside in Jacksonville has had a varsity team for the last 4 years, 2015 will be their 5th year of varsity lacrosse.
16 :22 10/4/2014

South Wake Snowball Shootout
Registration is now open for the South Wake Snowball Shootout which will be held on the turf fields of Womble Park located in Holly Springs just south of Raleigh. This is an affordable full field event that is a fun opportunity for area teams to get some lax in before the December holiday!

Boys High School(A&B Teams) Event - Dec. 7th
Boys Youth Event - U9, U11, U13, U15 - Dec. 14th

Space is limited for all age groups.

Visit to register or email with any questions. This is the 4th year of the South Wake Snowball shootout which has become a great December event for the area and one of the only which allow for field field play. Early Registration ends Nov. 1!
13 :48 10/4/2014 - South Wake Sports

SE Raleigh will not field a team
Just had it confirmed by their AD, Keith Broddie, and SE Raleigh will not field a team this spring. Still up to 94 teams, a plus 6 from last year's 88.
13 :20 10/3/2014 - Rick Wooten

New Lax growing from club teams | |
The game is growing all over the state. One of the key methods to grow high school lacrosse is by building a club team to get a footprint in a location. Once there are enough boys (or girls) the parents and students push the program to varsity.
Just this year:

Carteret LC = Crotan HS + West Carteret HS
Onslow LC = Northside-Jax HS
Robinson (Cabarrus LC) = Robinson HS
West Stokes Club = West Stokes HS
(only Atkins HS started without a club)

We are building through club lacrosse in the Asheville area. We will have a varsity club team in Asheville and a JV club team in Hendersonville. In 4-5 years we hope to plant 3-4 new varsity programs in the Mountains as our youth come up through the ranks.

Please remember this when a club team calls you asking for games. There are only 7 club teams left in the state and the closest club to us is almost 2 hours away. If our kids don't get to play enough games, they will never catch the passion of lacrosse.
06 :52 10/3/2014 - Kilbourne-Asheville Empire Match Secretary

Ghoulish Games - One Spot Left!!! | |
We have one spot remaining in the first Annual Ghoulish Games Tournament sponsored by Velocity Lacrosse of Durham. If you would like the spot, please email us asap!

Northern High School in Durham will be hosting the first annual "Ghoulish Games," Halloween themed lacrosse tournament (Halloween music pumping, neon orange lines, Halloween decorations and clothing, etc) this year! We hope to make it an annual tradition. Please see the information below:

Date: Saturday, October 25 and 26th!
Location: Northern High School, Durham, NC.
Cost: $600 Per team (only $30 a player if a team has 20)

- 10 vs. 10 Boys HS Lacrosse Tournament
- 5 guaranteed games (3 seeding games Saturday, playoff format Sunday)
- 3 field locations within walking distance from each other (with stands!).
- Certified trainers at each field.
- Water provided at each field.
- Balls provided at each field.
- Game officials at each field.
- Full concession stands at each field.
- Scores updated at each field throughout the day as well as online.

*ALL proceeds will be donated to the Northern High School lacrosse program*

We will take a maximum of 12 teams this year, so secure your spot today!

Registration will close on October 1st! Please contact us at the following email to secure a spot!

06 :48 10/2/2014 - V.L.A

Durham Youth Lacrosse |
I am gauging interest in starting a new youth lacrosse program in Durham. The Rival program already exist, which is a great program. They just seem to cater to private schools. They fielded two U9 team last year and my son was the only one in public school. I also think there is enough room for an additional program. I have heard that Githens middle is dropping their program which is the only middle school program left in Durham. This leaves no feeder programs for Jordan, Northern , and Riverside. I know Voyager has started a team and I think Kestrel Heights is starting one also. As a concerned parent my fear is that these programs will die without a youth development program. If anyone is interested in discussing this further, feel free to contact me. I have a great passion for the game and want to see it thrive in Durham.
20 :19 10/1/2014 - Durhamlax1869

2nd draft of conferences with another new team
Up to 95 teams, assuming SE Raleigh still resurrects their team, with West Brunswick adding lacrosse. They were rumored to add last year but waited a year.

First Flight is now in Conference 2 which means a lot of driving for them and their opponents. Maybe Currituck County will join next year which would give teams an opportunity to schedule 2 games there, Fri/Sat format so that two birds could be killed with one stone.

Hopefully next year the 100 team mark will be broken.
14 :20 10/1/2014

Not new teams
Asheboro was new in 2014 as an independent, now in a conference. Western Guilford has been around for at least 10 years, they've played for a state championship under the old NCHSLA.

As for SE Raleigh, they've been listed for the last two years but didn't field a team either year so I wouldn't count that chicken before the egg has hatched.
06 :56 09/30/2014

Proposed Conferences thought...
I think some of the heavy weight conferences are too big and/or limiting. Not helping grow the game when new programs HAVE to schedule two losses with some of the established big boys out of the gates. Once is enough and neither team gets a ton out of it twice a season. Meanwhile there are equal skilled mid(low)level teams in surrounding conferences that would provide "good" games for newer programs. I think all coaches would rather compete and get tested as much as possible in regular season vs 99% predicted wins. If Conf has over 6 team how about minimum 1 conference game required. If you schedule two games only one of them counts towards conf. record. At least provides the options for Top 10 teams to look for regular Top 10 games while the bottom 10 get to begin the climb up to the Top 10 playing against some equal comp in regular season.
13 :00 09/29/2014 - Capt Obvious

Chapel Hill Area
I believe Orange will beat Cider Ridge this year that was a good game last year.
12 :51 09/29/2014

Chapel Hill Area
Cedar Ridge could win some games this year. Returning defense, and midfield could help win some big games.
09 :22 09/29/2014

Best in the East ?
Did someone take Gibbons out of the east ? If not I would think they are the HEAVY favorite.
12 :41 09/25/2014

Proposed Conferences
Doesn't look like any signficant realingment this year, just the addition of new varsity programs in established conferences.

8 teams total added

3 moving up from club to varsity (Carteret, West Stokes and JM Robinson), 4 brand new programs (Croatan, Asheboro, Western Guilford and Atkins) and SE Raleigh resurrecting their program.

It doesn't appear the NCHSAA is concerned that some of the 8 and 9 team conferences are "too big"

With the 16 game scheduling limitation, teams in Conference 3, 4 and 7 can't schedule any non-conference games without holding an Endowment game.

Is this good for the development of lacrosse in NC or would it better to cap conferences at 6 or 7 teams until more schools add lacrosse?
22 :23 09/24/2014

Conference alignment
Only slight growth in lacrosse for this year, up to 94 teams from 90 last year.

2016 should see a little more growth with possible new teams in Fayetteville and Wake County. Rolesville HS will likely field a JV/club team this year and go varsity next year when they field a Sr. class for the first time. There was some growth in the greater Charlotte area. And with the new youth program in Gaston County, lacrosse should grow west of Charlotte next year.
20 :03 09/22/2014

11 :38 09/22/2014

Probable Top East Teams -

Green Hope
Leesville Road
Athens Drive
East Chapel Hill
06 :22 09/22/2014

Northwest Guilford
I expect to see the Northwest Vikings to win the Championships this year. With the defense being anchored by the returning All American, Terry Marmion. This defense will be ferocious.
12 :32 09/21/2014 - Triadlaxer69

East Prediction
What are thoughts on Chapel Hill teams? Looks to me like CHS and CHHS might continue to be sliding and unlikely to be any kind of threat in playoffs. Also think ECHHS will slip some more BUT they will have 3-4 legit top players and a good goalie so they could win a game or 2 in playoffs but so not see them threatening to make semi's or finals
10 :05 09/19/2014

RE: East Predictions
I think this is Middle Creek's year to come out of the East. Returning many key role players within their senior class, and always seem to have great underclassmen as well. They ended the season on a huge low point with an upset loss to Jordan (at home, also up 8-3 at half). Only issue I could think with them would be their defense (they lost 2 key starting poles). Expect them to play with a huge chip on their shoulder all spring.
20 :58 09/18/2014

East predictions |
Enough with the college talk, let's talk about some NC lacrosse. Any predictions for the east?
20 :40 09/17/2014 - Anon55

Accredited IMLCA Recruiting Tournaments
An announcement was made regarding IMLCA accredited recruiting touraments.

By my read there are none on the south, IMG in south FL notwithstanding.

Second, what does this do for club team calendars? Not many of these events (if any) were on the circuit for the local club teams.
19 :24 09/17/2014

Lacrosse Conferences not updated yet
We're 1/2 thru September and the conferences have not yet been posted. Usually by now the first draft has been posted. I don't know of many, if any, changes will occur in the triangle so maybe there were a number of teams adding lacrosse elsewhere in the state. If so I think that is a very positive outlook for the continued growth of lacrosse.

Does anyone know of any schools adding varsity lacrosse anywhere in the state?
08 :28 09/17/2014

King of the Hill Tournament | |
Atlantic Coast Lacrosse Events will be hosting the King of the Hill Lacrosse Tournament in Chapel Hill November 22-23. This is only for U11 & U13 age groups with a very competitive field. Limited to 8 teams in each division. For more info please check out the website attached.
08 :20 09/16/2014 - ACLE

coaches (unc duke etc) go to camps and tournaments and look at kids yes, but the fact of the matter is they also go back to their bread an butter of where they traditionally had success.
look at Denver's roster. has a few kids from all over, but Tierny went back to his personal "hotspot" with multiple kids from where he recruited when he was at Princeton. (DC, MD, NY)

often this is the case, not that these kids are any more stellar than those of the kids on hilltoppers or TC elite etc but because the college coach knows the highschool coaches, he knows the style of coaching these kids have had and will fit well in a particular college coach is trying to do.
I may be dating myself here, but touma and seivold used to have this success in NC at DA and CCDS.

but congrats to these kids and look forward to seeing them play d1
08 :39 09/15/2014 - old dog still in the game

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