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West all state
Still have yet to see the west all state list? Anyone know where I can find this?
22 :44 07/29/2015

How will the conferences change, where will the new teams go
The NCHSAA will decide and publish the new conferences in mid to late Sept. Rolesville and Garner are in the same conference so it would ont surprise me to see Rolesville, Garner, Pinecrest and Apex Friendship go into a new conference for lacrosse. That would allow Wake Forest to naturally go into the CAP-8 and give the SWAC the ability to play 3 out of conference games.

On the downside, it would create a lot of travel for the 4 teams in their conference but it would be for lacrosse only.

When the NCHSAA realigns starting with the 2018-19 season, don't be surprised to see a third all-Wake County conference as South Garner will open about that time as well.
15 :39 07/29/2015

New Coaches/Conferences
Any word on new Broughton coach?

Any chance that they consider going to 3 conferences in the Raleigh area instead of 2? Or will Friendship get added to Conference 3 and Pinecrest moved to another conference?
09 :47 07/29/2015

Velocity Fall Lacrosse Registration Now Open! | |
We are beginning registration for the Velocity Fall Lacrosse league today! Once again, we will be accepting FULL TEAMS into the fall league as well as individual registrations.

The cost is $130 per player for 6 Sunday afternoons. The dates are as follows:

9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/18, 11/1

We will have a turf field, referees, trainers, coaches, etc.

Please go to to register today as spots are already filling fast.

We will also take individual player sign ups if you cannot field a team.

Registration can begin immediately at
10 :56 07/28/2015 - Coach Sliwa - Velocity Lacrosse

A good read...
13 :21 07/27/2015

Wilmington Fall Lacrosse Tournament |
The 12th Annual Wilmington Fall Lacrosse Festival is now open for Registration. October 17-18. This year it will be held at Veterans Park. We also will have Tim McIntee (Mount Saint Mary's) and Daryl Delia (Albertus Magnus/Nike 3D Evaluator) present for the entire tournament. Website
06 :38 07/27/2015 - Coach Treman

Run and Shoot Lacrosse Camp in Wilmington |
It is not too late to sign up for the Run and Shoot Lacrosse Camp held in Wilmington on July 29-31. and shoot
You can also sign up at the camp.
Great camp for the money and Run by 3 College coaches. Coaches are also involved with the Ohio Machine ( Tommy Mariano) Nike 3D evaluator (Daryl Delua)
06 :24 07/27/2015 - Coach Treman

Tar Heel Lacrosse Club
Tar Heel Lacrosse Club will be holding tryouts for 2016 through 2019 graduating years for the fall of 2015

Date August 9th

2018 & 2019 3 5 pm

2016 & 2017 5 7 pm

Location: Method Road fields

If you would like to participate at the highest level of lacrosse in our region please respond to the email link below. Include your Name, position, HS and graduating year.

More Info on the website:
06 :24 07/26/2015

Tar Heel Lacrosse
Can the directors or somebody involved please post what their plans are for the fall

Thank you
12 :09 07/25/2015

SOP for Wake County HS
SOP in Wake Co when a new HS opens is for the new HS to only have Fr and So classes so that the Jr and Sr classes that would normally go to the new HS are grandfathered to stay at the old HS.

Some new HSs will just play JV their first year but when Holly Springs opened, Coach Greenberg went with both V and JV team made up of 9th and 10th graders. The V got its butt kicked but they advanced on the V learning curve a bit quicker. And I am guessing that that will be the same with Apex Friendship.
10 :58 07/24/2015

Carolina Cannons Tryouts | |
Registration is now open for tryouts for the 2015-2016 Carolina Cannons teams. You must be registered to tryout. Please click on link above for more information.
10 :08 07/24/2015 - Cannons' Staff

Apex Friendship
Post below suggests Apex Friendship will field a varsity mens lax team next year

Any idea on which Conf they'll be placed in?

Conf 3 for lax already had 9 teams last year

Where will they draw their players?

I assume upperclassman from established nearby high schools must be grandfathered into their current schools if they don't want to change high schools...??
07 :25 07/24/2015

Other possible new teams???
Does anyone know what Voyager Academy in Durham is going to do, will they stay club or will they go varsity? Also, anything happening on the HS scene in Johnston County?
02 :37 07/24/2015

Garner HS
Good news that they are keeping their program, I just hope that they can find a good coach as well as establish a feeder program.
14 :56 07/23/2015

Cap 8 coaching changes
Cameron Ferguson is the new coach of Heritage.
21 :39 07/22/2015 - Phillip from Germany

Conference 4
Garner will keep their program but a coach is needed.

With a lot of young talent, this will leave conf. 4 to Leesville and then a lottery after that between Enloe, Broughton, millbrook, and wakefield.
12 :57 07/21/2015

As for Rolesville and W-F
This will be Rolesville's 3rd year so they will have a senior class. Their AD, Tommy Moore, was formerly at Enloe and indications are that they will go V this year. Have also heard that Wake Forest intends to go varsity after 1 year as a club.

New coach at Apex Friendship is Dan Burch, a long time coach at Salem MS and their AD has said that all sports will be varsity save for football for this coming school year. And for those who haven't heard, Nick Holota is leaving Holly Springs to take the head coaching reins at Middle Creek.

Now only SE Raleigh, Knightdale and East Wake will be without lacrosse, assuming Garner does not drop the sport.
10 :50 07/21/2015

New Heritage Coach
The new Heritage coach is Cameron Ferguson, formerly an assistant at Leesville Road.
09 :49 07/21/2015

TarHeel Lacrosse Club
I am a parent of a member of the 2016 team. We've gone to 3 tournaments in Balt/DC this summer and gone about 4-1 in each (the 2017 team has done the same or better). The reason I am posting is because all players are from the Cary/Raleigh (Enloe, Apex, Broughton, Leeville, Athens Drive, CG and Ravenscroft). The 3d-LA team we lost to by 1 had players from LA, SanDiego and a ringer from Oregon. The MadLax "National" team we beat by 1 had players from Balt/DC, North and central VA. Certainly larger metro areas than RDU. Congrats to THLC, Dan, Chase and staff!
15 :25 07/20/2015 - JAS

Conference 4/Cap 8
I've heard the same thing about that conference.

From what I've heard Heritage, Millbrook, Sanderson, and Broughton all are in search of new coaches.

Wake Forest I don't know. They had a club team last year.

Also, wouldn't be surprised to see Garner team fold.
13 :35 07/20/2015

Changes in Conf 4
Also, whats going on with Rolesville?
10 :22 07/20/2015

Conference 4 changes
Millbrook- Phillip Herndon has stepped down, new coach is Adam Kracuik
Heritage's Jamie Riedel has stepped down, new coach was the JV coach at Leesville Road.
Broughton's Damian Hall has left, haven't heard who the new coach is or if one has even been hired.
According to an earlier post, Sanderson is looking for a new coach which would mean that Dexter Tillet has left.
Would hate to see Garner drop the sport, some in the lacrosse community feels that is an untapped area. Their coach has left for another school from what I was told.
19 :18 07/19/2015

Changes in Conf 4
I'm hearing that as many as half of the teams in Conf 4 (aka CAP 8) will have new head coaches next year

Which schools are turning over coaching staffs?

Is Wake Forest actually fielding a varsity team?

Is Garner moving conferences, going independent or dropping boys varsity lax all together?
16 :51 07/17/2015

State Rankings?
These "State Rankings" --- did you mean "predictions"?

Regardless, We all know actual state championships are won on the field -- in May
16 :43 07/17/2015

State rankings
4.Middle Creek
5.Lake Norman
10 :39 07/17/2015

Cap8 and SWAC
Still waiting to hear facts from these conferences as to why they no longer wish to play privates like CG and CC. The Apex lax rivalry with CC is a great one. Sorry to see that this will end.

I have heard a lot of opinion and allegation, but nothing that has any merit when facts are introduced.

Funny to me is the chatter on football forums coming from Pac6 and Big8 schools in support of CG as a new and past member respectively. Additionally, there is specific reference to the petition by certain schools to be taken out of the Durham conference during the last re-alignment.

My disappointment is the references to Wake County as Weak County in some of the boards. This is unfair and does not reflect the strength of the athletic programs throughout Wake.
06 :50 07/17/2015

CGI moving to PAC 6
Gibbons will enter the PAC 6 conference in all sports this fall. In lacrosse, they will join ECH, JOR, RIV, ND, and a few additional teams. NCHSAA may even combine the 2 chapel hill/durham conferences into one super conference for lacrosse to include CH and CAR.

Given everyone's desire to play a competitive out of conference schedule and potential realignment into a larger conference i can see teams playing each other once in regular season and host a conference tourny.
06 :30 07/17/2015 - attackthenet

Cardinal Gibbons moved to 4A (for next year)
As noted previously, Gibbons will be in the same conference at Riverside, Jordan, East CH and Northern Durham. I pity those teams as much as I did the teams in their conference this year.
21 :08 07/16/2015

Gibbons in 4A
Ok this is not an indictment on Gibbons OR the Wake county schools- so let's try to be civil about this (atleast the adults) but with Gibbons going to 4A next year and the fact that Wake Co. Refuses to play then combined with the NCHSAAs constant remaking of the lacrosse conferences what do we see happening? Will the state take this in to consideration and just move Gubbons so they won't be in an conference with these teams or will they put them in one of these conferences and force the ADs hands- either play or forfeit. Any thoughts?
Also surely there will have to be 3 Wake(ish?) conferences, right? The addition of Apex- Friendship (plus maybe Gibbons)
really puts at least one of these conferences at too many members. Even if they only play one time, it's still pushing it.
18 :59 07/16/2015 - GtG

Carolina Cannons |
As always Cannons tryouts will be held third week in August. ALL Cannons' teams will have open tryouts in Chapel Hill at Cedar Falls Park on August 22-23rd. You must be registered to tryout. Registration link will be posted on on Tuesday July 21
Cannons Staff
06 :11 07/16/2015

West all state
Where can I find the west All state list
16 :40 07/15/2015

Red Devil United tryouts | |
Tryouts on 7/25 & 7/26 go to
Indoor sign ups and Shooting Clinic sign ups
12 :56 07/15/2015 - Scott Olive

All Everything
Here is the link through laxpower
12 :39 07/13/2015

East All Region/All State

Link should take you to the East Region/All State and Academic AA list.
07 :42 07/13/2015

All Everything
Anyone know the story with the delay on posting all the America/state/region teams? US Lacrosse website only has NCISAA AA posted. Will there be a link above to the teams?
07 :18 07/13/2015

USA Today
It doesn't look like ANY players from the West were named to the All-USA Today team?
19 :38 07/8/2015

North Carolina-NCHSAA (East)

Albright, Stephen, Midfield (Raleigh, NC/Cardinal Gibbons), SR
Besser, Chandler Midfield (Apex, NC/Apex), SR
Carpenter, C.J. Attack (Durham, NC/Riverside), SR,
Cox, Chris Midfield (Chapel Hill, NC/East Chapel Hill), JR
Forbes, Nick Attack (Raleigh, NC/Cardinal Gibbons), SR
Lappin, Christopher Defense (Raleigh, NC/Cardinal Gibbons), SR
Llewellyn, Ellis LSM (Chapel Hill, NC/East Chapel Hill), SRl
McKendry, Kevin Goalie (Cary, NC/Cardinal Gibbons), SRt
Seaver, Sean Defense (Apex, NC/Apex) JR

North Carolina-NCHSAA (West)

Benson, Logan LSM (Lake Norman, NC/Lake Norman Charter, JR
Dickinson, Eric Attack (Charlotte, NC/Myers Park), JR
Ha, Michael Defense (Greensboro, NC/NorthWest Guilford), SR
Harris, Jackson Attack (Charlotte, NC/Charlotte Catholic), JR
Miller, Trevor Midfield (Lake Norman, NC/Lake Norman,), SO
Portwood, Grant Goalie (Charlotte, NC/Charlotte Catholic) JR
Vogel, Austin Defense (Lake Norman, NC/Lake Norman) SR

North Carolina-NCISAA
Armstrong, Owen Attack (Charlotte, NC/Charlotte Latin) SR
Donohue, John LSM (Charlotte, NC/Charlotte Country Day),JR
Monin, Jackson Midfield (Charlotte, NC/Charlotte Latin) SR
Pittroff, Peter Attack (Charlotte, NC/Charlotte Country Day) JR
Song, Carson Attack/Midfield (Charlotte, NC/Charlotte Latin)SR
12 :48 07/8/2015

USA Today
Several players are listed in incorrect positions too

Who builds this team?
10 :51 07/8/2015

USA Today all-state
How is it that Charlotte Catholic has an All-American goalie and he didn't make the list. Also there were no Catholic players, which is shocking, considering they were one of the best teams in the state. Not to take anything away from the kids that did make it, but in my opinion these players weren't the best in the state.
19 :29 07/7/2015

List is wrong. Nate Hill from Hoggard is going into his sophomore year of college!
13 :57 07/7/2015

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